Minggu, 01 Desember 2013

SaLuSa 26. 11. 2013

Semakin anda tuning ke getaran yang lebih tinggi anda semakin dapat merasakan resonansi dari setiap informasi yang anda dengar atau baca. 
Ada begitu banyak informasi tentang kami datang 
dan tentang semua yang harus terjadi sebelum dan sesudahnya, 
dan kadang-kadang mereka membingungkan, 
kadang-kadang juga mereka sengaja disebarkan untuk menciptakan kebingungan. 
Tapi kami meminta anda untuk merasakannya melalui hati 
dan secara jernih merasakan resonansi ini, 
terkadang pikiran mencoba untuk lebih kuat memberitahu anda sesuatu 
dengan tidak mampu mengenali sama sekali. 
Pikiran membantu anda mewujudkan pilihan anda 
dan itulah tujuan eksistensi. 
Jantung anda ada untuk melihat kebenaran anda sendiri 
dan ketika keduanya bekerja secara harmonis 
dan masing-masing melakukan hal tindakan itu yang diciptakan 
agar anda melihat keajaiban kehidupan sejati. 
Membantu pikiran anda rileks dengan cara terbaik pada masing-masing anda 
pasti sudah mencari tahu sendiri, 
dan pikiran akan menyerah ke dalam peran yang ia ciptakan untuk anda 
dan anda pasti akan merasakannya. 

SaLuSa 26. 11. 2013

We know that listening to your own heart is getting very comfortable for you, and in spite of some doubts in the beginning, the feeling of trust in these information is growing because every time you searched for some proof of any information received this way, you always got it. It is not that you as eternal Soul would need it, but your mind is requesting evident proof as it was programmed to do so. Your mind is releasing all old patterns that simply cannot keep up with the speed of Light that is circulating within you and flowing through the whole system of your body. Sometimes it might be not so easy to see through this illusion, but your feelings and Love that you are again connected to will not leave you in any doubts about the truth. Truth carries very mixed energy feeling for many of you because so many times you were listening to something that turned out to be the exact opposite.

Everyone is carrying the own version of truth, because we see it as complex package of information and experiences and feelings that are guiding us to the fulfillment of our desires. Desire is another word that might create confusion within your changing mind, and we understand it as expression of Soul that is connecting everyone to the needed experiences. We know that your society as it existed for so many centuries tried to push and limit desires of the people, but now you are free to step out of these limits that still exist and let your desires to fully grow and lead you into the truth about self. Knowing the truth about self is creating more power within and giving you so many different possibilities and showing you which one to choose, that would make your journey and learning complete. And please remember no one else can let you know the truth but yourself, as all the information have to resonate with you in order to become truth. On the other hand, if some information do not resonate perfectly with you and someone is telling you that they feel it is the truth, there is no reason for doubts as they are representing the truth for them and guide them into further knowing.

The more you are tuning into the higher vibrations the more you can feel the resonance of each information that you hear or read. There are so many information about our coming and about all that should happen before and after, and sometimes they are confusing, sometimes they are purposely being spread to create confusion, but we ask you to let it through your heart and clearly feel if they are carrying the loving energy and resonate with you. You all are able to feel this resonance, but sometimes mind is trying to be stronger and tell you something that it is not able to recognize at all. Mind is helping you manifest your choices, and that is its purpose of existence. Your heart is there for you to see your own truth, and when both working in harmony and each is doing that action that was created for, you are seeing the true wonders of life. Help your mind relax with the best way that each of you certainly already find out for yourself, and the mind will surrender into the role that it was created for and you will surely feel it.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and wish that you express your desires so freely as they are making you happy, because they carry the perfect energy pattern for your movement into the higher world of existence, where showing your true desires is supported and understand and it is build in into basics of our societies that we live in. 

Channeller: MADAD