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ISIS HAS RETURNED On June 21st a fantastic event has occurred on planet earth. The wheel has been set in motion and we will finally be able to breathe with release. On June 21st the Goddess that we’ve all been waiting for, for so very long, has returned! Isis, Inanna, Ishtar, she is known by many different names. One of the most powerful goddesses to ever have stepped foot onto earth. Finally she has arrived!
I was pulled into an experience on June 21st, the angles have once again raised their trumpets and beautiful music began to spread far and wide throughout the whole world. I did not understand at first what all of this commotion was about and then I saw her! She was magnificent, stunning, ever changing. It was rather unnerving at times to look at her, due to her many facets she kept changing from one image to another to show what she represents. Many know that she is not only the goddess of love, but also of war, prosperity, fertility, passion, and so much more. I found myself overcome with incredible tranquility and a thought “now everything will be okay”.

What I am being told is that Isis is pure energy of love and femininity. She is a representation of everything that is feminine, tranquil and yet powerful. Immensely Powerful. She is not simply a being, she is a gregarious being of light. Pure energy is what she truly is, and yet as an energy being she is able to transform and take form of various people in order to get the job done. She is the representation of our feminine side, regardless of weather you are a man or a woman. A part of her is in you and a part of you is in her. Every single being on earth and beyond has a particle of her in them, and she has a particle of them in her. She is the MOTHER GOD, the MOTHER SOURCE so to speak of ALL that there is. She is the feminine representation of the SOURCE.

What we are trying to say to you dearly beloveds, is that upon holding the disc you are engaging the energies of your sub atomic principles to step forward, and the vortex that has been created to pull your subconsciousness into the sphere, allowing you to pass through the zero point and return to your true state of being. And so, the disc acts as an accelerating device and an attunement instrument to cleanse your DNA from remnants and frequencies past which are affecting your body and your consciousness in a way that is against the good of your higher self. And as such allowing the ascension process to move forward without delay. Using this disc will allow the energies to be magnified and applied directly to the one in question, and tune the body of the beholder and attune the DNA of the beholder with the frequency of THE SOURCE entering GAIA.

So what happens now? What I was told is mind boggling, extremely exciting, and downright awesome.

Please note that I am told that those of us who are from “team Isis” will begin to feel her presence tremendously so in the days to follow. We will be called to “duty” and will find ourselves being pulled out of our bodies (meaning we’ll spontaneously go into meditation, for example dosing off at home all of  a sudden, etc. ) in order to meet with her and merge with her energies. So it’ll continue to be a dance, where many upon many souls who have come here under the Isis flagship will be merging together into ONE brilliant being and separating again to fulfill their duties only this time becoming much more powerful and determined. It will be a very interesting dance, as we settle into our new roles here on earth.  Our powers will increase tremendously. Every single person on earth will be affected, but those once again under her flagship so to speak will feel it the most.

Each time that this energy will be focused on a particular area of the world, portals will begin to open up and fantastic events will begin happening. Once again for many of us, this time will be, a very busy one! Especially for the ones that are physically located in the area of her “stay”. We’ll all be pulled to her when the portals or major changes are about to take place. So prepare yourselves for brilliant experiences in the next few months.

Each time that her energy will manifest itself in a place major changes will take place in that area. Changes that concerns various fields and ways of life. It could be political, financial, medicinal, scientific, religious, etc., etc., one things’ for sure, nothing will ever be the same again.

Her first order of business –VATICAN (June 24 – July 4th) she will make way to the Vatican.  The energy of ISIS will be so powerful and so strong there that the mind of those in charge will begin to shift into a new reality, allowing them to step forward with the truth about the true nature of things, humanity’s history and our Galactic Heritage.

10 days later  (July 4th – July 7th ) she will make her way to England, where she will spend 4 days opening up various portals that are there. There’s a huge shift that will occur after her visit, and it will be very interesting to see how it will all play out.

July 7th – July 24th We will find her energies prevailing in Russia. There she will be cleansing slate, purging and cleaning those who are in charge, readjusting their understanding of life, to allow more benefits for humanity in general. There she will also activate many VERY important portals. Portals that sit under Moscow and surrounding areas.

July 24- August 1st – She will come to Egypt, where she will mourn the destruction of the temples and pyramids, and restore the energy gateways that once were. She will open other such gateways and will embrace the whole land with love and light. Under her influence the artifacts of the “lost world” will begin to manifest themselves and the archeologists will not be able to hide this information from the people. This will truly begin to change the understanding of who we are, where we come from and why we are here.

August 1st – August 11th – She will be in Israel. Which should see a huge shift in consciousness. Many more portals are in Israel. This will be a very powerful visit, which will assist in stabilizing the energies in the Middle East and step by step bring peace to the world.

August 11th – August 13st – She will be in Greece, once again reactivating various temples and energy portals. She will especially be active at the Olympus, so if you will wish to connect with her energies, you could go visit Olympus at this time.

Metatron’s Clearing & Protection Device – As told to me by AA Metatron – Activates automatically at 11:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. everyday drawing source energy into itself and then dispersing this energy to you evenly throughout the day. It protects up to 13 feet of space in every direction, remember that your own sphere of influence is 18 miles in each direction and coupled with this tool you will amplify this energy creating a vacuum of clearance which will expand exponentially. No matter what method you use in 15 minutes after you clear space, unless you have something in that space to keep the POSITIVE energy flowing to neutralize the negative, everything will come back. That is why its always great to have something near you that will neutralize this type of energy and bathe you in love and light

New York  - from August 13st – August 23rd . She will also activate a huge portal that sits beneath the city itself, and disable the one that is currently spewing so much negativity into the city. She will transform New Yorkers from inside out, and bring happiness and peace to their hearts.

Japan – August 23rd –  August 31st – Here’s a very interesting outcome that hopefully will come to pass. We should finally see some movement in regards to the Fakushima issue, as she works relentlessly with the hearts of those who are at the forefront of this situation.

China – August 31st – September 6th – Her stay in China will mark the beginning of historical events and fruitful relations between major world players. Her energy influence will open the hearts of many to reconsider their local and world policies, and allow for a more natural approach to “doing business” with the rest of the world. There are many upon many portals in China, which will begin to be opened one by one. However, she will come back to China at a later date to continue with the opening of the portals.

September 6th will find ISIS in Uganda, where she will once again be opening up a portal.

September 7th – September 19th she will make way to the United Arab Emirates there she will clean, scrub and activate all the little and big portals in order to bring feminine energies into this country. She will sweep the whole nation and all of the neighboring nations with fervor. And finally open the door for equality and balance within their hearts.

September 19th – October 2nd She will be spending time in Afganistan, where she will open the portals, and work to restore peaceful energies in that region of the world. She will also manifest various artifacts from the past, showcasing to the world once again the true nature of humanity and where they have come from.

October 2nd – October 21st she will visit Kirgistan, Moldova, Romania and Prussia

UPDATE: October 22nd – October 28th – She will visit Australia. She will come back to Australia in May of next year and spend a whole month there, working with various important portals. So May of 2015 shall find Australia ablaze with love and light of ISIS and her crew.

INDIA: She will visit south part of India November 13 – November 24. She will then leave and go to Galilee (a region in the northern part of israel, near Haifa). And come back to the Northern part of Indian on November 28th – December 3rd. 

She will continue to roam the earth moving from place to place until finally the BALANCE between the FEMININE and MASCULINE energies will be restored.

ISIS is here to stay, she is not going anywhere. The time has finally come that both energies YIN and YANG will merge and allow prosperity, health, abundance, joy, creativity, technological and spiritual advances to flourish on planet earth, but above all LOVE.

Once again be prepared to be called to “duty”! This time it will be a lot of fun! And finally after all the portals have been opened. And this will continue for a few years, as the ones mentioned above are only the major ones, then the restoration of planet earth and human psyche shall begin. Welcome to Phase II everyone! Exciting times indeed!

P.S. If you do not see your city/country listed here do not despair. ISIS and her loving feminine energies are now infusing the whole world and each and every single one of us. The reason for these dates and places is that on these dates and places her energy will be felt VERY strongly as the portals that are in those regions will be activated. However, if you feel that you wish to connect to ISIS or anyone else, all you need to do is ask, just go into your meditative state and ask to speak with her and you will be able to do so :)

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Codes of Divinity

Lady Master Quan Yin 
Codes of Divinity  
Channeled by Fran Zepeda 
June 22, 2014

Hello Beloveds, I AM Quan Yin, Divine Feminine Messenger of the East, encompassing you all in my deep Love and abiding affection and gratitude for all the endeavors you have undertaken in the name of Love and Compassion. I enfold you in my vast heart and deliver to you wisdom of the ages that you are all ready to receive and awaken to.

I come before you now to deliver a message through this scribe, who has been communing with me on many occasions. The soft Love I deliver to her often, I am now offering to you, once infinitesimal and now monumental in scope, as now you can all take it in in this greater capacity.

You have welcomed this Love Energy in its purest form of late and your bodies are readied to receive more of it on a moment-by-moment basis, in your daily ventures.

Feel it circling you now and penetrating into all your cells. You are refined and ready for a deeper dousing of this Love Energy. You have been primed for it and as the Solstice energies continue, you are accepting more and more of this beautiful Love Energy into your bodies and cells and hearts.

You will find that you do not reject it as much as before, kind of like your bodies are getting used to rich food that before now you could not tolerate. The refinement of your crystalline bodies is making it so that this rich, rich Love Energy is being welcomed into your Light bodies with deeper penetration and staying power so that you may utilize it much more readily to create your dreams.

I surround you now in deep reverence and serve to awaken that Divine Feminine in you to a deeper degree. I bow to you and yours. I bow to your Divinity as it makes itself known to yourself and to the world in increasing presence.

Your presence is becoming refined and all-encompassing now to deliver many radiating rays of LoveLight to all who are ready to receive them and to lift up even those who consciously are not as ready.

I penetrate your heart now with increasing waves of Love and Wisdom that are in codes that only your Divine Self knows how to decipher – and then deliver to yourself in feelings and knowings that you can utilize in your daily life. Accept me and those codes now, dear ones, for I deliver them in complete Love and Reverence to you, my beloved forerunners in New Earth.

And dear beloveds, you hold the key to awareness in each of your hearts. You may begin to find that these new awarenesses coming from the codes being delivered to you in these recent energies are subtle yet profound. It merely requires you to be aware that they have been implanted, and with a gentle nudge from your willingness to accept and be aware of this inner wisdom, will forthright deliver it to you.

And this wisdom you have really always contained, is now being “delivered” to you through your heart like “timed release capsules” coming to your awareness and to the surface as you are ready for it. And your readiness is unique to each and every one of you, but as a whole it is affecting the collective consciousness in very powerful ways as you allow the wisdom of the ages to trickle slowly but surely into your awareness now.

You may notice you often have the inclination and urge to just sit and Be within your silence, and in these moments the deep wisdom that has always been your birthright will slowly make its way into your consciousness and allow you to make sense of so many things.

You must not be impatient. It may take some time for this recent Insistent “bathing” of the energies to make their mark on you, for you to assimilate and utilize the codes and knowledge being delivered and settling within you.

And I sit with you now, dear ones, and support you in your further awakening. I offer you an invocation now for your utilization in these coming days:

   “I accept and receive the energies from On High 
and I welcome them into my body and consciousness, 
unafraid and undaunted, 
so they may settle into my awareness 
and deliver to me knowledge 
and understanding of my purpose and my path.

    I welcome the wisdom of the ages to dwell within me untainted by experiences 
and illusions of the 3rd dimension, 
and I accept it wholly. 
I allow my divine mind to decipher this wisdom 
and allow it to replace my ego-mind’s rationalizations and perceptions.

    I now feel at peace and in serenity as I capture and receive 
and decipher the ancient wisdom of my Divinity, 
rising up now untainted and undaunted, 
from the dense “earth” of duality to the New Earth of Divine Truth, 
from illusions of duality to the truth of the higher dimensions 
and Oneness in the Present Now.

    I bow to my Divinity 
and I bow to others’ Divinity 
and marvel at the wonders this reverence brings.


And now dear sweet ones, I deliver more Love to you and ask you to feel it and take it into all cells of your body in sweet gentle waves as I pour it into you with such Love and Reverence for your Divinity.

All my Love,

I AM Lady Quan Yin

©2014 Fran Zepeda.

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Tsunami of Love and more healing codes 4

Tsunami of Love and more healing codes 4 
The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn 
June 21, 2014

Anakku terkasih, aku meminta padamu hari ini pada titik matahari anda untuk membuka 
hatimu lebar-lebar untuk energi yang mengalir kepada anda. Tsunami Cinta dariku telah mencapai klimaks sejak beberapa hari ini dan sekarang akan tetap demikian. Energi yang sedang mengetuk hati anda dan mengatakan "bukalah olehmu dan biarkan kami masuk"

Anda merasakan energi ini dan mengerang di lain waktu saat di bawahnya. Mereka dikirim kepada anda sebagai energi emas dari kapal indukku. Nama kapal itu adalah Messime, itu artinya 'Cahaya Tuhan' dan Sirian. Dia adalah kapal terbesar dari Federasi Galaktik yang perlahan-lahan mendekati Bumi. Karena ukurannya dia tidak dapat terlalu dekat ke Bumi karena akan mengganggu medan energi planet anda. Dia adalah mothership dari Divine Mother dan berasal dari energiku sendiri, dan dia sedang mengirimkannya pada anda sekarang.

Anda mungkin merasa seolah anda sedang mengalami gerakan energi besar yang memiliki getaran Penyembuhan Cahaya kuat dan membantu anda dalam melarutkan semua yang tidak melayani anda lagi. Mereka akan pergi jauh memasuki diri anda dan anda hanya perlu membiarkan hal itu terjadi dan membiarkannya pergi.

Bersamaan dengan energi ini aku mengirimkan cinta yang mendalam tak terbatasku. Rasakanlah, ambillah dan masukkan ke dalam dirimu, anakku. Anda mengenalnya dengan baik. Ini adalah kediamanmu. Ini adalah apa yang telah menjadikanmu dan dari mana anda berasal. Ambil nafas dan hembuskanlah keluar semua yang tidak melayani anda lagi. Aku sangat mencintaimu, anakku, dan ketahuilah bahwa energi ini dan kasihku akan membangunkanmu dan membiarkan anda mengenali siapa diri anda.

Aku juga memberikan beberapa kode penyembuhan lagi yang dapat anda gunakan dan untuk membuktikannya adalah dari hati dan cinta anda.

88 33 421  untuk kurang pendengaran atau ketulian

78 83 434  untuk wasir

13 78 887  untuk mata timbilan

44 37 224  untuk radang selaput mata

78 43 149  untuk keseleo

23 31 878  untuk cacar air

68 43 833  untuk batu ginjal

63 34 831  untuk radang panggul ginjal, peradangan leher ginjal

76 42 688  untuk penguatan fungsi ginjal

87 33 478  untuk radang kandung kemih

88 81 643  untuk radang paru-paru

19 19 311  untuk luka bakar, juga terbakar matahari

86 86 694  untuk regulasi kelenjar tiroid

11 11 171  untuk anemia dan agar darah sehat

33 14 871  untuk Psoriasis, peradangan kulit/penyakit autoimun pada kulit, ditandai dengan sisik yang berlapis berwarna keperakan, disertai dengan penebalan warna merah.

Biarkan diri anda terselimuti cinta dan membiarkannya berada dalam hatimu yang indah, anakku tercinta. Ketahuilah aku mengasihimu tanpa syarat yang tak terbatas.

Your Divine Mother

~translated by Birru Sadhu~

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Our Galactic History and the Path To Disclosure

Our Galactic History and the Path To Disclosure 
by Elizabeth Trutwin

The United States Government had meetings with three Civilizations of Extraterrestrials
1. Zeta Reticulans
2. Alpha Draconis
3. The Galactic Federation

The human form does not exist just on this Planet. It exists in many Star Systems and there are untold numbers of human forms, third dimensional Beings on other Stars and Planets. The Extraterrestrial issue can be very frustrating because there has been so much conflicting information and much of it negative. It is hard to know what to believe. Leaders from Germany, Russia and the United States all had meetings with three different groups of Extraterrestrials. Two groups, the Zeta Reticulans and the Alpha Draconis both were using humanity for their own purposes and meant to harm people in the process. Our governments agreed to this and made alliances with these two groups in exchange for Extraterrestrial Technology. The third group are the Builders and Creators of Earth as well as Humanity and they are Guardians of the Planet and worked to help Humanity overcome the Greys and the Dragons and the destruction they were wrecking on Mother Earth and her Inhabitants at Inner Earth and on Surface Earth. The Galactic Federation are a Secret Police Force of Peace Officers with outposts all over our Galaxy. They communicate with each other between their Officers on Moon and Mars to Earth and beyond. They are our ancestors and have lived on Earth in the past. Admiral Sananda and Captain Ashtar command The New Jerusalem. Their FlagShip The New Jerusalem is 5,000 miles in diameter and 12 tiers deep. Everything that you imagined that was beautiful and perfect on Earth is up there in that perfect state and they are also creating new plants, new kinds of species, and new kinds of life forms to come and populate the Earth again.

Some Extraterrestrials live on Earth now and they look exactly like us. They look human in every way even though they leave Earth to go back to their home on their MotherShip the New Jerusalem where 12 million men and women serve the Guardians of Planet Earth. Their Admiral is Sanada Kumara and one of his seven lifetimes on Earth was as Jesus. His Captain is Ashtar. Together they are in charge of this Universe Nebadon. They are under the Command of Lord Lincor who is in charge of the Seven Super Universes. We at Earth do not know that name because our Galactic history has been obliterated. The President of our Galaxy is Lord Salvington and he serves at Galactic Center overseeing the activities there. Galactic Center is 26 degrees Sagitarius on our Star Maps and there is a Black Hole there. The Scorpi Black Hole. When Humanity first came to Earth they traveled here in large StarShips from the light matter Universe of On through the Scorpi Black Hole to the dark matter Universe of Nebadon. The 144,000 who first came here were traveling on a Craft together. Nowadays we refer to them as the Gods of Antiquity. They are referred to in every major religion of every culture in their ancient texts. They are known in the Veda, the Bible, the Mazzaroth, the Emerald Tablets, the Book of Enoch, the Pentateuch, the Pistis Sophia, the Upanishads, the Corpus Hermeticum and the Masnavi just to name a few. The Gods of Antiquity, the Angels and the Archangels descended to Earth on spinning wheels in the Sky and on winged mounts. These ARE the Extraterrestrials who look exactly as we do. They are the Extraterrestrials here to counter the Greys and Dragons. They are here to keep Humanity from destroying itself and the Planet with them.

This cosmic story began in the anti-matter Universe. The anti-matter Universe is like a film negative in the sense where everything is the same as it is in the matter universe, except it’s in 12th dimension. It’s made out of light. Everything in the light matter Universe is made of light and is not physical. In the light matter Universe of On Souls exist as pearlescent balls of light, it is the formless realm and Souls travel by floating along as Consciousness collected into a Light Body. When they incarnate at Earth they call themselves Light Workers. They are working to restore the Light on Earth. They are working to raise Humanity’s Consciousness back to Enlightenment. They work to Ascend Humanity and Earth with them. 450 billion years ago MotherFather God came together in a Cosmic Union of love, light, peace and joy. They decided to come into a Divine Union to share their Love with Creation. As they came together in this orgasmic union they created trillions and trillions of tiny sparks of light identical to MotherFather God. We were all created in that moment. These sparks of Consciousness contained in balls of light also known as plasma energy grew in magnitude of consciousness. As these trillions and trillions of consciousnesses flowed alongside MotherFather God for eons and eons of time they helped create the seven Super Universes.

Each one of these sparks was a Twin-Flame Essence and they were complete and whole. Each One traveled in the light realms as Twin Rays, the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies merged as One Twin Ray. As we eventually descended into matter then we incarnated in matter with form bodies as male and female. These male and female twins were created at the same moment in time and are exactly the same except one male and one female. These spark Souls were complete unto each other and they grew in magnitude and wisdom and flowed alongside each other and MotherFather God as One. As this was happening the Stars, Suns and Planets were being formed into the Seven SuperUniverses. Some of the sparks of light experienced more wisdom and this was transferred from MotherFather God in a thought transmission from one consciousness to another. A few of these sparks grew and became the leaders you might say. These three or four that we could call Mother/Father God’s Daughters and Sons. The first- born son and daughter was YHVH and LILITH. His old name was Jehovah, and his Twin Flame was Lilith, and they had a son named Lucifer. In today’s version of some Bibles these Ones have been portrayed as God and that is a miscreation of this story they have been hiding the truth a very long time. They did not want you to remember you are a Creator God and they cannot be in control of you. You are a sovereign Being.

Mother and Father God are incarnated into Human bodies living on Earth now. They have come back at the end of the cycle to Ascend Earth and assist the Galactic Federation in any way needed. They are here to make Earth a Planet of Peace so that the Extraterrestrial Ships of the Galactic Federation can land on Earth. They will bring with them free energy, gravitic propulsion and healing devices to name a few. These things will be free to all on Earth. They will land here and they will make their homes here. They are our family, our Galactic Family. When we incarnate and when we leave our bodies at death we actually come from and return to our place in the Crews of the Galactic Federation. This is true for any working for the light.

What happened next is called the Fall and it describes how some sparks of light remained in the 12th Dimension, they never fell. These Ones are known as the Elohi Angels. In writings they are referred to as Elohim and that term is considered dark. This is a wrong teaching. The Elohi Angels never fell. In some writings it is said that there is no such thing as fallen Angels and that is false. It simply refers to the Dimensional Level where the Angels reside. It means they descended into denser formed bodies on the 5th and then the 3rd Dimensions of existence. The 3rd Dimension is as low as you can go. The sparks of light never in their wildest dreams would have thought they could be unfortunate enough to descend into the 3rd Dimension. Below the 3rd Dimension life becomes crystallized mineral or compounded forms also called non-sentient beingness. The real truth has been hidden so the Truth Embargo is a much bigger story than you knew. The great Central Sun who is Lord Alcyone which completely permeates the entire Universe and supports the light of all the other Suns. He holds that position with Mother Sekhmet his Twin Flame as MotherFather God. The other names they are known as are Vishnu and Lakshmi. The angels who never fell from Grace, never fell below the 12th Dimension make up the Elohi Angels which include the Archangels and other legions of Angels. The Angels who fell are Lucifer, Jehovah and the sparks of light making up the 13 families trying to control Earth. The most recent incarnation of Jehovah on Earth is Adolph Hitler. The most recent incarnation of Lucifer on Earth is Mitt Romney. You would be surprised to know the Soul History of Cheney, Hillary and Stalin. All of the players in the dark cabal are new Earth incarnations of that same core group of Souls who originally began as the Fallen Angels. They have incarnated into royalty on purpose so they would have all they need to control Earth. This pattern cannot end without drastic actions. It is time now to end karma and arrest the intergalactic war criminals so Earth may begin a new cycle which we will call the Satya Yuga.

We knew we were entering the Grand Experiment and it is simply this : In our mastery on the 12th Dimension we wanted to know if we could remember who we are if we sunk down to the 3rd Dimension agreeing that all the veils would be in place there. We thought back then it would be very easy. Where we came from in the Universe of On there were 23 Sun Systems in the Aurora Sun System and each Sun had between 12 and 14 Planets orbiting them. There Niburu which existed in the light matter Universe before descending into Nebadon was the 23rd Sun System and Aurora was the first Sun. Before bring all the Fallen Angels down Yahweh as MotherFather Gods first born son waged war against the 23 Sun Systems of Aurora. He and his son Lucifer had gathered many who would become the fallen Angels and they were making war. It was at this moment eons ago when Twin Flames separated and Lucifer’s Twin Flame Karula and Jehovah’s Twin Flame Lilith were put aside by their Twin Flames and this was the start of the war between the sexes. At this point Lilith and her son Lucifer began to have many children together. This was an abomination and they created all forms of demons. Their descendants are on Earth today.

The Event marks the end of the Grand Experiment for one and for all. We end time. We become a Planet of Peace headed by the Prince of Peace. We go back to Zero Point. We install Universal Law and Divine Government on Earth. We become the 33rd Member of the Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds. We live within NESARA Law. Ships land. Extraterrestrials live among us without veils in place.

When we first fell into the 3rd Dimension we came in as adults and our bodies had an average 3000 year lifespan. Death was not an original part of the design of the Adam Kadmon body. In the original DNA Program for this humanoid model Life is Eternal. We are Immortals. When Jehovah began warring it was because he raised a doubt in his mind. He raised the doubt that maybe his Father did not create him as an equal, maybe he did not create him in his image. His first step was to tell his Twin Flame, Lilith he did not need her to do warring. He separated himself from his other half. He forgot that MotherFather God had decided to come together in Union for the sake of breathing Love into All Life. All That Is from the beginning is based in Love. It was not just being born of light, but also infused with love from Mother and Father God. And this is how the ego mind became programmed in each one of us. We run our minds through filters if I am not good enough, I must always be right and No one loves me. Dissolving ego mind and these programs is necessary for Ascension. There are no shortcuts. Each Soul must get this done as a prerequisite to Ascension.

The Planet Maldek used to exist between Mars and Jupiter and now makes up the Asteroid Belt including smaller Planets like Ceres and Vesta. Not only was Maldek destroyed but the blast blew the surface off Mars. It also cast the water from the Surface of Mars to the Seas of Earth. This occurred over the course of a year and the water of Earth increased from then 66% to now 75% of the surface covered by water. The dark cabal running NASA know this and they keep the story out there that their rover is looking for water on the surface of Mars. That has been going on 30 years and this story is in the index of the archives of the New York Times going back to the early 80s they have been running stories about looking for water on Mars. On Maldek there were two cities called Valdure and Vara. They had nuclear weapons pointed at each other like Washington and Moscow back in the 80s. History repeats.

The two cities of Valdure and Vara had their nuclear missiles sitting in their silos, and there were earthquakes and tremors on the Planet, Maldek. There was seismic activity that occurred in one of the cities. One of the nuclear missiles in one of the silos started swaying back and forth inside the silo. It was thrown off its center in the silo sounding alarms. Thee distant city’s computers got triggered. The opposing city misunderstood the seismic activity for a nuclear strike so they launched their missiles in a nuclear strike. The city which had seismic activity saw the missiles coming their way and launched a nuclear attack. The Planet Maldek went super nova three days later. The repeated nuclear explosions broke up the infrastructure of the Planet.

Jehovah’s Starship was called the Ship of the 144,000. These were the Kumaras from Venus. The reason that Jehovah destroyed the Aurora Sun System was because he needed a runway to get into the Universe of Nebadon. He was in the light matter Universe and he had the idea he wanted to control matter. He literally blasted a hole in the space/time/continuum, which actually caused the birth of the Matter Universe. He felt if he could control matter he could become as great as his Father. This was the basis of the Grand Experiment on Earth which is ending now. Originally Jehovah and Lucifer held the title together of Planetary Prince when Jehovah crash landed the Ship of 144,000. The term Lesser God comes from Jehovah feeling less than his Father. This was never true. Jehovah and Lucifer talked many fallen Angels into joining their dark forces. These Souls have continued to incarnate and stayed with the dark Lords. Jehovah and Lucifer were cast out and relegated to another Sector of the Universe by MotherFather God. Jehovah went to Orion where he continued his wars. Lucifer went to Maldek which was destroyed by nuclear holocaust.

Sananda Kumara was on the Ship when Jehovah commandeered it. This was an unplanned hijacking. It was a deeply traumatic experience and some were so terrified their Consciousness was ripped away from its vessel. Sananda swore at that moment he would not rest until this atrocity was corrected. He has incarnated on Earth seven times now to correct this fall from Grace. Now Sananda with Archangel Michael together hold the title of Planetary Prince. Because the Ship of 144,000 were evacuated on shuttle craft as a life and death mission fear was a prime factor in the fall. Also, as the Ship was crashed landed into the matter Universe it forced all involved to instantly don matter bodies. It was an extremely unpleasant experience. There was no turning back at that moment. It is a requirement that The Event happen with no fear for anyone involved. It just wouldn’t work.

Ascension means being born back into the Laws of One. Universal Law. That begins in society as NESARA Law. This Law has the Divine Feminine as a basis. We will no longer have free will choice. Free Will is based on polarity, right and wrong, duality, karma, suffering, fear, reincarnation, light and dark. Free Will choice means we have the choice to choose dark. We will no longer have free will choice and we will no longer live in Illusion. We will live in Harmony with all Life forms. We will exist in the Light. All who cannot sustain their vibration here will no longer be here. We will be free to Go Home. We will have the ability to travel past the StarGates. All we do will be governed by love. In the past they said we needed to be born again into a body. That was misqualified teachings. The Higher Teaching is you must be born again of Water and the Holy Spirit. Of Water means you have the ability to travel beyond the StarGates. Of the Holy Spirit means the Divine Feminine. It means you are operating from Divine Law which is balanced once more in the masculine and feminine in Unity and Love together. Those are amazing teachings that have been lost, really, to humanity. They were taught many thousands of years ago. You had to go to the Mystery Schools to learn those things. As the Ships land children will again learn these things in school. They will learn about their chakras and the 144 centers of light in the body and how to activate and use those centers inside the body. These things were written into an additional forty-five Books of the Bible and they were later cut out. We have been dumbed down and the veils stay in place and make Ascension infinitely harder than it is.

At the very same time Maldek exploded becoming the Asteroid belt, including some larger pieces which became smaller Planets, including Ceres and Vesta there was unrest on Earth. The Galactic Federation Secret Security Forces of Earth and Mars were in constant contact just like today. This massive explosion of magnitude proportions blew all the water off the surface of Mars. The Seas of Mars were thrown out into Space it took out our original Moon. Earth originally had two Moons, Phobos and Demos. They were thrown out of orbit with Earth and got stuck in the orbit of Mars. The Galactic Federation then put the hollow satellite artificial Moon called Luna into Earth’s orbit. The Earth was originally two-thirds water, but now it’s three-fourths water. The water from Mars was thrown out into Space and the Earth’s gravitational pull threw the water on to Earth’s surface. This is what was known as The Flood. It took one year for the water to fall to Earth. Commander Kla-la is the actual Designer and Engineer of the Giza Pyramids which were actually formed on the Planet Aldebaran and then placed on Earth through Ship technology. Khu-fu (THOTH) was the pharaoh at the time so his name went onto the pyramids. Under the pyramids, even in South America, all over China, all over Egypt are stabilizing generators. These are maintained by the Galactic Federation Ships. They are a part of the Earth Energy Grid.

On Earth the dark Cabal were doing experiments with the Great Crystal of Atlantis. They were warring with those in China at the time. In an attempt to subdue the people of China the dark Ones of Atlantis they focused the Great Crystal Energy by laser beam. The sent the laser beam into the center of Earth. Once one enters Inner Earth there are about 800 miles of magma and then it becomes conclave and that is where the Civilization of Agartha begins where there are Seas and Mountains, Land and Cities. The Inner Earth Sun is called The Terra. It utilizes the energy from magma and forms a reflection of the Great Central Sun, Alcyone. This reflection forms a cobalt blue ball of light which makes sunlight for Inner Earth. This light can be seen as the Aurora Borealis. When that laser beam came in it caused a huge reaction with the sun called The Terra, and shot a beam of light back out of the center of the Earth into our atmosphere. It caused Atlantis to go cataclysmic, and 24 hours later Atlantis sank. When the light beam was refracted it effected the Great Crystal and it broke into three pieces and it is still on the bottom of the Atlantic ocean between Bermuda and the Canary Islands. This broke the infrastructure of Earth’s Energy Grid. There was a lot of nuclear energy that shot out into Earth’s atmosphere. This was when Noah got into his amphibious StarShip and took as many Atlanteans as he could on his Ship to Agartha, Inner Earth. They spent time there until the Earth settled down after the nuclear explosion of The Terra, the sun at the center of the Earth. After that destruction there were many Atlanteans that were refugees. They came to Egypt, Maya in Mexico and India and they repopulated Earth. At that time they were visiting each other in their StarShips. Lemuria, the Land of Mu had experienced its own cataclysmic events around 15,000 years earlier. The two Civilizations overlapped for a time. Earth is terraforming these lands which sank. Some places land is rising and others land is sinking as Earth is healed.

On August 11, 2000 we passed through what is known as the Eye of An. Eye of AN, is the Star in the center Star of Orion’s Belt. These three Stars known as El, An, and Ra. We have to do the great reversal to go back Home. We actually are reversing the whole Grand Experiment, which has ended up not diversity within peace but diversity within war. In order to do the great reversal we have to bring it into existence by remembering WE ARE THE GALACTIC FEDERATION and ASKING for Divine help. That’s how we got here and that’s how we’ve got to go back. On October 10, 2000 President Clinton signed NESARA into Law and December 22, 2000 on the Winter Solstice, the Photon Belt completely surrounded our Planet. The whole Solar System got locked into the tractor beam and we have changed directions. We are in the process now of moving away from the outer periphery of the western spiral arm of the Milky Way Galaxy. Earth is on a tractor beam of the Photon Belt and heading towards the Pleiades back to Alcyone, the Great Central Sun. December 21, 2012 were in a completely different sector and adjacent to the Pleiades. It will be a few decades before Earth enters Alcyone and we will return to the Anti Matter Universe then.

Because MotherFather God created everything from love they are also able to destroy anything not resonate with love by using the violet flame of transmutation. Love is the Force in the Universe which protects all life. Now that Earth is too far away from its Divine Plan then all that does not resonate with love must be removed. Because the dark Cabal came from the future to attack a Planet not yet prepared to join the Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds. Because they brought with them technology that would be used to control the many. This means the dark Cabal violated the Prime Directive. This qualified them as Intergalactic War Criminals and they must first be tried for their crimes in the International Criminal Court and afterward at the Solar Tribunal on Saturn.

When MotherFather God’s first born son called Jehovah said: “I cannot believe that I am equal with MotherFather God therefore I must be something that is not in alignment with ALL THAT IS. “ That split second of doubting ALL THAT IS, is enough to bring that frequency down where there was a question of the balance of the Violet Transmuting Flame of Light coming in. This is why Mother Sekhmet comes at this time, and she stands before these ones they call the 13 families, the dark Cabal, the few wanting to control the many. Mother says: “Go inside yourself and find that splinter of shadow. Bring it forth! And let it come back to LOVE!” They cannot do it. They will need to move on now. They continue with distractions to try to hold off The Event, but they will not be successful. It is only a matter of a few months time.

Karmic debts remain open until the last minute in duality. We all must do a self-evaluation and heal our own misqualified thoughts. These show up as filters in our little ego minds. It is necessary to dissolve the ego completely. At Zero Point there is no time and no karma. All karma must be burned off now. The dark Cabal have violated Cosmic Law where they have used technological and scientific information that has not been shared with the rest of the Planet to uplift it. It has been used to enslave it. Therefore the Galactic Federation is assisting on every level possible to free the slaves. No longer will the breakaway society be able to avoid the Truth. The Truth Embargo will be lifted. The Reptilian Annunaki hybrids that have placed themselves in the 13 families that seem to think that they own this Planet are generated from a Holographic Imaging Projector. There will come a moment when the Illusion will no longer continue and these solid projected holograms will be turned off by KOS from The New Jerusalem. In one blink of an eye they will no longer be there. Their bodies have already been removed and stowed on Prison Ships waiting their trials. It is not MotherFather God’s wish for these dark Cabal Souls to go in this way but they have passed their opportunities because they have not listened. They have not forgiven themselves their crimes. The do not have use of all 12 strands of DNA. They are unable to love themselves. Earth Mother needs her Ascension. You need your Ascension, and they don’t wish for their Ascension. What is happening on Earth is effecting every Planet in Cosmic Creation.

What is left to be done is WE THE PEOPLE need to ASK. You must ASK. Invite the Galactic Federation to give Divine Intervention. The vehicle for asking has been provided by the Galactic Federation in the Congressional Hearings on Disclosure. This is a project by Paradigm Research Group. This will be accomplished after mid-term elections on November 4, 2014. Participate in the elections to be sure the vote is out for Disclosure – friendly representatives. Finally, use the Violet Flame of Transmutation Decrees which neutralize all negativity while invoking a Direct Divine Intervention for Planet Earth. 

© Elizabeth Trutwin 2014

Selasa, 17 Juni 2014

What if the government could change people's moral beliefs or stop political dissent through remote control of people's brains?

What if the government could change people's moral beliefs or stop political dissent through remote control of people's brains?

Bagaimana Pemerintah bisa mengubah keyakinan moral masyarakat atau menghentikan lawan politiknya melalui remote control dalam otak manusia?

Kedengarannya seperti fiksi ilmiah 'kan? Nah, sebuah dokumen yang bocor mengungkapkan bahwa pemerintah AS melalui penelitian DARPA sangat dekat dengan pencapaian ini.

Aktivis yang menulis ini baru-baru ini dihubungi oleh seseorang yang tak mau dikenal bekerja pada proyek rahasia pengendali pikiran yang sedang berlangsung untuk DARPA. Tujuan program ini adalah mengganggu perbedaan pendapat politik dan ekstrimisme jarak jauh dengan menggunakan 'Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation' atau TMS dengan propaganda canggih pada teknologi ini. TMS merangsang lobus temporal otak dengan medan elektromagnetik.

Program ini dilakukan oleh Pusat Komunikasi Strategis yang berbasis di Arizona State University. Pendanaan DARPA untuk proyek ini dapat dikonfirmasi pada website ini. http://csc.asu.edu/projects/ Kepala proyek ini, Steve Corman, telah bekerja secara luas pada bidang komunikasi strategis yang mencangkup terorisme dan 'ekstrimisme' atau apa yang disebut 'perang pemkiran'

Proyek terbaru Corman Narrating The Exit from Afghanistan dan banyak lagi presentasinya yang membuatnya cukup jelas bahwa misi ini adalah untuk membentuk narasi dan benar-benar mengubah pemikiran orang. Jangan sampai salah satu dari kita ini percaya akan berita-pesan-kabar yang mengandung ekstrimisme di luar negeri, karena kata ekstrimisme juga semakin banyak digunakan di dalam negeri.

Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk benar-benar mendorong atau mengganggu pengoperasian narasi dalam otak. Dengan kata lain, peneltian ini bertujuan untuk menghentikan orang-orang dari memikirkan pikiran-pikiran tertentu dan membuat orang lain percaya pada hal-hal yang biasanya mereka tidak akan percaya. Penelitian ini memiliki kemungkinan interogasi yang luar biasa dan berpotensi dapat digunakan agar lebih berhasil menyebarkan propaganda atau menghentikan pergolakan politik ke publik tanpa curiga.

TMS adalah alat yang sangat kuat yang digunakan untuk merusak fungsi otak individu.

Lihat video di bawah ini untuk mendemostrasikan efek singkat TMS

Sekelompok peneliti menentukan bagian mana dari otak yang berhubungan dengan penalaran kognitif dan pemahaman narasi, mereka akan berusaha merusak bagian tersebut dalam rangka 'menciptakan fundamental dasar untuk memahami bagaimana untuk mengganggu atau meningkatkan struktur naratif atau otak yang berfungsi untuk meminimalkan atau memaksimalkan efek persuasif pada kecenderungan subjek untuk terlibat dalam kekerasan politik'

Setelah itu ditentukan gangguan bagian-bagian tertentu dari otak untuk dapat meningkat pesan persuasif, individu dapat dibujuk untuk melakukan hal-hal yang biasanya tidak akan melakukannya dan percaya hal-hal yang biasanya mereka tidak akan percaya. Hal ini dapat mencangkup sesuatu yang sederhana seperti menceritakan rahasia yang dijaga ketat, untuk percaya pada propaganda pemerintah, atau bahkan untuk melakukan tindak kekerasan.

Lebih lanjut bahkan mungkin lebih mengerikan, kelompok peneliti ini menulis 'gangguan mekanis pengolahan narasi pada akhirnya direplikasi melalui kampanye yang ditargetkan pada komunikasi startegis yang mendekati gangguan narasi dan diinduksi melalui stimulasi magnetik. Jadi, setelah mencari bagian mana dari otak yang diaktifkan khususnya oleh pesan persuasif dan propaganda, pemerintah dapat menguji pesan dengan hanya mengaktifkan bagian-bagian tertentu dari otak dan bukan yang lain untuk membujuk orang untuk percaya atau tidak percaya sesuatu.

Pada dasarnya mereka mencoba untuk memodifikasi otak tanpa TMS dan hanya dengan kata-kata. Kita hanya bisa membayangkan strategi pemerintah bisa saja menggunakan teknologi ini. Mereka bisa membuat publik percaya apa saja sesuai kebutuhan mereka. Ini sungguh-sungguh yang bisa menyebabkan pencucian otak massal.

Lantas apa artinya ini? Praktis? Penelitian yang lebih luas, mereka mungkin dapat meniru mesin pengganggu yang berfungsi hanya melalui pesan persuasif dan propaganda. Mereka dapat menggunakan pencitraan otak untuk menentukan bagian mana dari otak yang aktif ketika sebuah pesan khusus disajikan untuk individu, dan jika 'benar' bagian yang diaktifkan, mereka tahu akan pesan-pesan dengan menhindari penalaran mental seseorang dan menyebabkan penerimaan otomatis. Dengan data yang cukup, pemerintah bisa menyebar propaganda melalui media yang membuat orang-orang secara otomatis percaya, apakah itu benar atau tidak.

Pemerintah secara harfiah mencoba untuk mencuci otak masyarakat. Ini bukan fiksi ilmiah. Teknologi telah memungkinkan untuk menginduksi dan mengganggu fungsi kognitif pada individu. Di masa depan, pikiran anda mungkin bukan pikiran sendiri tetapi pikiran orangg-orang yang telah ditanamkan ke dalam otak anda melalui propaganda yang sangat sukses dan divalidasi.

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Archangel Raphael's Healing Codes From The Time Of Atlantis

Archangel Raphael's Healing Codes From The Time Of Atlantis

Pada tanggal 25 April 2014 chaneller Marc Gamma diberi sepuluh urutan angka-angka atau kode yang akan digunakan untuk tujuan penyembuhan dari Archangel Raphael.

Sebagai dokter yang memiliki papan sertifikat yang saat ini sedang berlatih dengan pengobatan, saya ingin mencoba hal ini dan melihat bagaimana ini 'dirasakan' dan 'bekerja' sebelum datang dengan protokol resmi.

Saya telah menguji pada makanan saya tadi malam, yang menetralisir. Rasa makanan meningkat, dan dengan tangan Reiki saya bisa mendeteksi peningkatan jumlah Sumber Energy Hidup yang datang dari piring.

Saya juga telah melakukan tes dengan kode untuk penetral alkohol. Saya membuat nomor kode itu dengan jari telunjuk saya sebanyak lima kali lebih dari satu gelas sake, segelas kecil dari kepentingan yang telah saya atur. Saya minum sake dalam satu kali teguk. Itu masih terasa sake. Dan saya menunggu. Alkohol membutuhkan waktu dua ouluh menit untuk diserap dalam perut. Pada sepuluh menit pertama, hanya ada tanda yang sangat samar seperti sebuah 'buzz' atau intoxication - dan aku masih jernih. Pada dua puluh menit kemudian tidak ada perubahan. Pada tiga puluh menit, tidak ada efek. Saya biasanya bangun dengan mulut kering dan sakit kepala setelah meminum alkohol. Kali tidak ada sama sekali. Saya juga tidak memiliki kebutuhan untuk mengosongkan kandung kemih saya seperti biasanya setelah meminum alkohol (etanol memblok hormon antidiuretik - ini mengapa ada kata pepatah 'Anda tidak akan membeli bir, sebelum anda menyewanya karena itu akan membuat anda harus menggunakan kamar mandi')

Kemarin seorang teman punya anjing yang jatuh saat menuruni tangga. Ini adalah Bobby, tiga belas tahun umurnya seekor spitz Jerman yang senang naik turun tangga. Dia mendapat luka di atas mata kanannya yang berdarah. Teman lantas membuat kode dengan kristal Lemurian di atas luka yang terbuka pada anjingnya. Pendarahan berhenti. Rasa sakit berkurang. Dan hari esoknya nyaris tak ada kerak yang terlihat di mana terdapat lukanya.

Berikut ini adalah susunan yang saya lakukan :

- Tentukan tujuan sebagai salah satu yang ingin diniatkan untuk penyembuhan (dengan menulis di udara) Gunakan jari telunjuk tangan yang dominan. Tuliskan pada ruang angka-angka itu, jeda.

- Ulangi lagi urutan nomor dengan jeda beberapa kali hanya untuk memastikan semua nomor baik-baik saja.

- Tanyakan pada malaikat anda, pemandu dan ruh orang-orang terkasih untuk memperbaiki kesalahan yang mungkin anda lakukan

- Lepaskan dan percayakan. Sebagai langkah tambahan, tambahkan energi Cinta dan Syukur untuk segala sesuatunya.

- Bilangan dapat ditulis di atas kertas dan ditempelkan pada item tersebut. Mereka dapat ditulis langsung pada kemasan. Saya menulis mereka di udara, dan mengirim niat pada seluruh dapur saya. Saya juga memiliki satu untuk semua kerusakan sel yang ditulis dengan tinta permanen pink pada lengan kanan saya, hanya karena intuisi membimbing saya untuk melakukannya. Ketika dicuci hilang tidak perlu ditulis lagi.

Ingat, ini sangat kuat daya kerjanya.Dan ini nyata. Ini ada untuk anda.

Karena ini hal baru. saya menyarankan anda memperhatikan dengan sangat seksama saat menggunakan kode dan mencari perhatian medis pada saat yang sama sehingga tidak ada waktu yang hilang. Ini bukan pengganti untuk perawatan medis. Ini adalah sesuatu untuk membantu kita menyembuhkan secara darurat. Tetaplah dengan kemudahan mengakses kode-kode ini dengan menyimpan kode yang berguna ini.

Saya akan memperbaharui kabar ini pada anda tentang perkembangan selanjutnya.


Reiki Doc


Ini tidak ada hubungannya dengan stiker yang ada pada buah dari toko!!

Getaran anda sebagai kesadaran kolektif telah meningkat ke tingkat seperti pada saat jaman Atlantis. Ya, kita benar-benar berada dalam dimensi dalam semua kehidupan di Bumi, bersama-sama, dan semakin dekat dan lebih dekat lagi menuju 5D.

Ini sudah cukup untuk mengaktifkan kode ini - yang akan membawa kita satu langkah lebih dekat untuk penyembuhan fisik, dan juga membawa kesehatan bagi pasokan makanan di Bumi.

Mereka datang kepada kita melalui Marc Gamma dari Archangel Raphael, para Penyembuh Agung semua dan dirinya sendiri.

Dengan Reiki aku telah melihat luka, luka bakar dan memar yang telah terjadi pada diriku dan orang-orang yang aku cintai telah menyembuhkan langsung dengan aplikasi Reiki langsung dari cedera.

Sedangkan dengan ini sedikit berbeda.

Kode-kode ini seperti simbol Reiki - anda menuliskannya di udara di atas hal yang ingin anda tingkatkan - kesehatan, kebijaksanaan atau nutrisi.

Anggap saja seperti kombinasi antara simbol Reiki dan afrimasi oleh Louise Hay, tetapi pada steroid - ini super kuat dan benar-benar efektif - menurut Archangel Raphael - tapi aku belum pernah mencobanya.

Pada tahap awal ini aku menyarankan dengan mencari jawabannya pada perawatan medis standar dengan menggunakan simbol-simbol untuk cedera/penyakit.

Dan jangan ragu untuk menggunakannya pada makanan anda. Ini adalah real, nyata - aku akan mencobanya sama seperti anda. Mari kita lihat bagaimana mereka bekerja dengan baik ! Kita lihat bersama-sama!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

diterjemahkan oleh Birru Sadhu