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Response to all your Humans’ Questions now

Response to all your Humans’ Questions now 
Archangel Raphael through Marc Gamma
AARaphael-II[Original language German, translated by (Contra)Mary]

My Beloved humans - hari ini dan hal lain yang telah tercapai dan terutama bagi semua yang sensitif akan merasakannya saat membaca pesan ini. Pada saat ini saluran kami inkarnasi di sini di Bumi adalah pengalamannya yang berarti bergabung dengan kami. 

Dalam rangka untuk mengekspresikan bahasa sehari-hari itu adalah beberapa proses yang berjalan hangat. Tidak ada satu sel tubuhpun yang tinggal di sana hingga sekarang. Semuanya bergetar dan memiliki efek seperti dalam saluran yang bergerak ke sana ke mari antara dimensi 4 dan 5. Namun ia masih berakar ke bawah dengan dimensi 4 di sini karena Gaia menahan makhluk yang cepat terkoneksi dengannya secara mendalam.

Anda akan berpikir bahwa saya mendapatkan sedikit kelonggaran dan tidak melaporkan tentang kenaikan di sini. Bagian ini masih dari kenaikan dan jika anda bisa melihat wajah saluran kami sekarang! Kadang menyeringai, kadang permanen di seluruh wajahnya dan dia tidak harus malu dengan itu - tidak ada yang kehilangan cinta ilahi - hal itu semua orang diperbolehkan memilikinya dan mampu melakukannya sekali waktu akan menjadi dewasa untuk hal itu. 

You will think that I am getting a bit leeway and do not report about ascension here. Still this is part of ascension and if you could see the face of our channel now! There is a fixed and permanent grinning all over his face and he must not be ashamed of it – no-one will be deprived of divine love – it is for everybody as all are allowed to have it and are capable of doing so once time will become mature for it.

We should like to encourage you to go deep down into yourselves and to initiate the energetic connection with us. Whoever arrives at this particular grade of merging connection with us will unmistakably become cognizant and experience that spirit is real and present everywhere.

Let us go into “medias res” to the very topic of our today’s message. Another week has passed by and my brother has given you some powerful updated regarding the inhabitants of the 5th dimension and thus I shall continue with what we have planned to do today. Our message will get longer and quite intensive and all those not sensing these energies – they shall not doubt at all.

Each and everyone has to proceed on his very own chosen path since this has been wished and planned before this incarnation on earth how he/she wanted to feel and to experience it. All is well and has to be as it is – ecstasy  once and again – this will be delivered to you also when time is right for it (chuckles).

What I am about to submit to you today is closely connected to many of your questions being posed by you. And even our channel was not able to reply to all of your questions. We have heard all your queries and we shall respond to them today – without the presence of inhabitants of the 5th dimension. I shall now convey the word to our heavenly father who looks forward accordingly to also merge himself with our channel here.

These energies are of deep and tight nature merging into each other – the channel here will sense it here in some slower way and accordingly will enjoy my love and delight in it being that one of your creator of “All-There-Is”.  And you, my beloved humans, you are allowed to bathe in it as well – in the love of my son and me !

My son, the channel here, had to play “Hide and Seek”  here since some time ago and although he never really enjoyed it, this shall come to an end now.

He is the 1st incarnation of ArchAngel Michael – the 2nd one of the latter is Ashtar being quite well known to many humans here. In the following days all ArchAngels will be made known here on Earth including also Twins and Ascended Master incarnated here on earth  and minding here their given tasks and issues without anybody being able to notice them nor to became aware of them.

This is according to how it has been wished and planned – still this will have an end now too. We are just on our final lap to our target and it is about time to lift the veil too. All you human beings are on the brink to learn now which are the true Angels, Archangels and the Ascended Masters. They are not better than you are. No, all are my children just alike you. From my view you are all equal, you all are my children and I do love you beyond any measurement!

Many of your past assumptions expressed already are being underlined here and all the truth about it will be spread far and wide now. Please, do let all Angels, Archangels, and Ascended Masters do their particular work. Lend them your support but play fair towards them the same I am expecting here from all my “Ground Staff” too.

My beloved humans let’s now start with that very part mentioned by my son already. We know all your questions and what you are afraid of too. Let’s start with your fears.

How many times did we inform you that fear is but an illusion? How many times did we inform you that fear is the nutrition of the dark side ? And how many times did we inform you that you are to stay in the safe and inner space of your hearts and never open up the door of your hearts to fear and let it in? Once you have really understood it – then all is well! If not – I am requesting you again to take my words here to your hearts again, my children.

Now let’s deal with your questions whereby we shall respond only to some part of these today. There were quite manifold questions and in some great number. The most frequent ones were enlisted here to be replied to and here we go:

Q: shall I leave earth without my family and will happen to those being left behind?

R: do not be afraid we shall take care of each and everyone left behind. All those will not even notice that you are not here anymore. They will go on noticing you as some sort of illusion which is far more some sort of projection which will be managed from out the 5th Dimension. This will be handled completely automatically and has been also done in the very same way by the dark side quite often in order to abuse or lie to you.

Q: when will my children, wife, husband, family etc. follow sequence and will they re-find me at all over there ?

R: Everything has been organized and planned throughout. Do you feel as if the divine planning has any failures or mistakes? No, it is perfect as always and will always be adjusted to any alteration or change. Everything is under control and no-one will get lost.

Q: when do I know that I shall ascend and how may I ascertain it ?

This was the front-runner of all questions but here will take the 3rd position since the other ones above appeared to me much more important.

R: There is some process running in the inside of your and you will recognize this very process at once since it has been imported many times before into your dreams and as soon you will see these very pictures of your process of ascension you will know: “That’s it – it’s a go now !”

Q:when will the last human pass through this portal and where about are these portals for the various dimensions ?

R: all the portals are not outside of you – they all are in your hearts. Such like a Stargate which has been shown in the famous Science Fiction Film like some analogy. The Portal the special Stargate will open up for each one of you individually and then the shift – the quantum leap – will be upon you. This again will have the particular effect that you will do the change-over of the dimension with your entire being, your “I Am”. You will pass through this Stargate with your entire and whole body and this is some very complex and complicated process running wholly by itself and being steered by your own soul.

The last human being passing through his own portal will decide upon it himself. Now it has been planned in such way that all portals will be closed at due course and this closing is being safeguarded by the “Master-Gatekeepers”. The latter ones will close all Stargates and from this point ascension will not be possible anymore. When this will happen has not been laid down until now because we are still in the flow of change and have still do adjustments according to it. Still, we now assume that it will be somewhere in the middle of next year when the last ones will change dimensions. We shall observe these ongoings and will inform you subsequently about it.

Q: when will be the actual process of ascension be completed and when shall we start with the construction of Nova Earth?

Re: this is quite an interesting question which was posed in 2nd position of our list. Because of inexplicable reasons here we shall not respond to it today but in some of the next following messages. With “inexplicable”  I mean that still we do not comprehend what this very question is hinting at, my beloved humans. All the so-called “Fast-Food-Readers” here according to the expression of our channel – they have read so many articles but still have not been able to comprehend what it is all about and how this will be functioning. Even this channel is not able in-between to have some clue about it although he is nearest to its solution. He is been advised by me not to disclose anything about it and never to respond to this question in any way – and  thus it will be henceforth ….

Q: when will all humans already ascended into the 5th dimension be brought together with their families ?

R: And this is one of the most difficult question to be replied to. You should know that everybody having arrived in the 5th dimension will be given an individual task so that each one will be brought to his/her individual location according to it – staying somewhere on the planet or in the air resp. space. You will be – at your arrival – notified about the whereabouts of your beloved ones and you shall be capable to get into contact with them.

Now we have to deal with the last question today.

Q: when shall the Master-Gatekeeper change for the 5th Dimension?

R: This question too has to be responded in some individual way. All the Master-Gatekeepers are being divided according to the individual Gates and dimensions and because of this fact all gates will have differing times of closures and consequently thus the Master-Gatekeepers will change over to higher dimension at varying time-lines.

My beloved humans, these were the very first questions which we felt compelled to respond to. Many more will follow but  still in some weeks from now. There are more important matters which we have to deal with in our messages than merely to reply to your questions here – which in fact you partly may be able to respond to by yourselves  if you would try to come into direct contact with your guides, your Higher Selves, etc. They could be of some wonderful assistance to you and you are relieved from caring from any other channeled messages in due course. You only have to be prepared for it in your inner hearts.

I now shall turn over to my son Raphael and can assure you that all that is to come will be of some heavy sort. ISON, the Comet, will find its according publication in your media all the more in due time. You only have to exert some more patience and then everything will go its due course. The President of the United States of America will make the first GO and announcing all the news which so many people have been waiting for since long ago:

EDUCATION/ INFORMATION  will be introduced and
ELIMINATION OF HUMANS without any protection neither nutrition will have an end altogether
Look up into the sky ! Once you came down from it and they will arrive here again from thereabout !!! 

Return of Jesus Christ is here now!  The 2nd arrival of the “Divine”  Unfortunately completely misunderstood by many human beings and that is why we shall lift this very secret within our next following message. Many of you are already cognizant of the real truth and all the others may get aware of it eventually now. The Son of God, Jesus Christ, he will not come – however you will get to know what it is all about it. All of you not being in the know – you will be surprised about all that I am going to submit to you. Be prepared to accept your very own divinity. Be prepared for all that will come. Be prepared to receive all the Love of God and be prepared to do everything and to learn about it when the right comprehension and the right time is upon you.

Raphael, it is all yours now!

My beloved humans, I, ArchAngel Raphael shall now conclude our message with the words of our heavenly Father: Be welcome here, Children of God, Greetings to all of you and accept your true very own Divinity now. Amen.

With such great Love to all of you, human beings

Raphael and The Father


Copyright © Gamma Marc.