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Questions of humans reach a climax and will be answered

Questions of humans reach a climax and will be answered 
Archangel Michael through Marc Gamma  
Archangel Michael[Original language German, translated by (Contra)Mary]

My beloved humans, this is your Archangel Michael speaking and it is such a delight for me to submit to you another message together with our Father. As usual the Father will take over first and it will be my very honor to conclude this message here at the end. Wishing you much fun and amazing energies when diving into our message here.

Be prepared to receive the very love from our all Father. Open up your heart and open up everything which is your own and is to be flooded with the love of our creator. I shall be with you so that you are not left alone all by yourselves when integrating this message of ours.

Father is speaking now:

My beloved children, this is your Father speaking to you. A most wonderful week has started and you should see what we are able to observe all from our very location ! Light, Love, Energies spreading all over are so powerful and this should be also seen by you too! There are wonderful spectacles in the higher dimensions. There is such an immense delight here about ascension since more and more humans have made their decision accordingly.

Even my channel has found his individual key last weekend and he still is not fully conscious about the effects running now in his body.

All energies enveloping him are utmost challenges for him. And part of these energies being comprehended by him completely will increase day after day. Thus his consciousness will take these up into his heart and it is from there that the journey will make its start then.

Some part of humans really found already this key some time ago and those were enabled to do the very first step. These were the pioneers when passing over to the 5th dimension and many more will follow sequence to them. Still there are those ones too which decided to continue their journey furtheron under 3rd dimensional matrix. Each decision thereupon will be honoured and taken seriously.

Now, let’s deal with further questions posed by you. Some of our replies have arrived at you and several ones finally did understand what this is all about. There were several people which finally could do the very steps needed after reading our messages and this is where to all my congratulations go now from deep of my heart.

And now to all your questions now:

Q: Which of the humans will stay in 5th dimensions and which will stay there only for some short while in order to return to their homeland-planets?

R: There will be many leaving Earth of 5th dimension since their mission has come to an end now. This channel also will take over some issue being connected to Earth and the rising of landmasses of Lemuria. Others will take up issues in development, formation, education and training, in medical fields, etc. Some major part, however, will leave earth of 5th dimension since they finally now may return to that location which is their true and original home-land. And this question may be dealt with in more detail in one of our next messages.

Q: Which of all humans arriving in the 5th dimension will be leaving earth in order to serve on ships resp. spaceships?

R: It is quite difficult at this time to give some final response to it since many of them have not decided themselves. After arrival in 5th dimension all will go through some sort of training and education. The basic training then will show which types of interests may be covered best of all with some work on a spaceship or on earth. It is now too early to make some statement hereto. All of those – arriving in 5th dimension – will be informed then what and how everything will go on for them.

Q: Which of those – not achieving ascension – may return to their home-planets?

Re: Basically nobody will be able to return to his/her home-planet as he has not achieved his ascension beforehand. Since the home-planets always are in some higher evolutionary realm than earth this consequently leads to some particular pre-requisite that those not having ascended have to prove themselves on some other planets. Such are the rules to go by and these have been known to everybody before his/her incarnation.

Q: Which are the humans being assigned with issues in governments or organisations for development after earth having ascended?

R: This again is some question posed too early in order to be replied to at this very time. In the beginning you will have some sort of transitional government. Members of such government will be selected by humans of the 5th dimensions and the Galactic Federation.

In the beginning of everything this transitional government will see to all that is needed first. Once everything has been dealt with and time will become mature enough there will be elections of a real government of the world with all branches to take over all guidance, management and the structural up-building of this planet.

Q: Which kind of humans may take over all these governmental tasks and how is the procedure of selection thereof?

Re: All humans are electing the most adequate one who is to take over this special task. Everyone human has a true feeling to acknowledge which one may be endowed with this valuable issue. And all election in future will be done by human hearts and not by any ballot-paper.

Q: Which humans will take over all others functions and tasks in order that all basic needs of humans and animals will be covered?

R: This also is one of those questions posed too early now. Now presume that in the beginning everything will be covered by some external service provider. Since otherwise you would not be capable to have everything under control. After some while all issues will be turned over in a stepwise procedure to humans having decided themselves for it. Training for all those issues will show as final decision which will be most appropriate for each individual one.

Q: My children will leave earth and I am staying on here. Why may parents and children not stay together ?

R: Please, understand that children are being leased only for a certain time to parents. They are no possession of yours. They are souls like you are and as such they decide on their own will whether to stay with their parents or not. This too is something connected to Free Will.

Please, comprehend too that this is something which absolutely may not be understood nor accepted by presently. Once awoken everything will be clear to you.

Q: Why is it that humans ascended may not decide themselves on their very own about representatives in the government just from the beginning?

R: Comprehension of guidance for some highly evolved surrounding and race like such of humans when ascended is due to some knowledge of particular matters. And the latter ones will be taught to you first and afterwards all business to be conducted will be handed over to humans of 5th dimension.

Such were some of the specific questions posed by you recently. And again we selected those questions most spreaded among you. There are still a lot of more questions which we could reply to – still, for the time being we shall refrain from it. As from the weekend to come we shall go on interviewing inhabitants of 5th dimension.

And moreover – we shall have somebody else here. The Divine Mother will join us here too. Presently she is still incarnated on earth – still she will be joining us here and then will be able to report from her special view and experience on earth. The Divine Mother and my son, Archangel Michael, have done something very decisively that some particular matter has happened. Together, they did discover “The Key”. The very Key of Love which was hidden in all of us. Deep inside of us they have found it and this fact has become some general knowledge for all of us. Very soon all humans will discover it – acknowledge it – and start integrating it into their daily life and live with it too. I shall turn over word to Michael now and bid you farewell, my children, since Michael wants to address some more to you.

My very beloved humans. Here I am again and want to conclude all that has been said and expressed above here with my following speech:

We all are those experiencing together ascension. We all have to play differing parts in this and this has to be considered too. All that is on the way to you – it is so powerful – since all that I have announced here – it will manifest itself very soon here.

I do love you and I shall be at your side when you call upon me !

With so much love to all of you
Yours Archangel Michael


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