Rabu, 23 April 2014

Sheldan Nidle - April 22, 2014

Sheldan Nidle - April 22, 2014

7 Manik, 10 Kank'in, 10 Caban

Selamat Balik! Events continue to move forward! The dark continues to reel as it encounters one potential setback after another. A scenario is forming that promises to give us the means to bring out the first stage of monetary reforms that are to swiftly lead to your abundance. The currency reforms and the new banking regulations are merely the start of a system that is to produce gold-backed monies. These things are to lead to a new environment that is to be overseen by a series of NESARA-like governments across this globe. It is this new network of governance that is to spawn disclosure and set the way for formal announcements about first contact and your return to full consciousness. This process is to also allow for your inner Earth brethren to appear before you. We, along with your Ascended Masters, are to set the stage for this grand journey. As you progress, so Mother Earth is to move forward with changes to her surface realm. These alterations are to return her surface to the size and shape that existed in the latter days of ancient Lemuria. In this mode, a permanent golden Age can appear!

All of you are now undergoing transformations that affect your body, mind and emotions. This is necessary to provide you with the means to become fully conscious Beings. Our initial tasks are simply to provide you with mentors who have the necessary training to aid you in reaching preliminary points you need in order to be transformed by the magnificent Light chambers given to us by Heaven. Each chamber is a living entity, capable of returning you to your former state. The Atlanteans and their dark "friends" imposed limited consciousness upon you. Their vile experiment, which left a few hundred Atlanteans in a lesser state, was done by the dark to subvert the ways of Heaven. At the same time, it gave your ancestors important experiences to better understand the conditions imposed by the dark upon its many galactic creations. This special knowledge is to permit you to aid the former Anchara continuum-based planetary societies on their own journey toward the Light.

This journey of yours has numerous twists, which keep you frustrated and wondering about what is occurring around you. Special groups are moving forward with programs designed to permit you to be free. The dark cabal understands only two things - wealth and power. These were manifested on Mother Earth at the start of the first golden ages almost 13 millennia ago. These concepts are now to be pushed aside by a series of actions of our numerous associates. In a galactic society, these concepts are unknown. Technology provides everyone with health, food and clothing. There is only the daily use of your divine service to grow on all levels: spiritually, mentally and emotionally. Employing this acquired knowledge, individuals add their logic to solve any potential problem that can arise. Thus, it is nearly impossible for any potential problem not to receive its proper creative solution. We reside in a society that is open, free and filled with joy and happiness.

The galactic society you are to construct is one that is to be founded on the many prototypes that exist throughout this galaxy. The Agarthans maintain a vast library that has records of all that has preceded you. In addition, you are to possess an edition of our sacred "Book of Understanding." These volumes can give you additional clues on how you are to go about forging this galactic society, which is to have many branches on Venus, Mars, Gaia and Pax. Numerous societies of special Spirits exist here that are also to assist you in this process. In total, you have a great amount of possibilities that are to be the foundations for your new star nation. Many throughout this and numerous nearby galaxies follow closely what you are destined to achieve. All of us realize what you are to do, and the wondrous effect it is to have on all. Hence, we come to introduce ourselves to you at the right divine time. This moment is now forming and, shortly, we are to be permitted to address you directly.

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! Today is a time for renewal. It is a moment when, together, we can visualize a new reality forming in joy around us. Let the wondrous events of this day lead us to freedom and responsibility. This responsibility is to create new governance, spread prosperity and honor our mutual individual sovereignty. Bear in mind that sovereignty is a gift given by the Creator. We are here to honor and protect it. The original dream of America was to fully bask in this and to peacefully spread it throughout this world. Respect for all is based on the sacredness of all life. Gaia is a living Being that is to be honored and thanked for her great gifts. You live in a realm filled with an amazing diversity of life. A similar diversity is spread across this galaxy. Respect it! Feel its joy! Be the grand mentors that you were put here to be. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

As you rejoice in your new reality, understand that it requires your love and your firm commitment to who you really are. Become aware of the changes and be ready to accept the start of a new world. Centuries ago, Count Saint Germain established a great nation on the shores of North America. He carefully gave a series of documents to this nation that set up both its governance and its basic principles. In the 19th century, this land began to veer from what he had founded in the latter half of the previous century. This land is on the brink of completing a procedure that has the potential to restore it to what it once was. We bless and divinely thank those whose courage and tenacity have made all of this possible. The healing that needs to take place requires your sacred help. We are all in this together! Blessings unto all. Be one in prosperity and in Joy!

A great healing for Mother Earth is taking place. Ever since the rise of the first societies after the fall of Atlantis, humanity has used the Earth for its homes, sustenance and even the source of its clothes and its shrines. We dug up the Earth and at first honored her for what she did to permit us our lives. Eventually, these blessings fell by the wayside and a new attitude of abuse became the norm. This was especially prevalent in the early time of the recorded histories of Egypt, India and China. The Americas also dishonored Gaia. It is time for this to cease. It is time to honor a brave and kind one who gives you life. Use the new governance and new technologies! Return to honoring Gaia. Also, thank the Creator and diligently learn new truths and new ways. The time of celestial reunion arrives! Hosanna! Hosanna!

Today, we went over the events of the day. We ask that you see this as a new beginning. Be prepared to accept a new prosperity along with new governance. We are all prepared to come forth and teach what is needed to complete your transition from limited to galactic consciousness. Times are indeed changing! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! 

(Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Rabu, 16 April 2014


St. Germain through Marc Gamma 
March 14, 2014

Greetings to all of you – this is St. Germain speaking.

It is the first time that I am coming to you through this channel and from now on I shall come to you once a week in sequence. The core of all messages here to you will be the topic of NESARA. This will be the subject dealt with during the coming weeks. And this not only with me here when submitting my messages but also everywhere on earth. NESARA is about to be rolled out quite shortly.

When expressing the above phrase I mean that NESARA  will be manifested into your reality very soon. All preparations have been done accordingly and concluded so that NESARA will now come true in your reality of Now. 

Before talking about NESARA however – in future resp. at the Moment of Now (Presence) I ‘d like to go a bit leeways and rather back for all those not knowing exactly what it entails. I shall do some short introduction and this will be very short indeed since NESARA may be traced back – far back – viz. into some incarnation when I still walked on earth here and received my very first thoughts how I could liberate mankind  – freeing it out of money slavery in its real sense of it. 

Since it was then when I became aware that it was money only being the very and true root of all evil here. It was this my idea and very endeavor to make human people possess of enough money in order to enable them to free themselves out of this deep slavery.

If speaking of slavery it is not in terms of your thinking and depicting it but what I mean is that kind of slavery exerted by banks, enterprises, governments. Because money does all the reigning – money has all the power and those possessing both always has entire control of all mankind.

These were my thoughts to start with and never – in those times of the past – I was able to finally elaborate these ideas since I had to pass on again to Spirit following my earthly death here.However I returned to earth again in some later incarnation and then was given the special task from our All-Creator to elaborate further details of basics for NESARA. This was my special task – accumulating everything to create the basic foundation of NESARA so that human mankind might built on it together with Gaia in times of Ascension all further basic requirements for their liberation.

NESARA  will bring about great change – NESARA will free Mankind and this quite soon since it is now being short of the entire roll-out – by which I mean it will be manifested and anchored in your reality within some short while. All preparations have been done as I  mentioned before in my introductory phrases. There are still some tiny details left, very little ones which still have to be worked on yet afterwards everything will be prepared for it and as already announced by AAMichael it is the President of the United States of America who will make the acoording announcement of it. It is him who will do the first step forward and it is not Spirit. We are not allowed to proceed in such way – we are here only for your assistance. Barack Obama will announce NESARA !

NESARA – this is in many human minds and this includes also those fearing NESARA. They are afraid of Barack Obama too publishing this very topic by his official announcement – and everything and all matters connected to money will undergo some great change.

This announcement will be so huge exerting some huge influence on politics, economies, on banks, on enterprises and on daily lives of you human people too – there will be soon chaotic ongoings too dominating all the aforementioned speres of life.

You have to comprehend this – according to all former convictions of our former matrix in duality – nothing may be made running without money – there is no control whatsoever – no more any power at all !

Such are the results if all foundations are being taken off fromunder the feet of the powerful mighty ones having had all the controlling posts hitherto – so that this sort of control will evade from them – and consequently they will released from any chance to enrich themselves from this “very Pot of Honey” any longer. Thus they will also released and deprived from any controlling powers on human mankind in due course.

Be aware of it: Money is the very rood of all evil – which has changed our world so much.  And already hundred of years ago – it always has been money, gold, or prescious gems or everything else which could be bought in any way.

Structures of power will be altered and changed entirely now – since where there is no money any more there will cease any possibility too to exercise some power.

Where no means may be payed out as wages – because of lacking money – to people working for all agencies of power  – you have to understand this fully – since there are many people working for the darker powers only because being paid for it – it is most essential and important that you understand these facts of life in their true essence of it. With darker powers the socalled  former “Elitists” are meant by me being incarnated here on earth in order to deprive and rip human people off everything that makes life valuable here.

It is not the matter of any extraterrestrial races and beings – not at all – these are humans like you – having but one target viz. to get richer all the way in their lives and to exercise even more and more control of their human fellow-beings here i.e. you ! I am begging you – please, understand and perceive it in this context !

And here comes in NESARA  as it IS  the foundation of everything in order to withdraw from them any power of control.

Now your next question will be the following: “what the consequences of all this will become for you and your lives here ?

There will be some considerably great consequences for you too since also you depend with the way of your life on the amount of money you are possessing – you are dependant on money too. You have to buy all your goods with money – all your foodstuffs and you pay your bills with money too. You will ask yourselves how you may then be able to pay my bills – all my foodstuffs – how to pay somebody working for me – some auxiliary craftsman – mounting engineer coming to my house to mend something or doing any repairing job ? These questions are all rightfully placed and justified in a way.

Still I am telling you that everything you are asking will be found unnecessary after some days after the roll-out of NESARA. Since when NESARA being announced there will be installed some new kind of system for all of you to  to be able to draw sufficient monetary funds to use.

This will be the procedure in question:

Eachone of you whether adult or child will be given a certain amount of money – and it is some big lump sum of money. This is the money given to all adults and children and namely in such way that everybody will have enough to pay for his bills, his purchases and all that is necessary to lead a decent life.

…and the best of all is namely that all the former rich and well-to-dos will not possess anything more than everybody else. They do possess everything equally than you do and everyone else. Meaning that everyone here will have the same position to start with .. no more nor less. This will create equality among people and where there is equality there is no envy. Where there is equality there is no way of any control and if the latter falls away – many other matters will disappear too.

Be aware of it – if there is no more any sort of control over you – you will be free and all possibilities will yours to evolve and develop further more. This will be also another start of more activities around NESARA because NESARA is only some part of such activities to come.

There are so many other programs accompanying NESARA. However this is not necessarily connected to NESARA, yet NESARA will start a “roller coaster” getting the ball in rolling … and if this very ball rolls it will cast aside so many matters and also to enable so many matters so that mankind will obtain some great chance to build up and develop something new, something better and something much more comprehensive for a much more solid future.

Certainly this will be your subsequent question then: “And how does the future will be like? How is the procedure then with the money?” And I am  telling you: ” Even this will undergo some change too since NESARA consists out of various stages.

First of – all the banks and industries – exercising any control – all governments using control via monetary funds – will be reset in a way – it will entail some sort of procedure of taking them down in a way so to prevail them from using any more controlling issues and this will constitute the First Part of NESARA.

The Second Part of NESARA will deal with distribution of monetary funds. Do not asks me how this will be realised as these are details which we shall communicate later. Thus within this second phase or stage of NESARA all human people here – adults and children – will be in possession of some physical cash to pay their bills and do some shopping too.

Being left is the Third Part of NESARA and his will be the part to abolish and do away with money at all. There will be some system installed with the result that money is no more necessary any longer.  Money serves to exchange goods for and there will be some time to come when this exchange of goods will undergo some change too.  In such periods of now – there will no more any need for money when exchanging goods we want to have or need to use.  Gold also will play a role differing from now. Naturally for making  jewellery and in medical ranges.

Still there are lot of other applications for Gold unknown to mankind up to now. It is some prescious metal – we all are conscious of – still it may be used for much more. And this is only some tiny part of all that Gold may do.

And in case mankind will be freed from Gold as means of tender and cash – as exchange for goods – this will be the advanced period that we may introducea new system. However such matters of change may not be developed over night – it is all so costly in time and work and many humans are needed to co-ordinate such activities to it.

This is why we proceed in staging phases. These will be accompanied by us and you will be informed accordingly.

All procedure will run precisely  as structured i order to create as litte chaos as possible. Do trust us and trust all fellow humans assisting to turn over NESARA into reality on earth. It does not only concern Spirit nor myself, St. Germain, there are many humans on earth participating in this very move endeavoring that NESARA will be successful. Be fully aware of  it. They are fellow humans taking NESARA  to their fellows here on Earth.

Be aware that it is you being part of all change – it is not Spirit. It is Spirit’s mission to guide, to coach, to accompany all these people in assistance to NESARA however the “doing” is left to human mankind – this is very important. We are not allowed to interfere here since the Law of Free Will prohibits any of such activity on our part. 

Let us continue here : 

NESARA is a fixed term known to many of you here – which I mentioned before – however NESARA  is stil much more  and this is the first time of announcing this officicially in such a way. There are still more Sub-programs or projects if I may say so. There are many more aspects in NESARA entailing terms of Freedom for human mankind too.

What do I mean when using the term of “Freedom”? Please think it over yourselves – what does a human being here on earth need primarily to be free ? Now, did you find anything when thinking this over ?

I should like to give you some short moments to move such thoughts in your hearts. And I shall make a short break now to give you the opportunity to think it over.

“What do you need to be able to live a life in freedom?“


Now, did you find anything? I do think so. Many of you are searching always everything regarding freedom  depending in terms of money ..  that possession of such would liberate them. Still that is not so – having money does not liberate you from any dependence.  Part of your freedom that is you yourselves i.e. you have to alter and transform your attitude, it is the way and mode how collaboration is being achieved and this has to be altered altogether – which in fact is some further aspect of NESARA.

This is about that human beings have to learn how to collaborate most effectively. It is about that no-one does his working only for the good of him/herself – it is about that you learn to comprehend when working together mutually eachone of you may play his very own part in it. It is the character of some colletive action some mutual collective altogether. Nobody will be forced to suffer hunger any more since no-one must feel unhappy because being out of work. And this is another additive part of NESARA – how you will be able to work together mutually in the near future.

There are already some various models in existence explained in some spirtual books but I shall not go in more details here. However we shall do so in further messages. We shall take these elements up with short explanations so that you see what the underlying matter is about it. Just how it is posible to work together and to share the success as well – one other essential aspect of NESARA.

Be aware of it .. Money never gives you any freedom. It may sooth you down calming you too – yes this we hear quite often from you.

Let’s proceed to another aspect of NESARA.

There are still quite a number of subprograms or projects of NESARA wich all be commented in the forthcoming messages. Become conscious of the fact – that all these steps have to be taken because all individual projects to be executed by us have to serve but one target – namely to liberate mankind. Free to decide upon your free will how they want to live their life. Free to decide which kind of activities everybody wants to choose. It is not about that everyone has to work in order to survive – but one chooses somekind of work which is fun to the one and to be happy with it – some sort of work which you will devote to for a certain length of time. And this in order to do something for the community and it is essential to understand that the length of time for such sorts of work will be of some short nature. 

Since today human beings are working just much too much. They get exhausted because of allhuge heaps of work, overtime, burdens of issues, great targets given beforehand to be carried by many people. Work in future will be done in collaboration of communities – to share and participate in some short mode and way and then there will be the time off. Time off for yourselves, time off to develop yourselves onward, time off to grow, to have fun, to laugh and to celebrate. These are the foundations of liberty and some life in freedom and it is not by any means work in order to heap up monies …..

Yes, since to be free is to be truly oneself. And again I am asking your here and in doing so I want to give you a short break for your thoughts. Go deep down into your inner selve and questioning yourselves:

“what is it that gives me freedom?”

I am sure in the meantime you will have found something else here. With the help of my words and ideas you will have found something else and have previewed your way of thinking too. You have noticed that money never sets you actually free but that there other matters which liberate you truly. You also have become aware of the necessity to really think about it … what are the rudiments and pre-requisites that will set you truly free for such a life in freedom. Then will be the right time to develop the power and strength needed and all this will be achieved in collaboration only. 

Becoming a collective group you will experience something entirely new when living and working together.

Concluding this message of today – it is my very first one through this channel and I am quite aware that many of you do not know about submittance of this message by way of some auditive device. Many are making use of written messages since these display more harmony and are of some more simple structure, since the channel may insert here his corrections and to polish his phrases afterwards in order to expose right grammar too. This of course is not possible with spoken messages as these have been received and spoken live. Thus the one or other word may show up with some mistakes of tenses and grammar – please, do not mind so much – since this channel too has to learn how to receive messages live and to transfer and convey these in some rightful context.

However, I do believe that you have been able to comprehend the core of this message here – what NESARA is really like and which aims and target are being imbedded in it. And moreover which are all the possible scopes of it so that NESARA will become your very personal success too.

I shall come back next week with further pieces of information for you – I am planning to go even deeper then by explaining some more elements of it so that you may learn to even comprehend better what NESARA really entails.

This is St.Germain speaking and I bid farewell
to all of you until next week.

Jumat, 11 April 2014

Manifestation – another new opportunity is in the offing for you

Manifestation – another new opportunity is in the offing for you
Archangel Michael through Marc Gamma dated 04.08.2014

Greetings to you – this is Archangel Michael speaking to you as I returnin today with another message for you. It is a message of joy and peace.

Thus said again before  and once again we are expressing this repeatedly with alike words : ” It is getting boring by the time – you will tell us !” No, there will be never enough of peace  and it applies to Joy as well. As Joy is needed new with every arising day ! As it is so much easier to live  with joy in your heart – since this means happiness and contentment.

Subject of our today’s message ? Now what could it be otherwise than compulsory your ascension – ascension of human mankind and of Gaia. You will have learned that Gaia recently has been freed – liberated from all negative energies! Gaia has taken her chance to speak to you in St.Germain’s recent message and explained how well she is and what has taken place recently to her – and this is so essential and an actual fact !

And I myself – I would like to express my gratitude to all of you here !

Many humans have taken and shouldered their particular part in liberating Gaia. Many of you have spent hours on end to submit energy and love into Gaia. This turned out to become some essential and important part and substantial essence of all my dear humans! Many had their doubts whether this was possible at all ! To free Gaia at last ? Is it possible to submit energetical power into earth – so to say to channel it to her inside ? And I do affirm it – yes, it is possible. We only need thinking about it that one is prepared and willed to do it  – visualizing it and imagining a picture how energies are pervading our planet earth and it is done so.

Please understand human thoughts are such a powerful tool although many human people have lost to make use of it. By virtue of your thoughts you may create incredible matters!  And thanks to them you may change your reality too. There is only one sole difficulty affixed thereto: you have to believe it! If you are pondering on some specific idea – visualizing it in your mind but simultaneously doubting on its success … then you will not be able to visualize it and to create anything from your visualization … and there won’t be any creation deriving from any visualization of yours.

Look at the following procedure and integrate it too. We did speak so much about your human heart and also today it will play its essential part here. Yet we shall consider it from a different angle today. It – your human heart – is so much more powerful than you are able to imagine – by which it is meant representing your soul for all those which do not know much about such designation.

Do understand that your soul has been that particular part of you having incarnated with you here on earth and as such it is immensely powerful – powerful with regard to its energy and power upon your reality.

There are such a manifold of possible opportunities in your soul – one could write many books and fill libraries with them – communicate much knowledge about it in order to make you perceive and sense at all what some human soul may be capable of doing !

And now it is an actual fact: “solely by using your power of thoughts you may manifest objects. Yet I have to set some pre-requisite here that this may be done especially in the higher dimensions since they have some different energies over there – it goes without saying that all the energy over there has to have some frequency of vibrations much higher than yours. This particularly in order to manifest those objects needed via the special assistance of your heart. Naturally there will not such huge objects like a spaceship – this cannot be done because of its big size. One has to start with smaller matters and go forward with practicing with a multitude of small objects until arriving at more sizeable objects.”

Still now I arrive too to the most decisive stage: “After your ascension – i.e. when you have done your individual ascension – you will have ascended also into some specific vibration which will enable you to do all such matters. In the first beginning it will be those small matters as mentioned.

Simple matters – of less complex character however after some while having gained more practice you will be able to manifest more complex matters as well.

 The most important pre-condition at all hereby is that you believe it will be possible. As soon you give in to any doubting – throttling all your energy coming from your inner heart  – there won’t be any chance of the desired object to be manifested before your very eyes.

There have been human people having achieved manifestations already here on earth – yes – and consequently were considered to be magicians. They were burnt on “The Stake” because of their abilities which most of the human population here on earth did not understand. They were capable to manipulate energies because of some innate knowledge they had. They were given opportunities to shift and move objects solely with some power of their thoughts. Yes, this has been done so .. simply because they were convinced that they could manipulate objects in this very way.

And now you will ask: ” What does this has to do with Ascension which is the topic to be dealt with here?”  due to Michael when starting this message. And I will tell you: Yes- it is indeed some part of your ascension – because you – once having arrived in higher dimensions – you will be presented with different opportunities.

You will have to achieve certain pre-requisites before you may ascend to highter dimensions.

However, once you have done your very own ascencion there will be many more opportunities for you – even to apply technologies which are currently unavailable in the lower dimensions since those are based and powered by spiritual energy and thus on spiritual technologies too.

The latter ones may function only if they are handled with some pure spirit, pure heart and if everything is being done out of love. And this is one of your first exercises to learn once you have ascended: “to manifest something with your pure strength of your thoughts”  as mentioned – first the tiny matters and later greater ones – you even may manifest some flower – and even more so like something you have dreamed of for quite a while !  Must not be some car-type like a Ferrari or Porsche – such things are no more needed over there in higher dimensions. However, I do know how human people think and it is quite naturally for them to imagine and visualize material matters.

Now this already is the end of my message which is rather short – you will have to comprehend my messages will be somewhat shorter in time to come – there will be submitted shorter sequences in order to avoid people having to listen into my message for quite a long time or to read the transcript likewise. We want to submit shorter messages and prepare you via such short messages for everything that is to come.

Since – Ascension is already on your doorstep – it is not of any more use to dwell on this particular subject any longer and any more. As we told you before: ” All those which are willing and prepared in their hearts and set to step forward – they surely will ascend ! All the others will be granted a different opportunity !”

I am the Archangel Michael and I do love you from deep of my heart!  And I shall return to you again next week with another message of Love and a message of Joy. And then I shall explain to you new matters again which you may expect in the 5th dimension once you have ascended there.

Direct German message spoken through Marc Gamma
Transcribed b Rose Linda

Translation by Contramary=Evamaria

 Copyright ©.Contramary=Evamaria H.

Selasa, 08 April 2014

HARMONIC ASCENSION (akan update setiap kali)

HARMONIC ASCENSION (akan update setiap kali) *bukalah halaman ini setiap hari*
By Gabriella Brightlight

Berikut ini adalah meditasi kita sehari-hari untuk meningkatkan getaran dan membangun energi terhadap Event.

Hari Pertama meditasi kita sehari-hari :

"Saya membayangkan Planet Biru Indah kami, Ibu Bumi, bersinar di Cahaya Pusat Matahari. Kami mengucap syukur kepada Pencipta kami dan seluruh Penghuni Langit untuk berkat kemakmuran dan perdamaian yang telah diciptakan untuk kami nikmati di dalam Jaman Emas Baru"

Meditasi hari Kedua :

"Saya bersyukur atas semua pengalaman yang meneguhkan hidup yang saya temui dalam hidup ini terlepas dari betapa tantangannya terasa. Saya menghaturkan terima kasih kepada semua orang yang datang ke dalam hidup saya yang mengangkat kesadaran saya. Saya menghaturkan terima kasih kepada alam surgawi untuk cinta, dukungan dan bimbingan yang mereka berikan"

Meditasi hari Ketiga :

"I AM/Aku di dalam kelengkapan sejalan dengan Pribadi Tinggi saya, jiwa saya, dan dengan ketenangan sumber kasih sang Pencipta Utama. I AM/Aku adalah penciptaan dalam gambaranNya dan saya membawa dalam diri saya kualitas Pencipta saya - harmoni - bijaksana  - damai - sukacita - kreatifitas - kasih sayang - pengampunan - kemurnian dan cinta! Aku adalah Aku! Terjadilah!"

Meditasi hari Keempat :

"Saya tinggal di dalam Kepercayaan, saya tinggal di dalam Cinta. Saya adalah satu dengan Semua Keberadaan. Saya berdiri pada Cahaya sebagai anak alam semesta, perwujudan Pencipta saya. Hidup singkat ini adalah karunia yang diberikan agar saya mengalami sendiri di dalam Cinta. Saya meraih cinta di dalam semua pikiran, perasaan dan tindakan. Saya menerima karunia Cinta yang diberikan pada saya. Jadi, Saya Adalah Cinta."

Meditasi Hari Kelima :

Ulangi mantra ini 3 kali setiap jam. Ini akan meningkatkan getaran anda untuk menciptakan harmoni di dalam maupun di luar. Ketika anda membaca mantra ini anda akan menciptakan realitas Kenaikan anda :

"Semua pikiran saya, Semua perasaan saya, Semua kata-kata saya, Semua tindakan saya sejalan sempurna dengan Kenaikan saya."

Meditasi Hari Keenam:

Sekarang adalah waktunya untuk HIDUP dalam getaran dimensi ke lima. Ibu Bumi telah mencapai Kenaikannya. Dia menunjukkan kepada kami caranya sebagai Ibu yang selalu memberi gizi. Biarkan diri anda diangkat dari dualitas untuk mencapai penyelesaian Rencana Besar kami.

Meditasi Hari Ketujuh :

"Saya mengisi jantungku dengan Cinta Sang Pencipta Utama Tak Terbatas. Aku adalah anak alam semesta. Sekarang Aku adalah ekspresi kebaikan dan cinta kasih murni. Aku dikaruniai untuk melihat denyutan mencintai kehidupan dalam segala penglihatan saya, sebagaimana Tuhan melihat denyutan penuh kasih di dalam diri saya. Ini adalah Kenaikan saya."

Meditasi Hari Kedelapan :

Ini adalah mantra yang akan membantu anda menyesuaikan dengan segala yang ada dan membawa Perdamaian bagi anda. Rasakan kehangatannya di dalam hati anda saat anda melihat, mendengar dan dicintai. Ulangi mantra ini 3 kali setiap jam

"Pencipta, saya tahu kau mendengarku, seperti Aku didengar, jadi saya dapat mendengar dan memperhatikan orang lain.
Pencipta saya tahu kau melihatku, seperti Aku dilihat, jadi saya juga dapat melihat dengan jelas yang ada di depan saya
Pencipta, saya tahu kau mencintaiku tanpa syarat, seperti Aku dicintai, jadi saya bisa mencintai tanpa syarat pada diri sendiri dan orang lain

Pencipta karena ANDA mendengar, melihat dan mencintaiku Aku tahu semuanya baik-baik di duniaku dan semua  baik-baik di dunia kami"

Meditasi Hari Kesembilan :

"Membayangkan perayaan Kenaikan anda - Grand Final. Rasakan prestasi, puncak dari daya tahan usaha penuh kasih sadar anda. Anda yang membuatnya! Visualisasikan dan rasakan kegembiraan ! Gambarkan siapa yang bersama anda, dengarkan musik yang sedang anda tarikan, lihatlah teman-teman di sekitar anda. Anda adalah cahaya yang berkilauan. Tuhan adalah teman anda yang sedang memelukmu. Inilah sebabnya mengapa kami datang"

Meditasi Hari Kesepuluh:

Waktu sedang dipersingkat. 
Hari-hari keterpisahan kita semakin berkurang.
Melintas ruang dan waktu aku memanggilmu
Marilah isi kekosongan ini dengan belaian manismu
Engkaulah takdirku
Aku rindu pada pelukanmu padaku, 
untuk merasakan pelukan hangatmu
Untuk mencicipi ciumanmu pada bibirku, 
menelusuri lekuk wajahmu
Kepasrahan total yang manis. 
Sesungguhnya dirimu dan sesungguhnya aku
Aku tahu sudah seribu tahun dan tak terhitung lagi
Kita hidup dan mencintai dan menghadapi ketakutan kita, 
mengenal keduanya, surga dan neraka
Apalagi yang ada untuk diceritakan bahwa cinta itu begitu memaksa, 
kita berdua adalah Satu
Lahir dari api kembar Tuhan, 
Diciptakan dan dinyalakan di dalam hatiNya
Satu nafas, satu jiwa, satu cinta, 
Selama-lamanya, sampai kapanpun

                                                                                                     ~  Maitreya
Meditasi Hari Kesebelas :

Cinta adalah suatu keadaan, dari dalam ke luar.
Ini adalah terbesar yang berlaku di alam semesta
Cinta adalah sebuah pilihan sebanyak sebuah perasaan atau keputusan
Aku perintahkan untuk hidup dalam Cinta setiap saat
Ketika aku bertindak dari sebuah tempat Cinta yang aku ciptakan dengan kekuatan agung.
Gunakan Bahasa Cinta pada awal setiap pikiran dan kalimat yang kau ucapkan.
Gunakan Cinta dalam setiap tindakan yang kau ungkapkan.

Meditasi Hari Keduabelas :

Sekarang saatnya untuk menyerah. Di dalam dimensi ke lima tidak ada waktu, karena itu tidak ada perencanaan. Yang ada hanya mewujudkan impian-impian anda dengan energi hati pikiran anda, di dalam aliran kemuliaan hidup.

Acara besar membutuhkan banyak hati pikiran yang bekerja sama.
Ini adalah apa yang kita sedang lakukan untuk menciptakan Bumi baru.

Sekarang saya menggabungkan cinta saya dengan yang lainnya, saya memperluas pikiran saya dan berharap mengungkap gambaran menakjubkan yang lebih besar.

Kasih, iman dan harapan saya kirimkan sekarang untuk mendatangkan kembali kolektif sepuluh kali lipat. Kami adalah dunia, kami adalah Satu.

Meditasi Hari Ketiga belas :

 Aku adalah pelayan yang bertanggung jawab atas pikiran saya
Apa yang aku pikirkan akan membawa diriku sendiri
Aku memilih untuk hidup bebas, untuk melepaskan kekuatiranku dan ketakutanku
dan juga menciptakan kesejahteraanku sendiri
Dalam penuh kekuatan energi kenaikan dari bulan purnama mendatang, 
gerhana bulan dan Cardinal Grand Cross
Aku bergabung dengan energi kesadaran Tuhan
Aku menghormati dan memelihara dan memeluk Cinta
Ini adalah ilmu pengetahuan dan frekuensi Tuhan
Ini adalah jalan Kenaikan"

Meditasi Hari Ke Empat belas :

"Di sini di balik penutupku aku tidak memiliki memori sadar dari kehidupan masa laluku, tapi di dalam hatiku, aku mengingatnya. 
Aku ingat Sananda dan koneksi kami yang mendalam.
Aku ingat janjiku kepada Ibu Bumi dan seluruh umat manusia, saudara-saudaraku terkasih.

Kita berjanji waktu dulu untuk mengatasi semua kesulitan, untuk bangkit bersama memenuhi takdir cinta kita.
Kita menyebutnya sebagai takdir Kenaikan
Aku telahmenyelesaikan misiku
Sekarang aku siap untuk menyatukan kembali dengan keluarga tercintaku di dimensi yang lebih tinggi"


~translated by Birru Sadhu~

Minggu, 06 April 2014

~♥~ HILARION Weekly Message April 6 – 13, 2014 ~♥~

~♥~ HILARION Weekly Message April 6 – 13, 2014 ~♥~

Beloved Ones,

It is important for each of you to maintain your centeredness and calmness each day. The energies as they move in waves upon the planet bring changes in every facet of human life. As the increased light flows outward, it ignites awakening in many other souls and as you know, awakening is quite often a painful process that requires the assimilation of many truths that were not recognized or even thought of before. You have already experienced this process and can relate to the profound effects that these revelations create within the newly awakened ones and their desire to facilitate powerful changes in their world. They are eager to make a difference and they are willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen. This is why your stabilizing energies are so needed during these times. Send light to those areas of the world which are experiencing upheaval and destabilization. Do this whenever you hear of it, just taking a moment to send light gives assistance in more ways than you know. All you need is intention and during this process, ask the Angels of light to go to these places and heal the area, the land, the animals, the elemental beings, and send light to assist all the people who live there.

You are the ones who are aware and must exercise your power by calling on the Angels for assistance and directing them to the areas where they are needed. Begin to observe the information communicated through the news media in a different way, not as passive observers but as enlightened beings who can take note of where the light is needed and direct it there immediately. Your input on a daily basis as you assign the Angels and helpers to chaotic areas of the world helps to stabilize those areas. It only requires that you focus and call upon the forces of light to direct them to those areas. Understand that each of you has an army of light at your command and you can make a difference by sending these forces into volatile areas of the world when they are needed. Your intention to affect the highest outcomes wherever your focus is directed will bring harmony and your attention to this focus with dedication each day will create the lasting peace you so desire to experience on your world. Send light to the natural kingdoms as they are an integral part of life upon this planet. Send light to everything upon your planet and do not forget to surround your loved ones, family members and pets with white light each and every day, surround your home, properties, vehicles, places of occupation, bank accounts and daily activities with the white light of protection each and every day.

You are the awakened ones and you are responsible for the area in your sphere on influence which can be many miles in diameter. Intend that this sphere of influence grows in radius each and every day so that a greater area is covered by your efforts. Intention is everything and you can do this! Be an open door for God’s light to be manifest in and through you. Maintain a vision of something better always, such as one great planet under God. Throughout this year stay in your spiritual consciousness and know that your spirituality is what defines you. Do a weekly review to make improvements in your life so that your spiritual growth continues. Have you balanced all your karma, have you fulfilled all your soul contracts? Did you pass all your tests and initiations? Are your initiations completed? This lifetime is your last lifetime upon Earth because this opportunity to experience life in a physical body on a planet of duality will not happen again and it is incumbent upon YOU to ensure that you complete everything your soul plan intended to complete. In any sticky situation or issue that comes up, ask yourself, “What am I teaching myself here?” “What is the highest outcome that can manifest here in this situation and what can I do to make it happen?”

Go beyond your human ego promptings and look at your life from the higher perspective. Do you want to create divisions in relationships that could be healed by overlooking the perceived transgressions of others? Will you let ego pride take control and create separations? Know that love is the answer in every situation and use this power in every facet of your existence and relationships with others. The bottom line is how much do you love? Learn to love with the love of God who loves us all unconditionally with no judgement. Become the enlightened being that can rise above any situation and see a more loving perspective. Surrender and release all that no longer serves the path that you have chosen to walk. Resistance to the enlightened being that you really are is futile. Look for the good in all things. Fill your heart with the flame of love and let that flame grow and expand out into the world around you. BE the change!

The game has changed, Dear Ones. No longer can you sit on the fence reluctant to make a clear choice. The time is NOW to move into the light of higher consciousness with constancy in your heart. It must be done in every cell of your being. You are worthy of great things, know that every thing will work out and things will get better. You are blessed in more ways than you can imagine. The Universe supports you, all of life supports you and this is becoming more evident with each passing hour. You are a child of the Divine and your magnificent future awaits your attention and your intention. BE HERE NOW!

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

©2014 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

Archangel Michael: Uniting with your Twin Flame

Archangel Michael: Uniting with your Twin Flame
Channeled through Celia Fenn
Wednesday, April 2, 2014

At this time of increased Cosmic and Solar Radiance, many are finding their way to the Light and Love within their hearts and souls. They are coming “home”. It is here that they will find that deep well of Unconditional Love that is called the “Twin Flame”

Many people write and ask me when they will meet their Twin Flame, or whether their Twin Flame is in incarnation. In this channel that was given by Archangel Michael to a private client, he explains that the Twin Flame is an energy that is found primarily within you, and then can be experienced in the outer or manifest world. It is not a person as such, but an energy that can be shared and experienced by two energetically compatible souls.

The channel began with a discussion of the role of soul group bonding and soul family unions, and then moved to the topic of Twin Flames.

“You ask us first about your soul family and your relationship with them. Well, indeed, we can say that the experience of opening the self to the truth that you are “ONE” is indeed a revelation, and that many Lightworkers are experiencing this specific unity and oneness in groups right now. It is one of the joyous rewards of being able to fully access the consciousness of the Higher Self while in human form. For then you understand that the Higher Self or Soul is a conduit for Spirit or the Divine Creative Intelligence, and that indeed it is the same Intelligence or “mind” that inhabits all things.

But, even greater than this, is the true miracle that is slowly emerging in your consciousness as humans. That you can be part of this Oneness, this Divine Mind, and you can be also be Individuals – at the same time. Yes, eventually you will be able to hold these two levels of consciousness together, and so you will be “you” but you will also be the “One”, and there will be no conflict between them.. They will exist as a continuum of light and consciousness.

You see, dearest ones, many people imagine that they must move into the consciousness of the One and stay there permanently. Then, they are disappointed when they cannot achieve that or hold that consciousness. But we say, that the purpose is to be able to hold both states of consciousness. There is nothing wrong with your individual consciousness, for this has been the whole purpose of your evolution here on Earth. That the “One”, or Spirit consciousness, should be able to hold the “Many” levels of consciousness, or human individual being, and that the “Many” should also be able to hold the “One”. In order to do this, both levels of consciousness must function equally as strongly.

You see, in your present spiritual culture, you have become used to holding the individual “ego”or lower being as of little worth, and seeing spirit as all. But, until you can hold both as equally important, you will struggle to truly enter into the experience of the One, for you will not have the power to hold the experience on the material level. It is only when the lower self is strong and empowered and balanced, that the higher self can unite and become one with the lower self. It is, in many ways, the model of the Twin Flame relationship. And, in fact, we can say that until you have achieved the ability to be “one” with yourself, you will never be able to be “one” with another in a Twin Flame relationship.

This is indeed the reason why so many are being drawn into relationships with their soul families, so that they may begin to understand the energy and power that is needed to enter into a Twin Flame relationship in true power and love.

This awareness will indeed become more common as people begin to understand the flow of energies, and eventually, when the Ascension process is fully complete, all humans will have an understanding of this process.

Now, when you speak of this inner Male presence, we would say that he represents the wisdom and guidance of your inner Divine Masculine or Twin Flame energy. This inner relationship is preparing the way for the manifestation of an outer relationship that will be able to carry your Twin Flame energy. The more you interact with the inner male presence, the more you will understand the deep love and support of the Divine Masculine energy, and how it could be expressed within a relationship.

So, we would say, yes this is your Twin Flame, but that does not negate the possibility that your Twin Flame energy may manifest in a physical relationship with a material partner who will carry this energy and express this energy. For, if you truly understand the “lesson” of the “inner merging” with the Divine Mind or Intelligence, then you will understand that this energy can exist within you and can be expressed through the channel of another human being as well.

How is this possible? Well, that person is both a channel for the Divine mind or energy, and an individual, as we mentioned before. So, you can relate to the individual as an individual, but also as a channel for the Divine Mind or Intelligence.

Now, it is not entirely true that there is no gender in the world of Spirit. You see, the basis of all energy flows is Masculine and Feminine, and these are complementary energies. Most of the ancient creation stories, including that of the Ancient Egyptians, tell of a ‘Beginning” where the Source energy divided into Masculine and Feminine forms, and then , from that beginning, all other forms emerged and were created. The ancient Egyptian pantheon included Divine Beings, or Gods and Goddesses, who were always partnered – for every male deity there was a female counterpart.

So, within the world of Spirit or energy, there is always a male and a female “charge”, or what you might call “electrical” and “magnetic”. The masculine is electrical, or active, and the feminine is magnetic or attractive.

Now, these are the energies that are at work in the Twin Flame relationship. The one who carries the Divine Feminine energy will magnetize or attract one who carries the Divine Masculine energy, and they will unite to create the “One” energy of Source.

But, just as we explained earlier in our words about the Union between the Higher Self and the Physical self, both partners must be strong and balanced and powerful within themselves. Each partner must have achieved a personal inner balance of masculine and feminine energy in order to create a strong foundation so that they might also release that into the “One” and allow themselves to become a channel for the single “charge” of the Divine Masculine or Feminine energy within a union that can be both spiritual and physical.

And, in such a Union, there is once again that miraculous paradox – both partners exist as distinct individuals and yet they also exist as “One”. They are aware of themselves as individuals, but also aware of themselves as “one” as a “unit” or “dyad” that is a being that is larger and more powerful than they are as individuals.

This “sacred marriage” is, in turn, a reflection of the sacred union of the Divine Masculine and Feminine within Source. One of the purposes of your spiritual evolution and ascension right now is to enable you to enter into such unions that mirror the “Divine Marriage”, and yet enable you to remain an individual with your own life and purpose.

So, we hope that you understand, that you are not meant, a this stage, to hold the energy of bliss forever at this stage. It is too high a vibration for you right now. You are gradually learning to “tune in” to that frequency so that you may hold it as one of the many frequencies that you are now capable of holding as a multidimensional being. Be patient with yourself, and do not hold any expectations of how much and how far know that all happens according to Divine Timing and that all is well. You are not “failing” and you have nothing to clear. You are slowly becoming accustomed to another way of being, and it will take your body and energy system a while to truly integrate all this new information and evolve and adapt to a new way of expressing the truth of who you are.

For while you are indeed individuals, you are also , each and every one of you, expressing the passions and love of the Divine Mind. You are the Divine Mind in action, and as such you can experience the Joy, Creativity and Love of the Divine Mind. Entering into a Sacred Union with a Twin Flame is the most wonderful and joyous way of experiencing this Love and Joy. It is indeed a wonderful gift to all Earth’s children at this time!

May you be blessed with Unconditional Love and Grace. Always!”

© 2006-7 Celia Fenn and Starchild Global

How to protect yourself from dark energies

Bagaimana melindungi diri dari energi gelap
Oleh Anna Merkaba

Kami meminta anda seperti sebelumnya untuk melindungi diri sendiri dengan batu, batu hitam, yang telah melindungi anda sepanjang waktu ini dengan batu Black Tourmaline, ya memang ini adalah batu pelindung, dan sebagian besar paranormal, terutama orang-orang yang terlibat dalam pembebasan kemanusiaan, membebaskan jiwa-jiwa dari perbudakan pikiran mereka, dari perbudakan ego mereka, dan tubuh fisik, makhluk ini membutuhkan perlindungan dan entitas gelap dari dimensi dan planet lainnya beralih ke cahaya, entitas yang berada dalam bentuk manusia yang tetap dalam kegelapan itu adalah tugas dan tanggung jawab pekerja cahaya untuk menyebarkan cahaya.

Mereka yang berada pada kekuasaan tahu tentang kejadian tersebut dan mereka sedang melacak anda dan pergerakan energi psikis, dan itulah sebabnya kami meminta anda untuk tidak menggunakan warna merah, ini memang membawa pesan bawah sadar ke otak, untuk rasa takut, karena rasa takut adalah kontrol dan ketika anda pergi tidur di malam hari anda tidak menyadari apa yang terjadi pada anda, kecuali anda bangun di malam hari dan memiliki perlindungan dalam bentuk batu, dan dalam bentuk warna yang anda kenakan, ya memang hitam adalah warna yang sangat baik untuk fisik dan perlindungan dari mereka yang mampu menguasai frekuensi yang sedang dikirim dan warna ini memang akan melindungi anda, lebih lagi dari warna biru, biru adalah warna aman untuk anda dan terhadap semua yang memang sebagai pekerja cahaya yang berjalan di Bumi saat ini, mereka harus meminta perlindungan Ilahi sebelum mereka pergi tidur dan mereka semua harus melindungi diri dengan batu, dan mereka semua harus menghindari warna merah di kondisi apapun pada malam hari, karena itu bukan warna yang baik untuk anda sebagai pekerja cahaya, itu bukan warna yang baik untuk getaran anda, karena ini akan menyebabkan ketakutan dan cakra rendah yang mengaktifkan tabir ketakutan atas mata dan hati anda, ketakutan sekarang dan jika anda menemukan diri anda dalam posisi ini anda harus memaksa diri untuk bangun dan meminta mereka untuk meninggalkan dan ingat rasa takut itu tidak memiliki cinta, isilah pendengaran anda dengan cinta, dear ones, dan ingatlah untuk mengaktifkan pusat jantung dan kemudian tidak ada yang dapat membahayakan anda, dan kami menyarankan semua pekerja cahaya yang terpenting bagi anda adalah untuk berada dalam keadaan meditasi setiap hari, dan ketika anda tidak melakukannya, mintalah perlindungan untuk tubuh anda sebelum anda tertidur yang bisa menjadi terpengaruh pada jiwa dan kemampuan psikis anda, jadi berhati-hatilah dalam tidur anda, kami meninggalkan anda sekarang dengan cinta dan syukur atas semua yang anda lakukan, tetaplah kuat, dear para pekerja cahaya untuk kami bersama anda selalu, tidak peduli bagaimana beratnya perjalanan.

Kami mencintai anda, selamat tinggal sekarang.

Copyright ©  by Anna Merkaba.

The Protecting Shield of Archangel Michael.

The Protecting Shield of Archangel Michael.

Aku dengan ini memberikan dukungan untuk Sang Pencipta, Bapa Langit kami, 
untuk mendirikan perlindungan bagi saya.
Perlindungan ini untuk melindungi saya terhadap semua energi negatif, pengaruh negatif dan untuk menjaga saya terhadap segala sesuatu 
yang bukan untuk kepentingan terbaik atas diri saya.
Ini berlaku sepanjang waktu 
atau sampai saya memberikan perintah 
untuk memutuskan perlindungan ini kepada Sang Pencipta.
Dan jadilah bagi kebaikan dan berlangsung seterusnya.
Saya, anak kreatif Sang Pencipta, akan selalu dilindungi sepanjang waktu.
Ini adalah kehendak dan keinginan saya sendiri 
dan keinginan saya ini sudah dilakukan.
Saya berdiri pada Cahaya Kreatif Sang Pencipta di bawah Perisai PerlindunganNya!
Mulai sekarang saya dijaga untuk waktu yang tak terbatas, Waktunya Sekarang! 
Saya juga menyatakan bahwa permintaan ini untuk selama-lamanya !
Amin - Terjadilah!

Bagian ini harus dibaca dengan suara keras. Dan itu harus disuarakan oleh orang yang sangat ingin mendirikan perlindungan semacam ini untuk dirinya sendiri. Hanya sedemikian rupa bahwa perlindungan ini dapat dibentuk. Ini adalah perlindungan yang paling ampuh di alam semesta. Tidak ada energi dari sisi gelap yang mampu menerobos tembok perlindungan ini. Bersiaplah untuk memanfaatkan perlindungan ini dan anda akan terjaga selama-lamanya! Ini adalah hadiah nyata kami dari semua pencipta untuk semua anak-anaknya di Bumi. Dan ini adalah pertama kalinya perlindungan langit jenis ini telah diberikan kepada beberapa orang di planet. Ini juga pertama kalinya bahwa ini telah diserahkan kepada beberapa manusia tertentu! Selaluwaspada terhadap apa yang anda lakukan dengan ini! Untuk menerapkan perlindungan ini dalam beberapa cara sadar yang akan mengakibatkan perlindungan berhasil sesuai yang anda inginkan! Ini adalah Kehendak Keilahianku dan Kehendakku telah Berlaku!

~Heavenly Father~

Source : http://soul4free.wordpress.com/2013/06/18/establishment-of-permanent-protection-shield-message-from-god-through-m-gamma-18-06-2013/

Direct Contact to Subconsciousness resp.” Your Higher Self ” has now been activated

Direct Contact to Subconsciousness resp.” Your Higher Self ” has now been activated
Gaia through Marc Gamma

Dear humans, this is Mother Earth speaking to you and today I submit to you some particular message with merry tidings!

With this script I want to show you some easy measure how you – on your very own – may find some direct and easy access to your subconsciousness resp. to your own Higher Self.

When time and years of life ravage on you – you will find it a matter of course to go forward too. Now, what is meant by such expression so much used by you too?  It refers to something being clear and distinctive to all of you. It is your death that is meant by it – the physical one, reminding you that your body is of mortal character. Yet it is actually only your physical body being left here – however your soul will go on living on and on and on.

Now, as a matter of fact there are no such proofs from experimental scientific tests about your soul – your subconsciousness – respectively your Higher Self -  which could be drawn up by you to verify their existence in yourselves. Naturally there are quite a number of humans having passed through NDE (Near-Death-Experiences) and as well as excellent therapists knowing together with that particular subconsciousness of their clients how to put the consciousness of the latter ones to sleep. Thus with the sole target to make that special sage being of your inner self rise resp. brought up (which are you too)  to the surface level of your consciousness.

To be more exact this is not the matter of some stage of deep of sleeping – it is still more one of deep relaxation. You thus enable your mind and intellect to retreat an simultaneously you permit the deeper layer of subconsciousness to rise up to the surface.

Let’s assume you never have known this particular stage before meaning that never before you succeeded to achieve some direct access to your very own subconsciousness. How could this be achieved then now? I ‘d like to show you this by means of some little ritual and you will be amazed how effectively this will turn out since no practical training nor deeper meditation is needed for it.

this is just some sort of ritual to assist you bypassing or avoiding your physical consciousness in order to avail yourselves of that specific direct access to your subconsciousness.

This particular ritual has to be followed compulsively in that order of sequence as explained and described hereunder: “Any deviation will not lead to the desired result as this is the very crux of any ritual.”

All those regarding the expression of “ritual” somewhat problematic we could change it to “Procedure or Process” – as the very effective result always will remain just the same.


….Take several deep breaths – and concentrate that when inhaling they go deep down. They have to be sucked in slowly into your stomach and from there be pushed out again through your mouth.


…..Afterwards – having done this sort of deep breathing – you envelope yourself and all your entire being (I Am) into some huge white ordinary ball or one of light. For all those finding it somewhat difficult to follow such imagination – we advise you just to visualize some huge white ball of any material matter in which he/she is sitting or standing.


……Visualize that this ball of light is flooding you with some wonderful energy.     White light is flowing incessantly into you from the walls of the white ball of light. Keep your eyes shut and closed since it is some substantial help when visualization.


…..Feel into your body very consciously and try to become aware of any reaction in resonance to what you do. Enjoy deeply this most wonderful energy of your ball of light or energy and expose yourself  to its effects very consciously .


…..You will sense that after some while your body will become much lighter in weight which again will make you go even deeper into your body’s relaxation. You may even deepen this stage while imagining that more and more energies are being released to you by your white ball of energy  – effecting even more intensive relaxation which will reach the very stage when your subconsciousness becomes direct access to you.

Such direct access to you – it has been made possible only shortly ago – since all the energies of love which are flooding this planet as “Tsunami of Love” become more dominant all the more and thus all limitations from deeper dimensions could be over bridged.

When reaching this access you will note the following: “All of a sudden you will perceive a voice as if it was your very own one. You will also note that somebody is attempting to get into contact with you. In the very beginning you will likely believe that you are going crazy – however that is not so. It is that part of you trying to get into contact with you which is called “Your Higher Godself”or simply

“Your Higher Self” being that very part of you in eternal connection to you. However it is never been incarnated with you on physical levels.

Just try to listen to your Higher Self and even attempt to open up some sort of dialogue with it. If – after some while – you will truly recognize that you are not dreaming – that you have not gone crazy at all - then you have done it – achieved to maintain direct contact with your own Higher Self.

Only since March 30, 2014 it has been possible to reach out in such a way for some direct contact with Human Higher Selves as from that date I, Mother Earth,  have been released and freed from all negative energies.

Isis ~ The Eye of Isis ~ Instigator of Ascension

Isis ~ The Eye of Isis ~ Instigator of Ascension
thru Meline L

Méline: I was feeling some interest in the Eye of Isis because 4 nights ago while buzzing in my body, this pure white eye appeared in my awareness but it was slightly different than the Eye of Horus. I noticed the difference in energy and so when I questioned its origin, the Name of Isis popped up. I had totally forgotten about this, as most lately everything is being forgotten instantly after experiencing it, until a friend of mine asked me if I ever heard of the eye of Isis. This visual remembrance came back in and so I tuned in with Isis and this is what beautiful Isis has to say about this all.Isis ~ I-sis ~ Eye- Sis

With the greatest Love of All, I embrace you by heart beloveds. I am Isis, speaking with you through the heart, as always everything lingers in one's own heart. It is my wish to speak with you all about the phenomenon of the Eye of Isis, which is present within you at this time.

It serves as an instigator for your Ascension process, as also within and without in your collective consciousness. This planetary Ascension is on the point of full embodiment of Ascension, meaning that each and everyone on this Earth will and is being instigated with the true energies of the Divine Goddess creation, the Divine Feminine within you all. There is a Cosmic Source within your own awareness and Being as well as in this Universe of your Solar plane.

This Cosmic Source is called the Eye of Isis and it has come into your planetary awareness as well as in your own awareness through consciousness. It is shining on your Earth, since the Early year 2006 and has been following a linear time-line path of nearly 1 million of Earthly years before it could come into your awareness again and share its Cosmic Divine pulses and energies. My eye functions as a Cosmic Gate and instigator for so many things on your beloved planet and reality. It highlights all events and truth upon this planetary level, it instigates the Divine spark within you and assists in the expansion of your Solar Cosmic Christ as well as your I AM. When its Light shines upon your Earthly planes, a true transformation began to take place within your own realities.

A lot of Earthly changes have taken place since then, and now as Earth's plane becomes more enlightened by the Eye of my Presence, the effect becomes even bigger and more tangible. It is this effect from the Goddess Divine energies, which enlighten the truth onto this planet, that instigates so much energies to erupt. It highlights the confusion within oneself more so as to transmute into clarity, knowing and your truth. It is here to show everything that you have forgotten about, that is being denied or feared, it is the Light that brings you everything you have been seeking for.. and that is all within you. The eye of Isis shall give you that clarity and highlight everything that will bring you to the inner planes of the Self if you wish to work through it all.

A lot will be brought to its natural state of being, which is Light and on certain points even Zero Point. In order to get to this, High Cosmic Light awareness and Cosmic consciousness Sources are required to be Present within you through embracing it and merging with it and also by embodying this through conscious awareness. Therefore a lot of cleansing will take place, a lot of erupting of the ego and of the old ways of perceptions and thoughts. A constant requirement for balance is top priority now, this through grounding and a lot of working on the Self.

My eye shines upon you all now, to assist in the greater awakening of the Self, through the embracing and the merging with your overall Divine Feminine Self. Truth will be highlighted as well as dark and Light, visions, remembrances, awareness of different time-lines, ego eruptions, first contact with other planes, higher abilities, consciousness expansion, a bigger embodiment of Self in a most natural way, a deeper Self awareness, Light cities, free energy, freedom and an overall sense of Being.

Nothing escapes the eye as everything is being enlightened, brought to you as clarity on a plate. It is for you to work through this all in a way to cope with this as best as possible because many truths are about to be revealed to you. Hanging on to the past and the facts will not serve you in the best ways, but truly being in the Now and detaching from all that is not NOW is the best way to cope with this all. Balance is key and being in the Now serves you well.

This will be a true test for many who have not yet realized that everything is inside of them as everything outside of them will become confusing to the highest degree. Let the effects of the time-lines merging play their triggers, as long as you are in the Now, nothing can get you off balance when you constantly linger in the Now on the INNER plane.

The eye is another instigator such as many other are presently in and around your Earthly planes. This only indicates that everything is rising up and that the pressure on the veils of the incoming energies are climbing up, which causes eruptions to take place so that Humanity and Gaia can continue their journey. It is making place for that which serves you the best in this Now. You are ready.

Make place by removing the old ways and embrace the new, the you and the ALL. Be aware of your own conscious actions you take upon one another as everything of creation always comes back to you. There is no more hiding in the dark now as everything you create and even think will be instantly manifested and tangible for all to see and to feel. Such actions of the ego like judgment, attacks, criticisms and the usual old patterns of this 3D world will only serve you as a mirror and as a creation to the self from now on and that will become highlighted by my Cosmic Source Eye.

Nothing escapes the truth anymore and truth are you! So the you that you are in the now will become tangible to you, and so too will you have to deal with the you that you are on certain points in the Now to assist you in the embodying of your Self, your Higher Self andTtruth. It is a time of reflection to become aware of the YOU and working with Self through the Self.

Hold on, Beloveds, this time is truly Divine in all means and ways. So much amplifications are coming your way as we speak and all Lights are shining down on Earth to assist you in every move. You have always thought you were not important, you thought you were just a small thing.. Well this is not the case, as you are the Universe into embodiment. Time to come to realize this now, it will serve you well in your further evolution.

Allow the Divine Flame of my Being to come forth in Grace and become one with it in the inner heart. Divine truth and righteousness, freedom and expansion are right here through each and everyone of you. This will not be an easy task and it requires a lot of focus and Self work, ready yourself for this by allowing. Be open and ask for support and guidance from your guides and the Self if you feel that the triggers are too hard for you to cope with.

Triggers function as a marker for you, so that you can reach the understanding that there still is an energy lingering in you that is not resolved yet nor in balance, it indicates there is an imbalance. Let the force be within you with peace and understanding that this all is a huge marker of a process in your lives. You are the ones that indicate change and so change it from within first, this always.

I am Isis

Méline Lafont 2012 – 2014, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered Website Méline :