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Sheldon Nidle - 12 Cauac, 17 Mol, 11Ik - December 30, 2014

Dratzo! We come on this date with more to discuss with you. The various coalitions created by the Light are in the process of finishing their operations to remove the dark cabal from power. These groups are slightly ahead of our jointly agreed upon schedules. We are most pleased with these results. The new Gregorian year promises much as it prepares its final countdown for manifestation before you. This year is finally to make it possible to finish off the cabal and its numerous henchmen. This coming victory is to give you the freedom and prosperity we have long promised you. This time comes with a growing set of responsibilities as well. Gaia expects that you are to honor her. 

Over the past 500 years, western civilization has spread across your globe like a cancer. It strongly believes that it is the master, and not Gaia. This upside-down view needs to be expunged by you and replaced by one that realizes the importance of creating a society which sees itself as a part of the natural processes of your world. You need to visualize how you are truly partners with this world essence in preserving and sustaining all life on Gaia.

As you develop your new global societies, bear in mind this concept of divine partnership with every planet that you are to dwell on in this solar system. Right now, you need to concentrate on Gaia. When you are reunited with the Agarthans, use their societies as a prototype for establishing a new epoch for humanity. Your new technologies are to terminate any need for the mass farming you currently do. This technology likewise is to end the present way your economies operate. No need for stores, or for that matter, jobs, which take you away from your home simply to earn the monies, you need to survive. Instead, you are to learn to work with one another, to alter how you view “Mother Earth.” Each individual possesses talents. These are to be used to find the joy you need to truly be in ecstasy. When you constantly use your talents to aid your society and sustain your world, you discover an inner joy. This maintains and enlivens you. You gladly join with others to form relationships that sustain each other.

We say this simply to encourage you, and to prepare you for what lies ahead. Long ago, the dark created your societies to serve themselves. Your purpose was simply to do what they wished, or in a lesser way, to emulate them. This is not a natural sequence of events. Thus, you have mostly denied yourself things that were capable of bringing you joy and true knowledge of self. As you move forward into higher states of consciousness, you begin to realize the ridiculousness of such an arrangement. Instead, you require a society where everyone learns to honor each other. This type of society is a natural evolutionary process that normally takes many decades to discover and implement. Our purpose is to have you accomplish this even before you reach full consciousness. This is to be the prime task of our mentors. You first need to rediscover who you truly are and apply it to your realm. This process is to be the prelude to what we call galactic society, where you learn to sustain each other, and your realm.

Such societies permeate our numerous star nations. We have come here to prepare you for the advent of such a society throughout this solar system. As you grow, you are also to learn how various souls have raised their vibrations to where they do not require a physical body. These magnificent Beings are to be found aiding the elementals found on all the worlds, which possess environments harmful to physical life. They also wish to be a part of this new star nation. We are to teach you about life and consciousness as well, to ready you for a truly amazing set of experiences. Each of you has a series of realities where you exist in parallel to yourself. This is how you make decisions based upon your life contract. We are to let your mentors explain this in a more extensive manner. Before we can do this, you are to learn more about the true nature of time and space. To do this, you need to abandon your present concepts that are based purely upon physical reality. Until then, let this brief allusion suffice. 

Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna!

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We arrive with some good news for each of you. Right now, we are watching our associates complete a number of tasks that are to lead you to a new epoch. Now that the Christmas holiday is complete, we are seeing that the various programs are concluding. We fully expect to see the rise of new governances around this world in the coming months. These changes are only the beginning of several new developments which are to drastically change how this world operates. Mostly, governments have been the playthings of the super-rich and powerful. Now these instruments are to represent you. This dramatic change is due in part to your great envisioning. It has taken much longer than originally expected. Meanwhile, Heaven continued to ask its many angelic guardians to accelerate the various readjustments that you needed. This program in turn produced the degree of change which Heaven wanted.

We, Ascended Masters, were required to use our envisioning powers to assist you in this grand task. We welcome your increasing acceptance of the many changes needed to transform this reality. Let us continue to pray and meditate together. A grand design is manifesting in this realm, which is destined to transform us all. We are most pleased by your cooperation. The energy fields have formed, which are to wonderfully forge our new realm. Use this ever-growing energy to bring in your dreams. We wish you freedom, prosperity, and most of all a return to the individual sovereignty and rights given freely to you. Each human on this world is destined to merge with his or her highest living potential. This resultant Being is to work with others to form a most marvelous new epoch for all humanity. It is this entity which is to join with the Agarthans and others to form a new Galactic Federation star nation.

Your future is indeed bright. We see ourselves as mentors for each of you. Together, we are to forge the means to solidify and sustain a galactic-wide peace. We are as well to be the core of a union of galaxies, which are to spread the Light throughout this section of physicality. We rejoice in all that we as a people have had to endure, to achieve this wondrous objective. Long ago the Anunnaki set us on a course that seemed only to bring you eternal difficulties. Heaven intervened and first provided you a way out. We have used this opening to bring humanity to where it now sits. You are blessedly going to go beyond this and return happily to your true state. In this state, you are to learn all about what really transpired over the past 900,000 years. Use this sacred knowledge to advance humanity and to fulfill the remaining prophecies given to us by Heaven. 

Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Today, we continued our messages. This information is simply to help you. Know how deeply we love you. This realm is indeed beginning a change that is to fundamentally alter your history and bring you a great truth! We are all part of a great Living energy. This energy is part of a great Oneness. This Oneness is destined to bring Love and Light to all physicality. 

Know, dear Ones, that the countless supply and never-ending prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! 

So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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Pesan Desember dari Pleiadian

Pesan Desember dari Pleiadian

Orang-orang terkasih menyambut anda
Di luar sana, sebagai jangkar Tahun Baru, anda akan diangkat

Untuk pertama kalinya dalam sejarah planet Bumi akan ada serangkaian gelombang pencahayaan energi yang membawa frekuensi cahaya murni tertentu, yaitu cinta.

Energi transformasional ini dirancang bagi jantung anda, untuk memperluas bidang jantung energik yang mengakar melalui sel-sel jantung anda, menciptakan pembukaan dimensi. Pembukaan dimensi jantung ini akan memberikan akses pada anda untuk mengingat aliansi suci yang merupakan bagian dari takdir anda, takdir jantung anda. Dengan mengusung energi ini kembali pulang untuk memenuhi janji suci anda.

Keterhubungan kembali aliansi suci ini merupakan bagian dari keinginan hati anda. Hal ini dapat disamakan dengan pembukaan seperti Bunga Matahari. Anda tahu bagaimana bunga yang terbuka secara alami menghadap Matahari, dengan merekahkan kelopak luarnya, sepenuhnya menerima. Inilah yang harus anda lakukan sekarang, jangan ditahan, hanya pasrah saja, dan biarkan menerima berkat alam ini.

The Pleiadians
channeled through Christine Day
translated by Birru Sadhu

Jumat, 12 Desember 2014


Mike Quinsey -12 December 2014 - 


"On Earth the news of the Cities of Light will cause a great stir 
and give the people great hope for the future of Mankind..."

What exciting prospects lie ahead because you can rightly look forward to some revealing times, and positive indications that the long awaited changes are coming to fruition. We appreciate the reasons for your caution, and feel sure that given time you will have no doubt that you are leaving the old Age cycle behind. It has run its course and there is no way back for those of the dark forces who have supported it. Naturally there will still be obstacles to overcome, but their ability to maintain it has been sorely diminished. You can expect them to try and prevent the news becoming widespread, but it is of such importance that we will not allow it to be stopped or interfered with. There may be minor problems, but you may be assured that a wonderful future is assured.

The time selected for the announcement has obviously been chosen with the holiday period in mind, so that as many people as possible can be reached. Families can gather together and discuss the implications of the coming Cities of Light. It should bring about a great upliftment in people's hopes and faith in the future. Your experiences have been closely followed since the beginning of the cycle some 26,500 years ago. You have been guided to follow a path that would give you the needed experiences to hasten your evolution, and also opportunities to rise up above the lower energies. The end times were always subject to your choice of which direction to go in and we are pleased that sufficient souls of the Light have been successful. They may not have been a majority, but their ability to bring the Light through has been sufficient to overcome the dark energies that would have destroyed them and taken full control.

After having to stand by your beliefs often with little proof you at last have something to back you up, and as time passes it will become even stronger. Some souls will still find it difficult to understand the meaning of what is happening and will carry on in their old ways. That is fine inasmuch that each one of you must follow your own intuition, and decide your own future. In fact you cannot simply elect to move further into the Light than your own vibrations will allow. You must therefore allow others to define their own needs and path to follow. Be assured that all souls will eventually find themselves exactly where they are intended to be. This will allow them to proceed with their evolution in a manner that is appropriate to their level of understanding. In the long term all souls will rise up, since in reality there is no time such as you understand it. The higher levels are not bound by time and souls can move backwards and forward within it.

On Earth the news of the Cities of Light will cause a great stir and give the people great hope for the future of Mankind. Hitherto the future looked grim with chaos seeming to get worse and with little hope of any changes for the better. As you have been experiencing, the end times can be quite volatile as the old energies play themselves out. However, nothing will stop the full manifestation of the New Age that has already commenced. What is to happen will give people great hope for the future, and many advances that you have heard of can soon become part of your reality. Although you have been held back by the dark Ones, the fact remains that progress has still continued where new inventions have been made that will make life a lot easier. "Lack" will eventually become an unnecessary word and there will come a time when poverty will become totally eradicated. Hunger and lack of the material needs that make life more acceptable will no longer apply, as there will be ample supplies of all the necessary things that can bring it to you.

Dear Ones, by now you should have a good idea of where Humanity is heading, and it will make up for the many less acceptable experiences that you have had. All has of course been in the interests of your evolution and have been planned from one life to another, so that you have kept on rising up and raising your vibrations. For those souls that have been unable to do so, there are no recriminations but simply more opportunities given to succeed another time around. As you have often been informed, at all times you have had assistance and never been left alone to fight your battles. It may seem otherwise but please remember that we can advise you and work with you, but the final path you take is your decision and who are we or indeed anyone else to interfere with your choice.

Considerable karma is accumulated on Earth by those who believe in revenge for acts against them. It is in fact a way that brings you more karma, because nothing is ever gained by such acts. Each soul has to face themselves and their acts when the mortal life expires. It is of course difficult to become passive in a violent world, but bear in mind that all of the time you are creating your own future. If you are a soul of Love and Light that has reached the level of one who can express "love" in all circumstances, then you are surely ready for your Ascension. However, do not despair as there are different levels within all dimensions, and as long as you lead your life based on loving your brothers and sisters, you will succeed and rise up.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and happy to be able to give the good news about the Cities of Light. They have been slowly manifesting for quite some time and it will be a wonderful sight when they do. They will attract thousands of visitors but we suspect that initially its appearance will be as you say “dumbed down”.. 

However, the Cities are quite large and there will clearly be enormous interest in them. The authorities will not be allowed to interfere and adequate precautions will be made to give it full protection. Be In Love and Light and know you are blessed to be present on Earth at such an important time.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

Sananda: We Have Your Back – KEEP GOING!

Sananda: We Have Your Back – KEEP GOING!

I wish to continue the conversation with all of you after our historic radio program last night.  Archangel Michael and I followed up an amazing program on Ascension training with what we think of as our “Call to Action.”  I hope all of you reading this will listen to it, so that you can hear the love and commitment in our voices, and understand deeply how important these days really are.
As our Kathryn has described on the show, we in the Company of Heaven, your Masters and Guides, Mother/Father God and Prime Creator have joined with you to begin a focused and powerful surge of clearing and stabilizing of the energies around the Earth.  We have debated long and carefully in the Councils to guarantee that we have not transgressed the contract we had with all of you not to usurp your free will, no matter what.  Unfortunately, that original contract did not take into account that this would give the dark ones an advantage, since they are thoroughly unscrupulous and did not adhere to their original contract to give up control years ago.
Some of you have complained about this, feeling that the deck was stacked against you, that the conditioning of thousands of years of oppression left humankind so traumatized that you were not able to bounce back from it.  We saw that since the Reptilians were removed, you have continued to generate the fear-based waves of darkness, without realizing that you were causing the dangerous warp in the electromagnetic field.
In an impassioned plea to the Council, Kathryn convinced Prime Creator and many others that the only reasonable recourse was to help you in a more intensive way for a time, so that you can maintain the progress you have made without being swamped by the dark thoughtforms swirling around you.  It was agreed that our intervention could be calibrated to yours in a completely synchronistic way.  As you clear away dark thoughtforms within yourself and your environment, we will follow, sustaining and supporting what you have done.  
We will not permit the darkness to envelop you any longer, our beloved Lightworkers.  We do literally “have your back.”  In this way, you maintain your free will, while we protect you from the inadvertent assault by others who are not yet awake.  It is a more active and personal intervention than we have ever been allowed to take part in, but it is takes into account the spirit of our original agreement, which was that we would all come here to experience whatever comes in the duality experience, including darkness.  It was our strong belief that we could overcome all darkness because of the strength of our souls and the creative drive toward Light that is inherent in the human species.
As the Galactic brothers and sisters who created this original Great Plan, we understood that humanity is also characterized by sensitivity, empathy and can be overwhelmed by seeing pain in themselves and others.  We thought of this as a positive quality, one of the things that endeared you to us and to the entire cosmos.  Unfortunately, since humanity is a relatively new species, we did not foresee that this sensitivity and tendency toward deep love connections would also bring many to the breaking point – the point of losing hope and faith.  Our hearts ached for you as you struggled against the growing darkness, continuing on in spite of the growing odds, forging ahead one day, sliding back into darkness the next.
As our original Plan progressed, with great waves of Light being sent to you from the Great Central Sun, we saw that this had the effect for some of you of rubbing salt in your wounds, so to speak.  You felt the rising tide of Light and change within yourselves, and you experienced the backlash more and more intensely as those who were invested in the status quo fought harder to maintain their control, at all costs.  As the Light increased, so did the ugliness, violence and competition, and the coverage of it on the media.  Our removing the ability for governments to initiate nuclear war had the effect of turning the violence inward, creating conflict between individuals and armed groups rather than nations.
Now, understand that our original contract did call for opposition to our Prosperity programs.  ISIS is not a surprise, but the effect on the world populace has been for many to feel the hopelessness of believing that no matter how hard you tried, an endless stream of evil would appear out of nowhere to crush your best efforts to gain control of your destinies.  
Of course it is true that ISIS is a creation of the secret world government, whose funding originates primarily from the U.S.  Knowing this has the effect of turning the citizens against their elected government, and is going to help to bring down the old system.  Unfortunately, Americans are confused about who the real culprits are – those in power who threaten and hire hit squads to eliminate anyone who stands against their absolute power.  It is not apparent from the news coverage who those dark ones really are.
It takes clear vision and the ability to look behind the words and publicly reported actions to identify the ones who are dedicated participants in strangling the working and middle class, promoting the power of the corporations, and creating a New World Order of their own liking.  By the same token, it is difficult to identify the White Hats (our boots on the ground), because they have carefully cultivated the appearance of cooperating or even leading the dark ones.  This is not a new tactic on our part.  Remember the Lucifer Project?  Lucifer was our powerful double agent, working for the Light while convincing the dark ones he was their legitimate leader.
You see, it takes a certain amount of strategy to support our Boots on the Ground, to protect all of you long enough to help you put your plans in place before revealing to all who was really behind the massive shift that is just around the corner.  An important part of that strategy is to disguise our undercover Lightworkers as Dark Hats.  Those of you who are operating at a high vibration will resonate with them, regardless of what others say, but allowing your vibration to drop will leave you feeling confused and suspicious, unable to discriminate between the true culprits and the powerful White Hats who are here to help you.
This presents us with a “Catch 22″ condition:  Our clever strategies leave those who are still asleep or dozing in a state of confusion, which adds to their despair and belief that all are corrupt, and things are hopeless.  This is why we appeal to you now to join with us, help us to clear away the dark thoughtforms, in yourself first.  This will raise the Light quotient on the planet in a way you cannot possibly understand, looking at it from behind the Veil.
In our recent messages, and in the tools you have been given by Kathryn, Meg and her family of Light, you are being offered a clear and simple program you can use to raise yourself immediately to a higher plane.  Please go to the email message or to the newly named Facebook page, Who Needs Light, to find the Enlightenment Tools.  This includes the flow chart that will take you step by step through the process of identifying and clearing dark thoughtforms, the use of the Ho’oponopono prayer, a case study showing how to use the program and how profound the results can be, and a word list to help you sort out your feelings.  I ask Kathryn to put all the links below.
You may have seen our new website, WhoNeedsLight.org.  It is completely redesigned to express the Love and Light we feel in our hearts and to offer greater flexibility to hold all the resources we offer you – all of them freely given, all generated through our long and productive relationship with Kathryn and her team.  Every message has been carefully crafted to present the information we wished to bring to you at the time.  You will feel the spirit of Love in ever word.  Do not hesitate to read them several times.  You will learn more each time.
Now, back to our appeal to you.  We have given you these tools so that you can now step into the position of leading this project.  Our response is now calibrated carefully to reinforce and increase the effect of your actions.  For the first time in the history of our Great Plan, we have been given the latitude to act in intimate partnership with each and every one of you, resonating powerfully in tune with your highest vibrations, and maintaining the effect of your efforts even as you sleep or go about your demanding lives.
We are working tirelessly to support you, to literally keep you afloat as you propel us all forward.  We have never coordinated so closely, focused so intently, or generated so much Light to fill every corner of your planet and all its grids and surrounding energy systems.  
Now it is personal, Beloved Ones.  We are working for you, and we need your help.  We will sustain our efforts as long as necessary, as long as you are taking command of your part of the program – to raise the vibration of the planet from your position on the ground.
My dear brother Michael told you last night in the most eloquent way just how much we need your love and support, channeled through your light pillar to us, to combine with ours.  The total effect is uplifting for all of us, and increases our power exponentially.  This action on your part gives us increasing Light energy, as we refocus and direct our Light to help you stabilize and balance, then move forward again.
This message is to tell you, Dear Ones – IT IS WORKING!  Please KEEP GOING!  Remained focused and diligent along with us, moving forward shoulder to shoulder with us in the perfectly choreographed march toward the Light we envisioned long ago.  It is with tears in our eyes and joy in our hearts that we tell you WE ARE SUCCEEDING!
Mother Terra is filled with joy and gratitude as she is finally able to make great progress on clearing away the residues of toxins and destruction, and she is now able to maintain it for the first time!  
Breathe with us, Dear Ones, feel with us the hope and promise of a New Earth, close along our path.  We see a glorious future for you.  We must complete the building of that future together.  At this point, we see that you cannot do it alone, and you should not be expected to, but we cannot do anything without your leading the way.  Lead us on, Beloved Ones!  Lead us on!
Lift your eyes and your hearts to the skies.  Send us your Light and your Love as we send you ours.  Search out your deep connection with your twin flame, your Guides and Angels.  Use that connection to forge the rainbow bridge that will keep us always in tune with each other.  We are creating a tsunami of Love, and it will sweep all in its path into the New Golden Age.
I love you without end, as you have loved me.
I am your Sananda.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, December 11, 2014

A Message to Lightworkers – December 11, 2014

A Message to Lightworkers – December 11, 2014

The latest guidance for Lightworkers on the Ascension path, from our friends, the fifth- and sixth-dimensional beings known as the Collective:

Greetings! We welcome you and are glad for this opportunity to speak with you again this way.

We are aware of many changes occurring in your world.

You will have heard of the Torture Report recently released by the US government, though not the government precisely, as it was written up and released by the CIA, which does not fall under any government aegis, but exists as a separate entity.

You will also perhaps be aware that at least 90 percent of that report was redacted (censored, under rationale of legal or “security” reasons), so that the main points and perhaps, the most difficult, painful and incriminating information, is currently kept from public view.

Understand that the helplessness which you may feel at these moments is ending now.

Know too that the criminals who have enacted these crimes against humanity—including those who took it upon themselves to brutally militarize your local police forces, in the US and other countries—are soon to face criminal courts to answer for the crimes they have committed.

It is easy at these times to feel that all is out of control, and yet you notice that many thousands have taken to the streets over the past few months to speak up, to voice their refusal to be threatened and controlled by unjust authoritarian dictators.

You will see that many are now joining in the outcry against torture as state-sanctioned policy, whether for military or political reasons, no matter what the rationale or explanation of its “necessity” might be.

You see many millions now across the world understanding, as their throat chakras broaden and strengthen from the empowerment of the great Light now reaching Earth, that they must speak and be heard, must take a stand and shout, when necessary, to know their own strength.

This to us is the most beautiful thing of all.

And it is beautiful too, to those who intentionally chose to give up their lives, whether from torture in internment or prison, or on the street where they lived, so that this moment would arrive as powerfully as it has.

Most of those who have died in this way took on the role quite willingly

They knew that this would be all the impetus needed to drive millions now ascending to a new level to make their way to the streets to protest, or to tweet, email, sign petitions or make phone calls to politicians and officials.

These events have become the perfect platform to push many thousands to fulfill their roles—to demand that their beautiful and brilliant belief in a safe and just world be made manifest, and reach the reality of everyday life, not just for a few, but for all.

And now you see this occurring, not only in the United States but in countries around the world.

Many millions are standing for freedom of spirit, freedom of existence itself, not merely for freedom to express creed, tradition, religion or political perspective.
They stand for the beauty and sovereignty of humanity itself.

And to that, we say, Welcome.

Welcome to the new dimension, which the Ascending Earth is now melding into so perfectly.

Welcome to the fifth-dimensional requirement and fulfillment of peace, of progress, of equality, of prosperity and dignity and justice for all persons, not merely for the 1 percent.

And such a beautiful exclamation it is, to proclaim at this time of year when so many are reflecting back on twelve months of profound and unprecedented change for third-dimensional Earth (though those reading this will know they have left the third dimension, and are quickly transitioning into the fifth).

What a perfect proclamation to make in this season when the word Peace has such resonance, when Good Will toward all is a byword and a popular sentiment.

You will witness, in 2015, even greater changes than you have witnessed in 2014, which though profound have yet in many ways to filter down into your everyday life.

You will find, in and amongst the amazing movement for government Disclosure regarding human contact with us, your Galactic friends and family, that more miracles can be wrought now than could ever have been dreamt of in past eras.
More miracles await you than you could know, and are in fact unfolding now, though you barely see evidence of them in terms of the peace and prosperity you dream of.

And yet—do you not see evidence that the Proclamation for Peace, Prosperity and Divine Governance has been made?

Do you not see the people out on the streets, claiming back their land, their hope, and their ability to breathe free of oppression?

They know what you know, all of you, whatever “side” you stand on: that change is here, that the “end” is only the end of death, loss and all third-dimensional forms of limitation.

Rejoice, and find a large bell to ring—you have proclaimed your liberty, and it cannot be taken from you.

Namaste! We are with you, always.

Copyright 2014, Caroline Oceana Ryan

Kamis, 11 Desember 2014


A Message from Mira of the Pleiadian High Council

A Message from Mira of the Pleiadian High Council. 
Channeled by Valerie Donner. 
December 9, 2014

Salam, saya Mira.

Saya senang memberitahukan anda bahwa sebagai anggota penuh Dewan Bumi kemajuan yang sedang dibuat di Bumi kecepatannya dipercepat. Ya, kekacauan bisa menakutkan tetapi ini melayani tujuannya. Hal ini memungkinkan untuk mempercepat penyelesaian cara lama di Bumi yang tidak lagi melayani sebagian besar planet ini. Lintasan masa depan Bumi adalah melayani dan kebaikan bagi semuanya. Kami memiliki pemahaman yang baik dan detaknya tentang Bumi dan kemanusiaan. Kami melihat manusia yang terbangun pada tingkat dipercepat. Kami optimis dengan perubahan besar ini yang sedang difasilitasi dalam berbagai cara.

Semua yang bekerja dengan Dewa Bumi itu setia dan didedikasikan untuk Kenaikan anda. Kami memahami bahwa banyak persyaratannya dan kami juga tahu bahwa anda sedang melakukannya sekarang. Kami memiliki keyakinan dan percaya atas kemampuan anda.

Beberapa pemerintahan anda di planet ini masih mencoba untuk menempatinya dengan niat yang salah. Mereka akan diperbaiki dan kembali diarahkan. Kami tidak akan membiarkan mereka mengganggu. Mereka telah diberitahu dan ditunjukkan akan hal ini jadi harap mengerti bahwa kami menyadari potensi kesalahan ini. Kami mencinta Bumi dan mencintai anda.

Gangguan di luar rencana Ilahi tidak akan ditoleransi. Beberapa pelajaran yang sulit mungkin harus dipelajari oleh orang-orang yang masih percaya bahwa mereka masih berkuasa. Ini adalah salah satu pelajaran terbesar bagi beberapa makhluk ini dan akan diajarkan. Dan mereka tampaknya harus belajar dengan cara yang keras.

Kami berdiri di dalam kesatuan dengan keluarga antariksa yang berpastisipasi dalam Kenaikan Bumi. Mereka dengan banyak berbagai tingkat keahlian. Kami mencangkup semua bidang dan potensi. Kami adalah ahli atas apa yang kami lakukan.

Ground Crew/Awak Darat kami juga yang terbaik. Ini adalah kelompok terbesar dari Makhluk Cahaya yang pernah terkumpul untuk Kenaikan planet. Kami ingin anda mengetahui bahwa betapa kami menghargai usaha anda. 

Sebagian besar dari anda setia dan berdedikasi seperti kami dan itu adalah fakta. Kami mengandalkan anda untuk pendekatan positif untuk mengubah, fleksibilitas anda, hati penuh kasih, dan kecerdasan anda. Masing-masing dari anda memililki bakat yang unik dan menakjubkan yang membantu kami. Di masa depan bahkan bakat anda akan lebih dimanfaatkan. Anda akan bahagia dan senang dengan diri anda sendiri.

Terima kasih atas kerja yang baik dan cinta anda.

Saya, Mira.

Aku mencintaimu.

~diterjemahkan Birru Sadhu~

Senin, 08 Desember 2014


Marlene Swetlishoff - December 7-14, 2014

Beloved Ones,
It is important that you make time each day to be still so that you can go within. During this time of the year, one’s schedule can become full of activities that you feel must be done, with family, friends and your community and this is wonderful as long as you do not over extend yourselves. Too often there is a tendency to place too much importance on the pleasing of others rather than on one’s own needs. As in all things, there must be a balance so that your equilibrium is maintained and sustained. It might require a rethinking of priorities or of lowering your own expectations and looking at alternative options. Many times, it is one’s own expectations of how things should be that create stress in one’s life. Your loved ones are willing to help and are willing to adjust to new ways of doing things and to experiencing new ways to celebrate the season.

If one is relaxed and feeling peace within themselves, they do not leak impatient energies to those around them. Each person must realize that they are part of a greater whole and that their energies affect those around them, so it is important to look at themselves as having more power than previously contemplated. Many are feeling stressed, rushed and angry during these times and those who are extremely sensitive pick up this energy automatically and then wonder why they are feeling such feelings when they were feeling happy and peaceful before. Some of you are like sponges, absorbing the emotive fiery energies from all the people in your sphere of influence. When this happens, one needs to realize what has occurred and then counteract by finding a quiet space, finding time to soak in a tub of very warm and soothing water, perhaps perfumed with an essential oil of your choice and with some sea salt added to purify your auric field and clear all that is not conducive to who you really are. Listening to relaxing music is also very helpful.

When one’s emotions include the feeling of gratitude, the universe rushes in to provide its counterpart in your life. At this time of the year, it is important to cultivate the feelings of the heart that open your heart centre to its radiant golden glow so that it has the opportunity to expand into greater Christ consciousness. This consciousness is freely available to everyone and requires an openness and willingness to receive. This loving energy is non-denominational and is to be received and integrated by everyone. It is especially more potent as the world moves into the solstice in each hemisphere on your planet. Working with these potent energies helps to move you forward to the greater expansion of your inherent potentials. As you move through each day, use that extra power to bless everyone and everything around you. Bless every person you meet, bless the trees, the birds, the flowers, bless all the beauty that you see. Give thanks to God for everything. When you do this consistently, the angels, your guides, the ascended masters and your higher self will work in spirit so that it is accomplished.

When you bless everything, it is by cosmic law that what goes out from you will come back to you so be prepared for many blessings in your life. Better yet, become all blessings of God by making this a daily practice and this will automatically spread all blessings to the world around you. As you daily raise your consciousness and your vibrational frequency, you are also raising your higher self to a higher level. The higher your higher self rises, the higher you are lifted up. As people raise their consciousness, their light spreads out for many miles like a blanket of pink light which assists others to open their heart and consciousness and their awareness starts to expand. This pink light expands out to encompass all who are within its field. This is why it is most important to purify one’ thoughts as you expand in your power to manifest your reality by your thoughts. It is important to train your mind and watch all your thoughts to see if they reflect the God that you are.

Each and every one of you is learning to wield greater power in the world around you and this requires self discipline and self control. There are many examples of the misuse of power in the world and that is not what you are here to do. You are here to create positive and benevolent changes in the collective consciousness of the planet. You must continue to be the love and the light that you innately are. And with each passing day, we see more of you shine your brilliant light and we rejoice!

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

©2014 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace


Ketika orang-orang bertanya kepada kami, 
berapa lama waktu yang diperlukan untuk mewujudkan sesuatu, 
kami katakan, 
"Sepanjang anda dapat melepaskan apa yang berlawanan dengannya. 
Bisa 30 tahun, bisa 40 tahun, bisa 50 tahun, bisa seminggu. 
Bisa juga besok sore".




Evolusi adalah sebuah perjalanan yang sedang berlangsung 
di mana selalu akan diberikan ketika diri siap. 
Kehidupan di Bumi seperti pergi ke sekolah. 
Beberapa ada yang di Sekolah Dasar, yang lain di Sekolah Tinggi, 
banyak lagi yang di Perguruan Tinggi, 
dan sekarang banyak dari anda yang telah menjadi Profesor.

Jangan pernah takut untuk melepaskan hal-hal di dalam hidup anda 
yang tidak lagi melayani anda. 
Biarkan semua yang sudah usang selesai dan pergi, 
bukan dengan menahannya dengan rasa marah, 
kekalahan atau kegagalan tetapi dengan rasa cinta dan syukur.
Bersyukurlah atas pengalaman yang menyakitkan di dalam hidup anda, 
tanpa mereka anda tidak akan berada di tempat anda berada saat ini. 
Pengalaman ini memaksa seseorang untuk menggali lebih dalam, 
untuk bertumbuh, dan maju terus dan selalu diawasi oleh Pribadi Tinggi.


Dear ones, we welcome you.

In this time of love and celebration, you are being pressured from all sides to believe that more is better--that more gifts, more parties, and more activity will equal happiness. Resist becoming too involved in the commercialism, for you are well aware at this point that more does not equal happiness. Outside pressures are tugging at your emotions to buy, buy, buy, suggesting that the bigger and better the gift, the more love you will show and receive. You are being bombarded with suggestions telling you that in order to be a good parent, friend, partner, son or daughter, you must give expensive gifts.

Remain awake, selecting your gifts with care and thought while using intuition to seek the gift that would speak most to the person. That is, be guided from within rather than from without. Keep things simple, and allow the gifts you give to reflect love with an understanding of the receiver. Never allow giving a gift to be just a "duty", for these gifts will carry the negative energy you feel.

Christmas, in its truer sense, is not about the birth of a male child named Jesus., but is a material sense of the birth of the Christ that takes place within. Christmas takes place within each and every person at some point in the spiritual journey. Many of you are experiencing that now.

Only a humble state of consciousness (the stable), one rid of false ego trappings and beliefs is able to birth the Christ Light. Jesus tried to give this message to the world 2000 years ago, but the unawake majority of that time were unable to understand and instead (then and even now) believed that only Jesus personally represented the message. ALL have within them a Christ child waiting to be born.

The world in general, believes Christmas to be either a seasonal holiday time for parties and gifts or it believes it to be the birth of the only son of God, Jesus, and must be celebrated accordingly. Neither these beliefs correct. The outer trappings of Christmas are only symbols for the true Christmas that only takes place within.

We see many struggle to create popular concepts of Christmas, even when they may no longer resonate with them. If you are tempted with guilt over not being able to provide the biggest and best for those you love, quickly recognize these suggestions to be concepts of a third dimensional belief system wherein retailers believe they must promote and struggle aggressively in order to financially succeed.

The Arcturian group wishes to speak about the energy that manifests as a sense of separation. At this seasonal time, emotions of separation are often more deeply experienced. Christmas time brings to mind for many, memories of past family gatherings. These memories often include only the fun and richness (never the discords) of an earlier time. Photos, pictures, songs, films etc. that shout from the media and stores promote the "old fashioned Christmas" which serves to activate in many, a fruitless longing and sadness due to a perceived inability to recreate this imaginary "old fashioned Christmas" for themselves and their families.

Because of this, many become exhausted with the effort, and believe themselves to be failures at being the perfect, mom, dad, brother, son, daughter, parent, friend etc. These images are concepts dear ones, just concepts. As awakened ones, you are ready to refuse to buy the package. As we have said so many times, let intuition guide you. If you no longer wish to celebrate as you have in the past, say so. If you choose to do things differently, do it. This is how you reclaim your innate power.

We are not advising that you avoid all celebrations. Enjoy those that resonate with you, for joy is the energy closest to the Divine. We simply remind you to be alert to the hypnotism of the season urging you to continue traditions that may no longer be your state of consciousness. Intuitively consider what and how you choose to celebrate.

The higher resonating energy field of just one awakened individual can lighten the energy of a whole room. Lovingly attending an event out of respect for the host can be an expression of unconditional love. Use discretion in making your choices, and listen to the voice of your intuition regarding celebrations, traditions, gifts, etc. Live silently and secretly in the world, but not of it.

All are in and of One Divine Consciousness and because this Consciousness is omnipresent, there exists nothing else from which anything could be formed. If there were something outside of the One, you would not have an omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient God. The choice is yours to accept or not.

There exists only One consciousness and therefore every living thing is in and of It. It is all there is; the only substance, law, idea, etc. manifesting Itself in infinite form and variety. You can never be separated from what you are and are thus never separate from other forms of it.

The world consists of many individuals of differing states of awareness and this appears to human eyes as separation rather than individuality. We speak of the true Self, the spiritual essence of everyone's being--that which cannot be seen with human eyes or understood with the human mind. Animals, plants, crystals, minerals, water, air, elementals, humans, nature spirits, as well as beings living on other planets are all in and of the one and same substance--one Consciousness individually expressed.

Individual consciousness (still the one and only consciousness there is) when conditioned with beliefs of good and evil, will manifest accordingly, for you are creators. There is only ONE MIND, but in the human scene, that ONE MIND has become filled with beliefs of duality and separation--this is the illusion.

The vast riches of Divine consciousness are unfathomable to most at this time. There can never be an end to Divine ideas for Divine Consciousness is infinite. The third dimensional state of consciousness rests on the bottom rung of a very long ladder of which most intellectuals of the world are totally unaware. Some evolved souls try and speak of these things but are more often than not, relegated to being dreamers. This will change as more and more Light enters the consensus consciousness of the world.

There is an infinity of information, ideas, life form expressions, and advanced ways of living and doing things awaiting your discovery. Scientists have been taught to accept only that which they can prove with three dimensional tools and those who do discover higher truths, are often afraid to speak of them for fear of losing credibility within the scientific community.

The old ways are dissolving dear ones, be prepared to be wowed by things you had no idea existed outside of fantasy, for Divine Consciousness is infinite in its expression and you are that. You are that.

As you rise above world concepts, you will begin to align more and more with the higher dimensional energies still unavailable to most at this time. As you resonate with the frequencies of the higher levels you align with the vast spiritual fruits of those higher frequencies--intuition, ideas, unconditional love, and so much more. Evolution is an ongoing journey in which more is always given when ready. Life on earth is like going to school. Some are in grade school, others in high school, many in college, and now a great many of you are becoming professors.

There is no one right way to evolve, it is a process, a process of discarding and moving beyond all that is not of truth. This cannot be done in one lifetime. Most of you have done the preliminary work through hundreds of lifetimes, and are ready now for the final push of clearing the remnants of old cellular memories and negative energy.

Never be afraid to release those things in your life that no longer serve you. Let all that is old and finished go, not with a sense of anger, defeat, or failure but with love and gratitude. Give thanks for the painful experiences of your lives for without them you would not be where you are today. These experiences force one to dig deeper, grow, and move on and are always overseen by the Higher Self.

This is evolution--an intellectual awareness followed by the practice, and then a gradual release of all that is false while replacing it with the truth until you become that unconditioned state of consciousness in which the Christ IS born.

All is well, all is proceeding according to plan if you allow it. If you allow it.

We are the Arcturian Group 12/7/14

Minggu, 07 Desember 2014


Breaking News!!! 

Dewan Tinggi Agarthan mendatangi kita hari ini
by George Stankov 
6 Desember 2014

Agartha dari rongga Bumi telah bergabung dengan permukaan Bumi hari ini. Hari ini mereka mengumumkan secara resmi bahwa Penampakan mereka segera akan ada di hadapan Kemanusiaan, bagi Carla dan diriku.

Beberapa Kota Cahaya akan terwujud dalam beberapa hari mendatang pada tempat di Bumi ini yang terpilih.

Kita semua sudah melihat (Sesuatu yang diutamakan adalah Bersyukur) dengan tanpa penjelasan bahwa Cahaya sedang menunjukkan penampakannya di seluruh dunia, di beberapa tempat. Baru-baru ini peningkatan dan pergeseran energi telah membawa Cahaya memasuki energetik grid Bumi dan memasuki diri kita. Energi-energi ini dirasakan hampir seperti sebuah derap drum, derap berbaris maju mendekati hard core Bumi Baru.

Pembersihan energetik dan membangun dari November terus berlangsung. Berbagai aspek Cahaya membaur dan bergabung, sementara tingkat Cahaya meningkat. Orang-orang mulai bicara akhir-akhir ini tentang penampakan Kota Cahaya yang terlihat di seluruh dunia. Sekarang kita mendengar pengumuman ini dari para Aghartan.

Ibu Bumi sedang menggeser frekuensinya yang lain dan kita akan bergeser bersamanya dari kehidupan 4D/5D ke kehidupan 5D/6D. Ya, masih dengan pengalaman beberapa kehidupan kepadatan makhluk, seperti sekarang kita memiliki orang-orang yang hidup di dalam kepadatan ketiga di kehidupan 4D, dan yang lainnya sedang menjalani kehidupan kepadatan empat di kehidupan 5D, hanya satu langkah di dalam kepadatan.

Perasaan saya saat ini adalah bahwa dengan energetika ini dan dengan kota-kota yang terlihat, para individu, sosialita, dan pemerintahan-pemerintahan akan memiliki banyak perubahan positif di tahun mendatang. Seberapa cepat waktu yang dibutuhkan untuk sampai ke kehidupan 5D/6D? Ini adalah sebuah perjalanan panjang.

Apakah Kota-kota Cahaya? Jadi Para Aghartan adalah orang-orang yang melakukan kontak pertama kali dengan kita? Siapakah mereka? Mengapa mereka di sini? Saya menyertakan video-video untuk memberikan pengenalan pada topik ini.

Dua yang pertama adalah dari tahun 2012, tetapi memberikan gambaran yang baik dari Kota-kota Cahaya Bumi

Daftar Kota-Kota Cahaya :

Dari artikel lain oleh Steve Beckow :

Amsterdam, Zurich, Berlin, Assisi, St. Petersberg, Propinsi London, Sedona, Port St.Lucie, Idaho, Montana, Michigan, Vancouver, dan juga Cina.

Video di bawah ini menjelaskan sesuatu tentang Agartha. Pertama tentang Admiral Byrd yang menceritakan kisah petualangannya di Agartha. 


Sabtu, 06 Desember 2014

SaLuSa 5 December 2014

We were very pleased to step aside and allow Michael to send out another message in place of our usual one. The information sent out should lift your spirits considerably, as you have waited a very long time for an uplifting message that clearly indicates the beginning of many welcome changes on Earth. There are many changes to come for which the preparations have already been made. It means that very little time will be lost in changing your current situation of war and disharmony, to a different condition that heralds the coming of love and peace on Earth. We have often told you that changes are coming, and at last you will have a clear signal of confirmation. Many will still refuse to believe what they see happening before their very eyes, but denial will not hide the fact that the new Era has started.

If you look back you will find that we have kept out word, which has meant that the Galactic Federation has been busy ensuring that world peace is upheld. Minor wars and other uprisings will eventually cease, and there will come a time when such negative actions will be impossible to carry out. The vibrations are steadily rising and in the future will be too high for any such negative actions to manifest. Dear Ones, the battle between the dark and Light is almost over, and in your time you will see those responsible for your demise removed so that they can no longer delay the changes. Such actions will fulfil the promises made to you a long time ago, and we thank those who have steadfastly stood by our side and refused to be moved from their path.

As we have already mentioned, it is your responsibility to help others through the changes and direct them onto the path of Light. We and other groups working for the Light will not cease our efforts to ensure progress is made, and we guard against interference from any source whatsoever. Matters are well advanced now but as always we rely on all Lightworkers to diligently carry out their tasks. Naturally, having reached such a pivotal point in the progress of the Human Race, every effort is being used to give your evolution a major step forward. Indeed it is quite apparent that many souls are aware that something is happening that is very positive, even if they are unaware as to how it will manifest. Regrettably your news outlets are still under the influence of the minions of the dark Ones, and you do not learn the truth as to what is happening to your world. However, good news cannot be kept concealed indefinitely and it will start to seep through regardless of the methods being used to suppress it.

As always part of our mission is to patrol your skies to ensure that there are no uninvited visitors, or attempts made to place weapons in Space that could be used against you. Your Earth has been in quarantine for many years, so as to ensure that no other civilisations can influence you or interfere with your progress. Sometimes it has been necessary to allow an approach to be made, but only to test your reactions. It has helped your understanding of the Universe and other life forms that exist all over it. Many other civilisations are way ahead of you in intelligence, but as you evolve so you too will have the opportunity to greatly increase your levels. Far from holding you back, as your Guardians we are keen to help you progress as quickly as possible, returning you to levels that you previously held.

Where your sightings of our craft are concerned, unless you are able to identify the different sources that they come from it can be confusing. Your dark Ones are now so advanced in being able to design and manufacture craft similar to ours, that apart from the markings that appear on some of them, they can look very much alike. This can also lead to incidents that are thought to be caused by ET’s, when it is your own black operations at work. We know that not for the first time their thoughts have turned to creating an incident that could be blamed on us. We cannot interfere with your choice of action, unless it is of such proportions it is liable to change the plan for your Solar System. You do not however need to worry about the future as it is assured, and you are already entering the energies of the New Age.

Mother Earth is also beginning to bring changes into being, as she also is moving into the New Age. Her work is to cleanse the Earth and restore it to its previous pristine condition and it happens over a period of time, as she also rises up through the new vibrations. So as you can see, there is a lot of action taking place all of which is to your advantage and ultimately for your peaceful and rewarding existence. You are leaving the lower vibrations for good and every help is being given to lift you up. When you set out on your journey eons of time ago, you were happy souls determined to make the most of your opportunity to experience the lower vibrations. You knew that you would never be deserted and that your progress would be carefully monitored, and when the time came you would be helped to return to the Light. That time has now arrived and already progress is being made, we have always been with you and soon it will be a reality as we meet you in person once again.

We share your joy at the thought of meeting once again, and although we are a happy too we do not experience the extremes of emotions like you do. Our feelings centre around Universal Love which allows us to feel the depth of happiness that comes with it. It is not easy to put it into your words, as they are not always adequate for the expression needed. However, when you come into our presence you will know beyond doubt that we are Beings of Love, and indeed you will feel it. It is a state of being that is peace and joy rolled into one, and it shall be yours when you have evolved into a fully evolved Being.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and pleased to be able to expand your understanding of the times you have now entered. Enjoy them as you leave the lower vibrations behind.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey