Sabtu, 14 Desember 2013

Equanimity: Moving Through Your Journey with Peace and Calm

Semakin anda berdebat, bersikeras dengan pendapat anda, semakin menunjukkan ego anda yang berkembang dan mengurangi rasa hormat, bukan hanya pada orang yang menerima reaksi defensif anda, tetapi juga tidak menghormati diri sendiri. Lebih mungkin jika anda dengan melepaskan kebutuhan untuk mempertahankan pendapat anda, sikap suka atau tidak suka, pada nilai-nilai, keyakinan dan lain-lain yang memasuki jiwa kesadaran lain untuk sementara waktu memberi mereka sebuah liburan/penghiburan bagi jiwa anda sendiri. Hal ini penting untuk mendapatkan pegangan atas sikap dan perilaku anda sendiri agar membantu perjalanan spiritual pribadi anda dengan melakukan sejumlah disiplin yang diperlukan. 

Ingatlah, dear ones, pendapat anda, suka atau tidak suka belum tentu kebenaran bagi orang lain, hormatilah apa yang anda bagi, jangan berbagi dengan kekuatan, berbagilah dengan cinta, kasih sayang dan rasa hormat.

And so it is… 

I AM Ascended Master, Serapis Bey through Julie Miller
~translated by birru sadhu~

Equanimity: Moving Through Your Journey with Peace and Calm 
Ascended Master, Serapis Bey’s Weekly Message ~ December 13 – 20, 2013
Received by Julie Miller
December 13, 2013

Your inner life has been left in disarray as you continue to seek your wants and desires. It is important to realize that some of your wants and desires are truly superficial and unnecessary, whereas some of your other wants and desires are truly necessary and profoundly embedded into your sense of survival, such as your need for food, shelter, friendship, love, respect, the need to procreate, etc. When one of your essential needs has been compromised or appears to be threatened what happens on a large scale is that your entire inner world tries with all its might and urgency to resolve the difficult situation that has suddenly crossed your path. 

What we often witness is that what you want and desire the most is often between the superficial and the necessary. You are easily happy when your needs are being fulfilled and easily made upset when they are not. Because of the sudden change that can occur in your inner environment, what happens in your life becomes a function and depending on the situation many dear souls have become conditioned to reacting a certain way to certain events automatically; without thinking and sometimes the emotions that are often attached sweep them away as they can easily grow out of control. 

The thoughts that pass through your mind as well as your emotions have the power to capture you within a powerful grasp when you feel your fundamental needs are not being met or something has caused the calm in your world to dissolve into disarray. When a confusing emotion enters, typically you have already waiting a preprogrammed reaction that has no intention other than to respond or react. It is essential to learn to observe these reactions that come automatically and discover ways to discipline those reactions and responses by being aware of your thoughts and feelings as they escalate. The more you learn to come from your authentic self rather than your little ego self, the better the outcome of any situation will be occur. 

It is only normal to come across other dear souls that may not share the same viewpoint as you, or may have different values or beliefs, this does not mean this dear soul that is different doesn’t have anything of value to offer, quite contrary. Each of you has something of value to contribute, to teach and to learn from. By changing your attitude and how you see people, you give yourself the ability to grow and stretch beyond your normal comfort zone and enter a whole new stream of learning and growing possibilities. We know as well how many dear souls are adamant about defending their opinion. The more you argue your opinion the more your ego self is showing and what often develops dear ones is a lack of respect, not just for the person receiving the loudness of your defensive reaction but disrespect for yourself. It is more than possible to let go of the need thrust your opinions, attitudes, likes, dislikes, values, beliefs, etc., into other dear soul’s faces even for a temporary basis – give them a vacation. It is important to get a handle on your own attitude and behaviour in order to be helpful to your own spiritual and personal journey and it demonstrates a certain amount of necessary discipline. 

As you continue to manoeuvre along your current path, you become aware of the important need to process what it is you like and what you don’t like, and how much of what you like you will indulge in, how much is purposeful and vital – and you learn this dear ones by becoming more disciplined with your thoughts and emotions and how to control your responses during various situations and events. You will gain self-confidence as you learn you are not your overactive emotions, and you are not your likes or dislikes. The more you let go of what you are not the more freedom you will gain. By learning to just be, you give yourself the ability to observe the rising of an impulse or urge to react to a like or dislike, to provide an opinion or criticism and you discover what you are able to pass without cold action. While remaining in a calm state of just being, you become more aware and in-tune to your inner self, and you realize there is a lot that can easily be passed through without a second thought – just watch it go and let it carry on without stopping. Understand dear ones; you are not a slave to your emotions or sometimes heavy feelings that can become destructively reactive. It is up to you to how long any upsetting emotion or feeling gets to stay. The choice is always yours. 

Your reactive emotions and feelings towards what you like and dislike only become problematic when you identify with the development of those feelings and emotions. When a feeling or emotion emerges and you believe in it, you fold into its grasp and become that emotion or feeling and many times dear ones you lose yourself with the feeling or emotion that has created a powerful responsive reaction. As soon as the emotion or feeling has you under its incredible power you stop being your true and authentic self. 

We encourage you to comprehend that you don’t have to allow your emotions or feelings to overpower you or control you. The more disciplined you strive to become, the more free you will feel as you learn to let go of what is unnecessary and welcome equanimity and peace as a divine and amiable replacement. As you move beyond your reactive emotions and feelings, beyond the thoughts and opinions that helped to create them you deliver yourself into a land of sacred consciousness and peace. As you enter this sacred space of peace you may feel a certain amount of emptiness, but this is merely temporary because of the letting go that you accomplished. As you settle into to being what you are instead of what you are not; peace, equanimity and a higher sense of consciousness will help you to become accustomed to your new way of living and being. It is in this light that you are able to participate in your journey with all that you are. 

Equanimity or your ability to remain composed is one of the first of your conscious emotions. Understand dear ones, this is not you becoming indifferent, it is learning to tolerate and to take the higher ground rather than to respond unkindly. Living peacefully, even now within your fast-paced world will provide you a greater sense of freedom and joy. Even if you must face challenges as they arise, you will do so with grace and peace instead of reacting and responding with hostility or anger. Understand dear ones to reach this state of ongoing peace and equanimity you will need to become more disciplined in your ability to remain balanced and you do this with steady practice. Meditation is a great way to develop and maintain peace of mind that will infuse the rest of your Self with calm. Gaining the taste of peace does require you working on becoming more aware of those likes and dislikes and during the moment you feel you are becoming heated you will have the confidence to let them go. Remember dear ones, your opinions, your likes or dislikes are not necessarily the truth for others, be respectful with what you are sharing, don’t share with force, share with love, compassion and respect. 

And so it is… 

I AM Ascended Master, Serapis Bey through Julie Miller