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SaLuSa, September 25, 2015

SaLuSa, September 25, 2015
Mike Quinsey

Dear Ones, what an important and exciting time has arrived, when many of you will be able to feel the upliftment resulting from the incoming level of energies. Those of you who do will know beyond doubt that the changes are beginning to bring about welcome changes. You only have to look around you to see that in the midst of them is evidence of changes for the better. Very soon you will have had even more evidence of them, and it will become quite clear as to the direction that Humanity is going in. There will of necessity be a clearing out of the old that no longer serves you, but at the same time the new energies will become established. The Illuminati will make their last attempt to keep on their chosen path but it will be to no avail, as their power has been seriously curtailed by the Galactic Forces that surround the Earth. So have no fear as all is progressing well but be patient as all benefits will come in good time – you are in the period of the Great Awakening.

You may be sure that every soul that is here at such an important time will benefit in one way or another from their experiences. You have no need to be concerned about their future, as all will proceed as planned and cover everyone’s needs. You move forward as a group of souls, with each one playing their part in determining your future prospects. Great changes are on the verge of taking place and all will quickly bring the New Age into being much to your delight. You have already been given an idea of what lies ahead and we can assure you that you will not in the least be disappointed. We praise you all for the part you have played through many incarnations, and it does not matter that at times you have taken a negative role as part of your experiences. When you read the Akashic records you will find that you have had all manner of roles that collectively have enabled you to evolve. There has always been a plan to help as many souls as possible reach the point of Ascension, and now the benefits are about to be realised.

For a long time you have been carefully guided through the many challenges you have had to face, and you have had the wisdom and knowledge of Archangel Michael to help you. There have also been many other souls guiding you, so that your individual needs are catered for. By now all of those who had the potential to rise up should now have done so and be well on the way to Ascension. We tell you again not worry about your personal progress, as if you have made a genuine attempt to rise up then you would have undoubtedly succeeded. As we see it, it is not difficult to place your feet firmly on the path that carries you forward to fulfilment . If you feel ready then you most certainly are, and should have no difficulty in finding the path forward into the Light.

With the guidance we have given you we feel that you should now be able to go forwards with confidence, and know for certain that the future is golden. Although it is not yet apparent, you have won the battle with the dark Ones who can no longer expect to complete their plan for World domination. They are in array and looking for a way out whilst still clinging to the hope that they can still find a path to success. Be assured that they will not recover from the setbacks they have experienced. However, as they have shown in the past, they find it difficult to accept defeat. Meantime the Forces of Light grow stronger and forge ahead with their plan for the complete return of the Light. Some of you are already sensing a greater awareness and understanding of what is taking place, and it shall grow even further as the obstacles placed in your way are removed.

The changes continue to grow and at a faster rate than earlier, and so it will continue all the way to Ascension. Meantime you should be watchful of the news for indications of changes that are about to be announced, but there will be attempts to prevent them that may delay matters. However, any delay will only be short as the dark Ones no longer have the power or connections to dictate matters. They are the victims of their own plan to imprison others that has backfired on them. With their greed and arrogance they have never contemplated failure, but are now confused and unable to control events as they have done in the past. So we can all concentrate on the coming changes and help in many ways to make them completely successful.

Some of you who are more sensitive than others will possibly feel a little light headed as the higher energies impact upon you. This condition will soon pass as you get used to them, but in general terms people will feel uplifted in a number of different ways, and so it shall continue. If you have no feeling of change within yourself, do not worry as they affect people in different ways. Simply keep calm and remember that you attract the energy to yourself through the Law of Attraction. So you are entering an eventful period when many things will happen, often in quick succession. However, do not be dismayed if some are concealed from you, as there are still ones who would keep you in the dark if they could. For our part we will enlighten you when it is appropriate to do so. As far as possible we would like to see a smooth transition from the old ways, but that may not be possible until the dark Ones are out of the way.

We would like to add a few comments about group souls, and using birds as an example will mention that they evolve. When you rise up you will find them gifted with more beauty, and like flowers they will respond more openly to the energies of the ascended Human. Colours will be more vivid and pronounced, and songbirds will have delightful songs to sing. What will be most noticeable is the cleanliness and newness of everything. Animals that you now consider wild will become tame and no longer aggressive or carnivores. Domesticated animals such as horses will respond in a more intelligent manner and be able to converse with Man through the power of thought. In time this will also apply to your pet dogs and cats that shall remain with you, as it is only the wild species that merge into a group soul.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and waiting as you are to see and enjoy the changes that are waiting in the wings. All comes in good time and of course what we call the right time. So do not despair if something dear to your heart does not occur, as the delay may only be due to circumstances at that time. Also know that every soul will be in the right place for them by the time Ascension takes place. Stay calm regardless of what you encounter during this last period of the old energies. It will be a testing time in some ways but in the long term all will settle down and great joy experienced. You have earned your place in history having successfully gone through great periods of darkness. Yet you have overcome the attempts to ensnare you and prevent your ascension, and done it with grace and determination. We say well done and enjoy the fruits of your labours that are still to come.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey

Kamis, 24 September 2015

Pleiadian Hints Life Reaching Critical Mass Earth Changes In Next Few Days

Pleiadian Hints Life Reaching Critical Mass Earth Changes In Next Few Days
Asket of Temmer, Pleiadian
Channeler by Maryann Rada

You’ve come to a point in your history when you’re about to see everything change. You’ve had some inklings of this, and you’ve had some people predicting things based on numbers and what they’ve seen and what they’re feeling. You’re feeling things and you’re seeing things yourselves. It’s good to heed these ideas to the extent that they make sense within you, and to know that change has been a constant on your planet forever. And change is accelerating. There will come a point when the change acceleration reaches a critical mass and implodes upon itself in such a way that everything will seem to turn inside out. Will this happen within the next few days? It is probable that what you see happening around you is going to change everything about how you understand your place in reality and how the planet works as a whole. What I mean by that is that your planet has an idea about itself, and you are extensions of that idea. The planet wants to extend its experience through you, through your experience of life upon it. In this way there is an interplay between you and your natural environment.

What do you do when someone comes in between you and your experience? What happens when you’re watching a show, perhaps on your computer screen or your television or on a stage, and someone walks in front of you and starts talking about something they hold very important that will change your ideas from what you had been seeing before? Irritation and frustration, most of you. Anger, some of you. Some of you get sucked into the change as if it is part of the show itself. Why I bring this up is because it seems that that’s what’s happened in your history. Now, you can politely ask this person to step aside so that you can resume taking in the pictures you had been seeing before that had been entertaining your mind. Or you can get up and walk away, and turn around and see the reality for yourself, as it is.

You’ve taken in a lot of history. Some of it has been true and some of it’s been designed to hold your attention on a part of your psyche that, when corralled in a way, and harnessed, can be driven and drive you as a people into a direction that is best for the person holding the reins. It’s time to free yourself from this now, and you’re seeing it happening in very subtle ways. However, I am here to say that this thing has become part of your screen of illusions that you had been taking for truth. A long time ago, you were able to see reality clearly for what it was. History is about to meet itself again. When that happens, you are going to see beyond this illusion, beyond the screen that had been showing you some pictures, and beyond the person who’s been standing in your way. You’re going to see reality for what it is, and for that you need to be prepared, because reality is a lot bigger than any screen can hold it or any one story can describe. Reality, my dear ones, is about to explode upon your reality, and you have to be prepared for all kinds of things to happen within yourself as your view of the world expands in ways that you can’t predict and that you can’t anticipate.

There’s no way that any of us can describe exactly what that would be like for you. You have to enter into the moments that come without knowing what they’re going to bring. Every moment of your life is like this. As you walk through time, it opens up a doorway and you enter into it, step by step and moment by moment.

What you’re about to enter into as a temporal reality together as a people is going to require that you be very clear in your senses and that you are able to put aside the kind of games that you play that you’re not aware that you play. Everybody has this. 

Everyone is putting their ideas in front of them to be recognized and, while that is satisfying, it won’t help you too much in the days that are coming. What will help you is to see clearly and to join together and to say, “This is what we’re seeing.” Not, “This is my interpretation of what we’re seeing.”

You have to be very clear in your hearts, dear ones, so that you’re not fooled by the plays of light that will be cast in front of you. There will be an effort to yet control your experience and you have to be clear that that is what’s happening, and to either walk into it acquiescing that your experience is controlled by an outside force, or enter into it with your eyes open and your heart knowing itself, your mind without any kind of structures of illusionary ideas. Your ego serves a purpose, and the purpose right now that your ego serves is to say, “I am without a doubt here to experience what I’m here to experience,” and not buy into the experience that someone is trying to sell you.

That includes what I’m saying. You can take what I’m saying as the truth from my perspective and as advice from a loving sister, for that is how I am offering it. Or you can take it as another piece of the illusion. The choice is up to you. I have no qualms about you having your own experience, of course (laughs). The choice is yours.

We of the League of Light, with whom I am aligned and who exist in this now with you to serve your uprising consciousness and your well-being as you walk into the coming moments of the transformation that is upon you already. We have only to share with you those pieces of wisdom that we see as serving you best in the timelines that we see from a different perspective, from hindsight outside of your matrix, to guide you into being aware so you can make the kinds of decisions that will lead you into a clear path, where shadows aren’t going to be tugging at your feet or hiding, but will be seen in that light of day as they are.

Your history is about to come to a close and all of the fairy tales that you have been given as history will either take hold as a new truth or will be put upon the shelf as stories that were given to you to help you sleep. Of course, we prefer to see that you walk into your future fully aware of where you are and who you are and who you have been, and to carry with you the truth and the resonance of humanity of the highest reverberation of what it is to be divinity embodied, for that is what you are and what we are as kin, as humans of this interconnected network of planetary civilizations. 

You may think this is part of another fairy tale, but you shall see certain truths revealing themselves in the days to come.

We are here as we have been, loving and welcoming to you as you reach out for greater understanding. We are here to answer questions and we invite you to connect with us from within your heartspace, from the place of fearlessness. If you can’t find that particular seat within your heart, we’ll help you to clear away the fear.

It is with a fully empowered sense of self that we encourage you to walk forward interconnected with each other, interconnected with all of the sentient life forms that sprout from this planetary sphere, which is itself sentient, exuding life through every being that exists within its envelope of life. We would like to invite you to join with each other and we are always open to your entrance into our company as friends and as kin. We are eager to share the warmth of the light that glows from within.

We ask you to be without fear and without certainties. We ask you to be open as children are to new experiences, with joy in your heart and expectation only of a fuller experience of what it is to be human and divine at the same time. If you hold any expectation, dear ones, let it be something along the lines of this. What is about to reveal itself to your planetary reality need not be encapsulated in any way. It is for you to experience. We only say that we are here and we are available for you any time to answer questions or to provide any comfort of presence that we may. We are here and we are breathing with you, dear ones, to encourage and support your experience of release, to help you find your way as you accelerate forward into a new mode of being.

The light that shines within you is about to become more visible to each other.
I leave you now in peace and remind you that I’m always here. I’m available to this world as a sister, as one who is given the great honor of guiding you through this historical transformation. We may not be seeing fireworks in the sky, dear ones; we may not be seeing explosions of light, or we may be seeing a flash of understanding within which changes everything that is seen without.

More I cannot say but to say that it is with the greatest love that I regard you all. Feel my presence, dear ones, for I am with you in thought. There is much yet to do, and every moment is revealing more of time. Be at peace and know that you are much loved. This is Asket of the League of Light. Until we speak again, dear ones, be at peace and remember who you are.

Selasa, 15 September 2015


September 12, 2015 
Oleh: Steve Beckow

Tidak seorangpun disini yang ingin membicarakan mengenai waktu atau tanggal.
Siapa pun yang pernah diberikan tanggal tenggat untuk event apapun - Ascension, Pengungkapan, RV, apa pun - selalu meleset. Sebuah pertaruhan yang nyata.
Sekarang ada sederetan orang yang datang dan memberikan tanggal 28 September 2015 sebagai gelombang pertama Ascension. Dan permainanpun dimulai. Saya akan menahan diri namun terbuka untuk kemungkinan itu, tapi saya juga berjanji untuk tidak mengeluh nanti jika hal itu tidak terjadi.

SaLuSa dan Patricia Diane Cota-Robles telah mengabarkan hal ini dan saya merasa layak memberikan perhatian. Mari kita lihat siapa-siapa yang memberikan tanggal ini sebagai "Event gelombang pertama," "Gelombang X," dan Ascension.

Pertama, saya harus mengakui bahwa Matt Kahn telah memberikan kepada saya tanggal event ini beberapa waktu yang lalu. Aku ingat dia mengatakan itu beberapa tahun lalu. Berikut ini salah satu diskusinya pada bulan Maret tahun ini:

"Sejauh mengenai pembahasan Ascension, akan lebih akurat untuk tidak lagi bertanya-tanya kapan Bumi naik, tapi untuk merenungkan kapan bumi akan naik. ...

“Ketika Alam Semesta memberikan saya tanggal 9/27/15 sebagai penanda waktu, sebagai sebuah tanda ketika gelombang pertama, atau 1/3 dari planet akan sejajar dalam kesadaran 5D, banyak yang menafsirkan ini sebagai model kenaikan yang kuno dan menciptakan makna secara harafiah dari suatu perjalanan metaforis memperluas kesadaran. Lainnya mengasumsikan sebagai tanggal terjadinya surga di bumi yang telah lama didambakan. Sebagai cara untuk mengklarifikasi apa yang saya telah diberitahu, 9/27/15 menandakan momen dalam waktu ketika 1/3 dari planet ini akan selaras dalam kesadaran 5D. Ketika Anda sejajar, itu menandakan kesiapan Anda untuk masuk. Ini berarti, pada 9/27/15, 1/3 dari planet ini akan memulai kenaikan yang cepat ke dalam kesadaran 5D. Bumi tidak akan menjadi larut ke dalam sebuah planet yang berbeda, tetapi muncul menjadi pengalaman paradigma spiritual baru. "(1)

SaLuSa, kemarin 11 September mengatakan:

"Anda berulang kali mendapat informasi bahwa September 28 adalah titik puncak tertinggi energi photon. Tidak hanya itu, tapi ke tingkat yang belum pernah dialami sebelumnya. Jika Anda memiliki keraguan tentang kemajuan Ascension, maka sekarang telah sirna. Anda sekarang mulai menyadari bahwa begitu banyak yang telah terjadi "di balik layar" yang Anda tidak menyadari sebelumnya.

"Seperti yang telah sering Anda dengar, bahwa ada kepentingan menjaga rencana rahasia kami selama mungkin. Peradaban yang berbeda telah terlibat dalam aksi ini.

"Anda tidak lagi akan tunduk kepada mereka yang membawa energi negatif, atau tindakan mereka yang menurunkan getaran tinggi dari Cahaya. Sederhananya, mereka tidak dapat bertahan hidup dalam getaran yang lebih tinggi bagi jiwa-jiwa yang telah bergerak melewati kebutuhan untuk pengalaman lebih lanjut di tingkat itu.

"Di belahan mana pun Anda berada di dunia, energi baru akan mengubah yang lama, dan Ascension akan memberikan kesempatan yang sama kepada semua jiwa terlepas dari latar belakang mereka. Sama seperti sejak perjalanan Anda di mulai ribuan tahun waktu yang lalu. Semua jiwa telah dibantu di berbagai kehidupan mereka, bahkan ketika mereka tidak menyadari kehadiran Guide mereka. Ketika getaran meningkat beberapa jiwa mulai menyadarinya dan akhirnya mampu berkomunikasi dengan mereka. ...

"Kami percaya banyak dari Anda akan mulai merasakan manfaat dari kenaikan getaran, dan membawa ketenangan pikiran dan perasaan senang bahwa akhirnya Anda dapat sepenuhnya menikmati Cahaya yang terus meningkat sepanjang waktu. Hidup ini akan penuh dengan tujuan dan semangat, dan hari-hari penuh kekacauan dan ketidakpastian akan memudar ke latar belakang setelah melayani membantu Anda untuk berkembang. "(2)

Aku selalu menempatkan SaLuSa sebagai sumber yang saya yakini, bersama dengan Matthew Ward, Hilarion, Yesus dan Saul, dan malaikat Michael.

Demikian juga Patricia Diane Cota-Robles dan dia memprediksi pergeseran kesadaran terjadi pada 28 September 2015:

"Efek dari aktifitas Cahaya akan membangun momentum sampai 27-28 September 2015, ketika kita akan mengalami, tidak hanya masuknya influx Cahaya yang sangat kuat dari Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, tapi juga masuknya influx Cahaya Celestial yang akan mentransform seluruh kehidupan dan disebut sebagai WAVE X, atau The Event Horizon. Ini adalah kesempatan Celestial yang kita belum pernah dapatkan sejak kejatuhan peradaban manusia dari karunia cinta kasih.

"Pada tanggal 28 September, 2015, kita akan menerima sinar Cahaya Gamma secara intens dari Galactic Core. Ini adalah denyut irama Cahaya yang memberkati tata surya kita setiap 3.600 tahun dengan tujuan Ilahi meningkatkan kesadaran Putra dan Putri Tuhan dan mempercepat evolusi tata surya kita. Meskipun ini merupakan hadiah Cahaya menakjubkan dari langit tertinggi yang selalu tersedia setiap 3.600 tahun, namun sejak kejatuhan peradaban manusia yang tragis, bumi dan manusia telah bergetar pada frekuensi sumbang yang tidak sanggup menerima atau menyerap manfaat dari Sinar Gamma ini. Sekarang, “SEMUANYA TELAH BERUBAH! "(3)

Pada hari itu, dia mengatakan, kita akan menerima manfaat penuh dari kuatnya sinar gamma:

"Pada 27-28 September 2015, melalui I AM Presence setiap individu, kemanusiaan secara massal akan menerima kekuatan penuh dari kekuatan Sinar Gamma dimana kita telah kehilangan hadiah setiap 3.600 tahun dari langit tertinggi, kembali ke awal impuls sejak jatuhnya peradaban. Ini belum pernah dilakukan sebelumnya dan tidak ada yang tahu bagaimana hal itu akan terwujud bagi setiap individu, tapi KETAHUILAH hasilnya HANYA akan meningkatkan kehidupan kita dan proses Ascension.

"Elohim Agung telah meyakinkan kami bahwa tubuh manusia dan Ibu Bumi kini bergetar pada frekuensi yang telah siap dan mampu menahan masuknya Sinar Gamma dan semua akan terjadi dengan sempurna. Ini adalah Momen Cosmic melebihi apa yang pernah terjadi bagi Putra dan Putri Tuhan. Damailah dan disinilah SEKARANG! "(4)

Sandra Walter tidak mengatakan sepenuhnya bahwa gelombang pertama Ascension akan terjadi pada tanggal 28 September 2015, tapi artikelnya mengenai sarat akan saran-saran yang berguna tentang cara menghadapinya bisa masanya tiba. (5)

Beberapa chanelling baru juga hadir membicarakan Ascension ini dan membuat pengumuman yang sama. Michael Love, chanel dari Archangel Michael, mengatakan energi akan berada pada titik tertinggi pada tanggal 28 September:

"Banyak dari Anda menyadari pergeseran besar yang telah terjadi di dalam diri Anda yang sekarang memasuki fase di mana ia akan mewujud secara lahiriah sebagai realitas Anda.

"Selama 21 hari ke depan gelombang kuat cahaya gamma datang dari Galactic Inti (The Pleroma), dan akan terus mempengaruhi Bumi dan seluruh makhluk Bumi. Kekuatan gelombang Cahaya Gamma ini telah diukur oleh para ilmuwan Jerman dan Rusia baru-baru ini dan ditemukan meningkat 2x lipat beberapa minggu terakhir ini secara eksponensial!

"Gelombang super Cahaya Gamma photon memiliki kekuatan seratus juta reaktor nuklir dan telah disebarkan menggunakan teknologi satelit canggih oleh sekelompok makhluk bintang yang dikenal sebagai Earth Alliance untuk memperkecil tingkat daya agar lebih aman dan lebih mudah untuk diintegrasikan oleh Ibu Bumi dan makhluk-mahluknya.

"Beberapa efek dari turunnya Gelombang-X terlihat di beberapa negara sebagai kolom balok plasma putih besar berwarna kebiruan dengan diameter sampai satu mil mencolok ke tanah.

"Dengan keadaan memasuki wilayah terpadat dari sabuk photon, kekuatan Gelombang-X meningkat setiap jam setiap harinya.

"Event terbesar dalam evolusi manusia ini dikenal sebagai 'THE EVENT HORIZON'." (6)

Dia kemudian melanjutkan dengan mengatakan bahwa energi akan menjadi yang tertinggi dalam sejarah peradaban terkini dan menjelaskan tiga gelombang ascenders:

"28 September 2015 adalah ketika puncak Super Wave merupakan frekuensi energik tertinggi yang pernah diukur dalam sejarah kosmos.

" Schumann Resonance Bumi dan seluruh kosmos telah mencapai tingkat yang mencengangkan yaitu 33 Hertz saat ini tanpa adanya penjelasan lain untuk lompatan mendadak ini selain Anda yang mendorongnya lebih tinggi dan lebih tinggi lagi pada tingkat yang eksponensial oleh getaran internal Anda dan niat Ilahi. Ini adalah 12 Hertz diatas Tingkat 5D Bumi Baru sehingga Gaia lebih dari siap untuk menerima gelombang pertama makhluk cinta pada Tetrad 9282015.

"Pelopor kenaikan ini juga layak sebagai yang pertama masuk ke Kerajaan Surga 5D karena pengorbanan mereka dan keinginan dan dedikasi mereka untuk keseluruhan proyek Ascension. Sebagian besar dari Anda yang membaca pesan ini akan dimasukkan dalam gelombang pertama dari kira-kira 2,3 miliar jiwa.

"Ada penyamarataan dan periode penyesuaian untuk beberapa bulan setelah 9/28 bagi semua orang untuk sepenuhnya mengintegrasikan energi baru dan untuk memulai merinci pembentukan surga yang disebut The New Earth! Orang-orang yang tidak memiliki vibrasi cukup tinggi untuk mencapai 21 hertz akan datang beberapa bulan setelah musim semi 2016. Gelombang ketiga (umat manusia yang belum sadar) akan mencapai tingkat 21 hertz yang terakhir di pertengahan musim panas 2016. "(7)

Daripada mengarahkan Anda ke empat atau lima sumber yang mengatakan hal yang sama, dan akan membuat artikel ini lebih panjang, saya mengarahkan Anda ke situs Dieter, di mana terdapat koleksi pesan-pesan dari chanelling yang berbeda, dengan prediksi yang sama: 


Aku adalah permainan. Aku terbuka. Memiliki permainan untuk bermain membuat hidup menarik. Jadi aku menyelaraskan "seolah-olah" tanggal 28 September merupakan hari H.

Namun demikian saya tidak dapat bersama-sama dengan Anda. Saya adalah pilar dan itu berarti saya memilih untuk tetap disini sampai yang terakhir, mematikan lampu, dan menutup pintu.

Selain itu, tugas saya adalah untuk naik secara bertahap dengan 5 miliar orang atau lebih yang belum Ascend dan akan menulis tentang hal itu. Jika itu yang akan terjadi, maka bon voyage dan selamat Ascension untuk Anda. Aku akan bergabung dengan Anda dikemudian hari.

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Terjemahan: Isti Rudiretno - SOULSTAR INDONESIA


oleh Birru Sadhu

Uang hanya dibutuhkan dalam kehidupan 3D untuk pemenuhan kebutuhan.
Manusia di dalam kehidupan 3D seperti sekarang ini tiap hari hanya dipenuhi dengan uang, uang, uang.

Uang untuk makan, transport, sekolah-menyekolahkan, cicilan rumah, cicilan kendaraan, biaya kesehatan, bayar hutang, tabungan hari tua, tagihan-tagihan wajib bulanan, belum lagi kalau ada pengeluaran ekstra, mendadak orang tua sakit harus dirawat di rumah sakit, kendaraan satu-satunya rusak, kerabat minta bantuan karena rumahnya digusur..... hahahha.... ruwet, ribet, pusing, bikin emosi, dan no time for others.

Tak ada waktu buka fesbuk, tak ada waktu baca-baca tulisan tentang kesadaran, bahkan tak ada waktu mendengar hal-hal lain informasi-informasi dunia, apalagi mendengar kata Ascension..... apaan tuh.... mesti beli di mana ticketnya?
Tidak menyalahkan manusianya, begitulah hidup dan kehidupan. Kita semua diperbudak oleh sesuatu yang tak pernah kita sadari. Uang. Hepeng. Money. Duit. Fulus.

Benda satu ini adalah benda mati yang bisa dianggap mati, tapi dia bisa menghidupkan. Manusia yang hampir sekarat, bisa hidup ketika ada uang untuk membeli sebungkus nasi. Atau batal bunuh diri, ketika ada setumpuk uang untuk membayar hutang pada rentenir tempat dia meminjam untuk biaya anaknya sekolah. Tapi uang juga bisa dianggap mati ketika dia tidak dibutuhkan lagi.
Sering kita mendengar bahwa ada tingkatan lain setelah kehidupan kita sekarang di 3D, ada 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D dst.... Apakah uang masih dibutuhkan dalam kehidupan setelah kehidupan 3D?

Kurasa ada alat tukar yang berbeda dengan di sini dalam kehidupan setelah 3D. Apa? Entah.... yang kutau di dalam kehidupan 4D, alat tukarnya adalah energi. Pernah dengar manusia meminta kekayaan di kuburan? Hiiiiii.......... kalau dikabulkan, apa yang mereka minta sebagai imbalannya? Pastilah energi. Mereka tidak butuh uang. Nyawa anda atau energi kehidupan anda sebagai alat tukarnya.

Lantas apa yang harus anda lakukan untuk keluar dari kehidupan 3D yang mencekik ini?

Tuhan menawarkan sebuah alternatif bagi manusia di Bumi, yaitu Kenaikan atau Ascension. Naik cussss langsung ke 5D tanpa mampir ke 4D. Itu pilihan. Boleh tetap tinggal di 3D boleh ikutan naik ke 5D.

Ada masa transisi perpindahan 3D ke 5D yaitu Program Kemakmuran. Alasan manusia untuk bisa belajar tentang Tuhan, kesadaran, cinta universal adalah setelah melepas semua segala permasalahan duniawi yang berkaitan dengan uang. Okey, Tuhan paham itu. Itu sebabnya, Langit mengijinkan Bumi dan kehidupan lainnya menikmati hadiah, berkat, karunia Tuhan atas pelimpahan ini. Tentunya dengan catatan, setelah itu mari kita semua pindah ke kehidupan 5D, ada hal baru lain yang menanti di sana. Seperti kehidupan para Makhluk-Makhluk Tinggi lain yang sudah lebih dahulu mengalami kenaikan. Ada tugas baru lain menanti kita. Selesaikanlah semua segala permasalahan dunia 3D.

Apakah anda tidak bosan ribuan tahun di 3D. Lahir, hidup, mati, lahir, hidup, mati. Susah, senang banyakan susahnya dibanding senangnya. Yang ada capek deh. Bosen tingkat Dewa.

Ada sebagian di antara anda semua di sini adalah makhluk-makhluk yang berasal dari dimensi tinggi 7D, 6D, 5D yang sengaja descension memasuki kehidupan 3D dengan memilih fisik yang sama dengan kita semua, manusia Bumi. Mereka adalah orang-orang yang akan menjadi pembimbing, pendamping kita semua dalam menjalani masa transisi ini.

Yukkk.... tentukan pilihan dari sekarang. Mau tetap di 3D silakan bernegatif ria dan nyinyir setiap hari dengan catatan jangan ngajak-ngajak yang lainnya yang sedang fokus meningkatkan getarannya untuk naik ke 5D.

Fokuskan pada kelimpahan, kebahagiaan, kemakmuran, sukacita, penuh kasih sayang dan perdamaian bagi yang ingin naik ke 5D. Jangan terpancing berkomentar kalau ada yang mengajak getaran anda turun lagi ke bawah. Bilang saja, frekuensi anda beda sekarang.... :D :D 
Hidup adalah hidup 
ketika kita memiliki keinginan menaikkan tingkatan kesadaran kita

Ketika anda mengisi hidup anda dengan suara TV, 
tugas-tugas dalam 'to-do list', argumen-argumen dari koran dan media lainnya

di mana anda akan menemukan ruang 
untuk cinta, hubungan, kesadaran, dan Tuhan?

Hargailah hal-hal sederhana dalam hidup.

Masukkan sisanya semua selain itu kembali ke dalam rak

Senin, 14 September 2015

Pusaran Dewi


Pusaran Dewi adalah teknologi utama dari kekuatan cahaya yang akhirnya akan membubarkan matrix pada astral dan kendaraan eterik sekitar planet kita. 

Pusaran Dewi / Goddess Vortex adalah spiral pelangi yang meliputi semua kemungkinan kombinasi dari cahaya. Ini adalah kehadiran makhluk Malaikat yang mentransmutasi semua kegelapan menuju cahaya murni melalui stargate delapan dimensi Konversi Antarion. Ini adalah vortex/pusaran Kehadiran The One/Yang Esa yang akan menyerap semua dualitas anomali dan naik/ascend ke dalam The One/Yang Esa melalui proses microtriangulation

Semua Pusaran Dewi membuat jaringan Cahaya pada kendaraan eterik dan astral yang menghasilan medan Morphogenetik Keesaan yang berfungsi sebagai alat intervensi Ilahi di planet ini. Jaringan Cahaya ini pada akhirnya akan mengubah semua kegelapan pada kendaraan astral dan eterik dan menghapus semua entitas negatif sampai Reptilian terakhir akan hilang selamanya dan semua semua kendaraan non fisik sekitar Bumi yang akan menjadi Alam Cahaya. Ini akan mengatur kondisi yang tepat untuk peristiwa tersebut.

Pusaran Dewi adalah Kehadiran Angelic atau Malaikat yang melewati tubuh kita dan menjangkar ke dalam bidang fisik. Anda akan dapat merasakan Pusaran Dewi dalam tubuh anda. Para Archon alergi terhadap energi Sang Dewi. Itu sebabnya mengapa Gereja Katolik dan ajaran agama lainnya menekan para wanita. Setiap kali pada seorang wanita atau lelaki menyalurkan Pusaran Dewi, maka ribuan Reptilian akan terhapus selamanya.

Berikut petunjuk untuk menjangkar Pusaran Dewi :

1. Angkat tangan anda di atas kepala dan mulai memutar searah jarum jam pada tubuh anda

2. Saat melakukan itu, ucapkanlah mantra !!! Ucapkan "eeee" hingga bergetar seluruh tubuh anda dan visualisasikan tubuh anda menjadi Pilar Cahaya Bersinar dengan jutaan bintang warna pelangi yang menyebar di dalam dan sekitar Pilar Cahaya

3. Tetaplah bernyanyi mantra dan berputar. Setelah beberapa menit, turunkan tangan anda dekat dengan tubuh anda dan terus berputar searah jarum jam

4. Sementara melakukan itu, mulai bernyanyi mantra "eeeeeaaaa" hingga bergetar melalui tubuh anda dan visualisasikan pusaran Cahaya Pelangi memperluas dari jantung anda keluar ke seluruh planet. Panggilah Pembimbing Spiritual, Ascended Master, Pleiaidian, Malaikat, Twin Flame, Soul Mate, Soul Family dan Makhluk Cahaya lainnya untuk kehadirannya.

5. Tetaplah menyanyikan mantra dan berputar dan berada di hadapan semua Makhluk Cahaya untuk sementara waktu

Anda dapat mengaktifkan Pusaran Dewi kapan saja dan anda merasa dipandu untuk melakukannya dan ini akan memperkuat jaringan planet cahaya dan mempercepat pemurnian kendaraan non fisik yang pada akhirnya akan menyebabkan terjadinya peristiwa pembubaran matrix.

Sedangkan Pusaran Dewi Sammara yang dicari para Archon antara Suriah dan Irak, kabarnya adalah pusaran besar sebagai portal atau stargate menuju Surga tempat bersemayamnya para makhluk Cahaya tanpa perlu berlatih seperti latihan di atas. LOL :v 

sumber :  Cobra 

How to Decalcify the Pineal Gland

How to Decalcify the Pineal Gland
By Spiritual Master Free Spirit
September 13, 2015

In these times, our Pineal Glands are being activated by streams of inter-galactic vibratory communication streaming through the Sun and entering our energy bodies. These communications awaken dormant strands of DNA, trigger dormant memories of life on other worlds and have the power to heal humanity of all sickness and disease. Having a clean and open Pineal Gland enables us to understand and assimilate this intergalactic communication without fear. The Pineal Gland is also a channel for guidance from higher planes.

Hence, it is vibrationally advantageous at these times to have a Pineal Gland that is working effectively. A calcified Pineal Gland is a sure way to create entrapment in the 3D world.

Conscious awareness of DNA can bring about a healing on a level not yet understood by most of humanity or the medical mainstream (for they do not work in the interests of healing anyway). One can scan DNA with one’s mind and locate rogue molecules that can lead to cancer. These can be removed or healed with our higher-dimensional energy bodies. The discovery and activation of latent DNA spells the end of all human disease – for the dormant DNA is programmed to heal everything. Within the double helix structure, one can see other higher dimensional strands of DNA and buried within these dormant strands of light-based DNA, lies the Immortality Gene that renders death obsolete. Before one can attain these states – one must fix the Pineal Gland.

The Pineal Gland is the seat of spiritual consciousness and is a gateway to other dimensions and levels of reality. When your Pineal Gland is working fully – your multi-dimensional vision will look something akin to this (right):-

Anyone with a fully functioning Pineal Gland will be able to develop visionary abilities, travel to other dimensions,activate their Merkabah Vehicle, meet higher-dimensional beings, time travel, dream in amazing ways and accomplish all kinds of other spiritual feats.

Pineal Gland Detoxification and Pineal Decalcification facilitates the awakening of dormant multi-dimensional consciousness in humans. It is a vital step on the road to healing if we wish to perceive the other dimensions that surround us and travel there with the astral body.

Various toxins widespread within humanity prevent our spiritual third eye from functioning effectively.

A calcified Pineal Gland is akin to a piece of stone as opposed to a functioning and living organ capable of functioning as a spiritual transmitter for higher-dimensional communication. Decalcification will happen naturally given the right conditions – although it can be assisted further with proper nutrition.

1. Avoid Tap Water  

Tap Water is a major life destroying poison and should be treated as such. Calcification of the Pineal Gland occurs through the effects of fluoride – which is a highly toxic industrial waste product, which in its undiluted form can burn holes in concrete. It is added to tap water under the guise of preventing tooth decay and this lie is understood when one looks at the effects of volcanic ash (containing high levels of fluoride) on animals. Skeletal degradation and dental erosion is commonplace. Fluoride is also a neurological toxin and its intake can cause confusion, mental fogginess and deterioration of the neural pathways. It renders one submissive, as one loses one’s clarity and mental acuity to the power of fluoride toxicity.

Fluoride is also highly carcinogenic (cancer-causing).

In that state of confusion, it is then very easy for other people or institutions with dubious agendas to control the individual, as they will not have the will-power to resist or even the clarity to realize they are being controlled. Fluoride also hides in toothpastes and dental flosses. It is important to realize that a healthy diet free from refined sugars and high in alkalizing foods creates the optimum conditions for dental health – rendering fluoridation totally unnecessary. Fluoride is challenging to remove from tap water and this toxin can also enter the skin through shower water making filtration absolutely necessary. It is also crucial to avoid drinking tap water and ingesting fluoride through the use of conventional dental products.

Ingesting microscopic amounts of tap water can dampen ones spiritual faculties for days at a time!

Naturally you want to be drinking from spring water. Be sure to check the pH of the water with a pH testing kit – anything under 6 is far too acidic. Between 6.5 – 7.0 is perfect. Be aware that some bottled water can have a pH as low as 5. Drinking such acidic water is devastating to long term health.

Plastic bottles are also extremely toxic, especially when the plastic is not clear or the bottle is left in the sun. I use Nalgene bottles for hiking and other outdoor use.

2. Remove Mercury Fillings

Safely remove fillings from one’s teeth by going to an established mercury-free dentist. They must use a cut and section approach to removal, use a dental dam and use a special ventilator during the procedure. Hot drilling of mercury fillings can do more harm than good. Any ordinary dentist will have no hesitation to ‘hot drill’ the mercury and poison you further with the releasing of large amounts of mercury vapors (which are also released in hot weather and every time you drink hot fluids).

If you filling looks metallic – it is mercury and highly toxic. Do the full mercury detoxing protocols and nourish the body with super-foods. Mercury from amalgam fillings leaches into the body, poisoning the Pineal Gland and putting a serious dampener on one’s ability to travel multi-dimensionally.

Mercury is also found in almost all vaccinations in the form of methyl-mercury (Thimerosal) which binds to the brain and is then very difficult to detox (albeit not impossible). Be aware that taking medical vaccinations can cause irreparable damage to you or your child.

Anyone with mercury toxicity may want to consider juicing fresh cilantro daily.

3. Avoid Chlorine

Chlorine is also a Pineal Gland Toxin also found in tap water and in swimming pools. Each time you bath in a chlorinated swimming pool or take a shower, chlorine enters the skin through the pores and moves through the bloodstream. It then causes further calcification of the Pineal Gland.

The aforementioned toxins are the main things to avoid – the Pineal Gland Toxic Triangle. It is essential to avoid all three of these toxins at all costs and avoid ingesting even the smallest amounts of any of them.

After avoiding further ingestion – one must then proceed to detox the body of all three.

4. Adopt the Raw Vegan Diet

The raw vegan diet is full of nutrients and antioxidants as well as free of the other kinds of toxins (pesticides, additives, artificial sweeteners and the like) that also contribute to Pineal Gland toxicity. The perfect diet for the Pineal Gland is one that contains plenty of green juice and/or green plants in their raw natural states. Chlorophyll cleanses blood – pushing toxins out of cells to be expelled by the body.
Consume wheatgrass and spirulina daily.

Karma aside – eating meat and dairy floods the system with heavy duty bovine, porcine and avian antibiotics, medications, growth enhancing hormones and all kinds of other substances incompatible with physical and spiritual health. Many of these medications are laced with mercury and other toxins harmful to ones DNA.

5. Sort out the Karma

It is not sufficient to decalcify the Pineal Gland and ignore inner emotional cleansing and/or self development. Negative karma can ‘metaphysically calcify‘ a Pineal Gland and have the same effect as the Toxic Triangle. If after doing the detoxification – one is still not able to access the higher planes – one can look to unresolved karma as the blockage.s the Pineal Chakra is above the Throat Chakra (the centre of truth, integrity and ethics) – opening the Pineal Gland has little value without a grounding in ethics. Thus anything connected with control dramas, cheating, lying, stealing, manipulation and the like all has to go. One has to be free of lie energy if one is to develop any kind of deeper understanding. Opening the Pineal Gland prematurely without a stronger grounding in a life of integrity can cause lower astral interference and an ensuing karmic healing crisis.

Thus a strong life in ethics is essential before considering opening the Pineal Gland.

An ethical life involves being free from the tendency to cheat, control, manipulate or steal in all forms (both subtle and overt). It also calls for sexual and emotional responsibility and naturally the freedom from the karma of eating the flesh of animals. Opening the Pineal Gland without a proper grounding in ethics and emotional stability can cause extreme lower astral interferences that can be detrimental to health and well-being.

Thus activating the Pineal Gland and exploring the other worlds must always be done in the context of living a strong and grounded spiritual life. Outside of spiritual context Pineal Gland Activation will just invoke fear, confusion, lower astral interference and the potential for severe karmic healing crisis. Opening the Pineal Gland for ‘kicks’ or from a state of karmic impurity is unwise and not recommended. Those who undergo the Pineal Gland Cleansing Protocols take full responsibility of the state of their lives. The full process for spiritual awakening and integration is detailed in Keys to Immortality and includes full instruction for clearing attachments to lower astral entities.

Thus the emotional and karmic cleansing is just as important as the physical cleansing – if not more so – if one is to become fully spiritually integrated.

The purpose of Pineal Gland Decalcification is to dissolve the veils between the waking and the dream worlds and to ultimately achieve a state of Source Integration. Those with active Pineal Glands can have an amazing dream life, leave their body often in the dream-time and start to perceive multi-dimensional reality.

It is also possible to meet benevolent and loving aliens in other dimensions of reality when you have cleansed and activated your Pineal Gland. These are what the so called ‘Greys’ look like:-

They have a bad press but the ones I have encountered are always loving and are usually more blue-grey (7th dimensional Intergalactic’s). There may be some other Greys trapped in fourth dimensional astrally in fear and acting out negative agendas but I have never met a bad Grey or any other kind of bad aliens.

If you are ethical and operating from love, bad aliens cannot harm you anyway. Have discernment when interacting with them but don’t let ones own fear be projected onto them and prevent connection.

These Beings are capable of great love and benevolence – a matter expanded upon in my Star Being Trilogy which shares in depth the amazing things that I experienced (here and in the other worlds) after meeting various higher-dimensional beings.

Sabtu, 12 September 2015



Jauh sebelum Islam ada, para Sabean di Arabia menyembah Dewa Bulan yang juga dikenal Ilumquh. Ilumquh menikah dengan Dewi Matahari, Dhat Hamym dan memiliki tiga anak perempuan di mana di daerah itu masyarakatnya mulai menyembah. Tiga anak perempuan itu bernama Al-Lat, Al-Uzza dan Al-Manat. Tiga dewi ini bergabung dan mereka membentuk triad tiga dewi, seperti halnya banyak dewi lainnya di Bulan.

Ibadah sebelum Islam yang paling utama dikaitkan adalah dengan Dewi Al-Lat, yang berarti 'Dewi'. Dia adalah satu dari tiga dewi yang mirip dengan Dewa Yunani Lunar Kore/Demeter/Hecate. Setiap aspek dari trinitas ini sesuai dengan fase Bulan. Dengan cara yang sama Al-Lat memiliki tiga nama yang dikenal dengan Q're atau Bulan Sabit atau Sang Perawan. Al-Uzza secara harfiahnya berarti 'Maha Perkasa', Bulan Purnama dan aspek feminin/ibu. Dan Al-Manat, berarti Dewi Kegelapan tapi Penentu Takdir yang bijaksana, Nubuat dan Ramalan. Tradisi di dalam Islam secara terus menerus mengenal ketiga label mereka sebagai 'anak perempuan Allah'

Al-Lat dikenal sebagai Dewi Musim Semi dan Kesuburan. Di bawah Hellenization, Al-Lat diidentifikasikan dalam budaya Yunani sebagai Dewi Romawi Athena/Minerva dan kadang dikaitkan dengan Aphrodite atau Urania/Venus Caelistis. Disebutkan prasasti Al-Lat berada dikisaran dari Hegra di Arab Saudi sampai Hauran di Suriah. Mereka termasuk yang dihormati dan dipuja sampai masa Islam berlangsung. Bahkan pada pendirian Islam, gambar Al-Lat ada bersama dengan salah satu dari mereka, Al-Uzza.

Dewi Al Uzza, Al Lat dan Al Manat membentuk triad di pra Islam di Arab. Mereka banyak disembah dari Nabatian Petra di Utara mulai Kerajaan Felix Arabia di Selatan, termasuk Saba, dalam Bible adalah Sheba, sampai jauh ke Timur seperti Iran dan Palmyra. Tiga Dewi ini sangat populer di Mekah pada saat jamannya Muhammad.  Dari kiri ke kanan, mereka adalah Al Uzza yang artinya Maha Perkasa, Dewi Bintang Fajar, Al Lat yang artinya Ibu, Dewi, dikenal dengan sebutan Al-Lah atau Allah, dan AL Manat, Dewi Penguasa Takdir atau Waktu. Kadanag mereka bertiga disebut sebagai anak-anak perempuan Al-Lah; kadang Al Manat dan Al-lat dianggap sebagai anak Al Uzza.

Al-Uzza; Maha Perkasa, adalah salah satu Dewa Arab yang paling dihormati, Dewi Bintang Fajar, Venus. Dia memiliki sebuah kuil di Petra, dan kemungkinan dia juga sebagai Dewi pelindung kota itu. Isaac dari Antiokhia, seorang penulis abad ke 5, menyebutnya sebagai Beltis atau Lady, sebutan yang sama bagi banyak Dewi semit lainnya, dan Kaukabta, yang artinya bintang. Dia juga mengatakan bahwa para perempuan di kota itu menyebutkan namanya di atas atap sebagai bentuk ibadah pemujaan sebagai Dewi Bintang. St. Epifanius dari abad ke 4 Masehi menyebutkan bahwa dia juga sebagai Ibu Dusares, gunung lokal Allah, dan menyebut dengan nama Chaamu atau Chalmous yang artinya gadis muda atau perawan. Dia memiliki hubungan dengan pohon akasia di mana diyakini masyarakat melalui tiga pohon ini mereka turun/desend dan juga merupakan tempat perlindungannya. Dia memiliki banyak kesamaannya dengan Ishtar dan Astarte yang memiliki julukan sama sebagai Bintang Pagi dan Sore atau Kejora, Venus, dan mereka semua memiliki aspek yang sama juga yaitu Dewi Cinta dan Dewi Perang. Kucing besar adalah kucing suci bagi mereka. Penampilan dia di sini dipersenjatai sebagai Bellatrix yang berdiri di depan pohon akasia, dengan Caracal atau gurun Lynx. Dia dikaitkan dengan orang-orang Yunani, sebagai Aphrodite Urania atau Aphrodite Surgawi.

Al-Lat, nama ini kontraksi dari nama Al-Illahat, atau Allah, yang artinya Dewi, disebutkan oleh Herodotus sebagai Alilat, yang identifikasikan dengan Aphrodite. Kadang dia juga disamakan dengan Athena, dan disebut juga sebagai Ibunya para Dewa atau Maha Besar. Dia adalah Dewi Musim Semi atau Kesuburan, Dewi Bumi yang membawa kemakmuran. Dia dan Al Uzza kadang membingungkan, satunya populer dan satunya kurang populer. Matahari di Saudi disebut Shams dan dianggap feminin, ini mewakili satu aspek dari Al-Lat. Dia memiliki tempat perlindungan di kota Thaif sebelah Timur Mekkah, dan di kenal dari Saudi sampai ke Iran. Simbolnya adalah Bulan sabit (kadang digambarkan sebagai pertemuan Matahari dan Bulan dan membentuk sabit, dan kalung emas yang dikenakannya adalah liontin yang menidentifikasinya. Sebagai Dewi Kesuburan dia menggengam setumpuk gandum, dan di tangannya dia memegang sepotong kecil kemenyan, lambang yang selalu tertera pada banyak penyangga dupa.

Al Manat atau Manawayat nama yang berasal dari bahasa Arab Maniya yang artinya takdir, kehancuran, kiamat, kematian atau Menata yang artinya bagian, yang dibagikan. Dia adalah Dewa yang sangat kuno kultusnya, kemungkinan mendahului kedua lainnya, AL Uzza dan Al Lat. Kultusnya menyebar luas, dia sangat dipuja sebagai batu hitam di Quidad, dekat Mekkah. Batu hitam ini ditemukan di Kuil Aphrodite dekat Paphos, Cyprus. Muhammad mendedikasikan kembali batu hitam berada di Kabah, Mekkah. Al Manat dihubungkan dengan ziarah besar sebagai titik awal perlindungannya bagi beberapa suku. Dia diketahui dari yang tertulis pada prasasti Nabatean, dan makam yang ditempatkan di bawah perlindungannya dan meminta untuk mengutuk bagi yang melanggar. Dia ini sesuai disebut sebagai Dewi Kematian, Maniya yang dipersonafikasikan sebagai Kematian, ini disebutkan di dalam puisi aktif yang dibawa seseorang ke makamnya dengan mengulurkan cangkir kematian. Dia digambarkan sebagai seorang wanita tua dengan cangkir,dan simbol-simbol di bagian bawah gaunnya mengeja namanya menurut Sabaic (yang tidak menggunakan vocal dan ditulis dari kanan ke kiri), M-n-t. Memudarnya Bulan digambarkan di atas kepalanya sebagai simbol Dewi Penguasa Kematian.

Yang kurang dikenal adalah pohon Akasia, atau sekelompok pohon Akasia, ini adalah simbol dari Al Uzza, Dewi Arab simbol kelahiran, kematian, pernikahan, perang, penyerangan, Zodiac, perubahan musim ke musim, tentu saja juga benda-benda di langit, Venus sebagai Bintang Fajar, Hijau warna sucinya, dan diadopsi Islam sebagai warna favorit khusus lambang Islam. Meteorit, misalnya, seperti batu hitam di Kabah (kubus) adalah batu sucinya. Al Uzza menerima penawaran atas darah sebagai pengorbanan manusia dan hewan. Akasia, seperti yang tadi baru dijelaskan, itu juga adalah pohon sucinya. Di bawah pohon Akasia para sahabat Muhammad mengambil janji kesetiaan sebelum penandatanganan Perjanjian Hudaibiya, perjanjian yang membawa kemenangan politik di seluruh Arabia.

Akasia adalah salah satu simbol utama Freemasonry, seperti diakui di dalam "Moral dan Dogma" oleh Albert Pike. Setangkai Akasia memainkan bagian penting di dalam ritual derajat ketiga, setangkai Akasia kadang diletakkan di kuburan atau di peti mati di pemakaman Masonik dan juga terlihat pada gelar Cordon 14. Sebagai salah satu fakta, di mana Masonry mengklaim telah meminjam sebagian besar pencitraannya, duri Akasia sebagai simbol kelahiran dan kematian Ibu Dewi Neith. Dalam Perjanjian Lama, Masonry juga memelintir banyak untuk menambah dekorasi Temple-Temple. Dikatakan, Akasia telah digunakan dalam pembangunan Tabernakel dari Perjanjian Ark. Beberapa Freemason juga mengklaim bahwa mahkota yang dikenakan pada Yesus Kristus pada penyalibannya terbuat dari duri Akasia dan salibnya dari kayu Akasia, sebagai bagian dari upaya aneh untuk 'membuktikan' bahwa Yesus Kristus sendiri adalah seorang "Freemason Terkenal"

dari berbagai sumber 

Wake up Call: St. Germain, September 10, 2015

Wake up Call: St. Germain, September 10, 2015

I am here with you on this day to bring to you a short piece of news. There is coming a time when you will all see the changes about to open up, and as they do you will understand why they have taken the time that they have. Over the past 15-20 years much has been set in place in order to begin the squeeze of the old paradigm into the newness of the freedom that has been awaiting your claim. It is a time for you to express that which you find to be what makes sense, and what you can feel and know is the exact way that all of the mess is going to be cleared away. It is a matter of speaking your mind when someone asks for some clarity and then allowing that person to take it as they will, and to not try to convince them. It will be their journey and their freedom of choice in what is about to come to the front for the people to realize has been taking place in the closed doors of the underground.

I tell you now that these doors are, as I speak, being opened and allowed to exit the dust bowls of untruths that have been hiding what is really going on in the shadows of that which was manipulated in such a way that the people thought that they were in freedom, until recently, that is. Now they are beginning to see that they have been wound around with strings of lies, and have been made to be sure that they are in the hands of the ones who care.

This is about to come to the open, and as it does there will be those who react in a way that they need to have Love sent to them. This is what you who are reading these words can do to be the most powerful friends of anyone on this planet who will be in a state of dismay and confusion. The truth never comes on in a weak way. It comes in a way that can bring miracles to something that seemed to be out of touch with reality. The truth can open doors that seem to have disappeared, and now are beginning to be seen in many ways.

For instance, there was the other day a man who was convinced that his life represented something that was good for the people. He felt that he was serving the good of those who told him what to do in order to bring safety to the people. In reality he was being led to see only what they wanted him to see. They knew how to convince him, by showing him the examples that had come in the past from the same measures he was told to take. Then at some point in the past few days he has seen some of the actual results of what had been taking place, and he saw that it was not as he had been told it would be. This opened his eyes and heart to what had been taking place, and how he had been manipulated into their ways of thinking. He now is conferring with his inner voice and that of the Spirit that is with him in a very strong way. He is making his progress to become a voice in the changing of the situations that so many are involved with that have also been manipulated to something that represent the untruths that are widely spread. He is taking the measures that assure him his safety and freedom in his journey.

My dear ones, take the time in your days to feel what is within that is speaking to you about what you can do to be ready for the changes that are about to pop up and speak of truths and freedom. You will find that there is a very wonderful path that you are in the process of creating. Listen to the words and follow the feelings from within. You will be exercising your power in the Love that you are. It is the journey in motion that has been destined for these times that are about to open up the truths of what is about to arise all around the world. You are powers of might, and presenters of truth, so walk in that energy and be part of the process that is, as I speak, in motion. I send great Love to you all and celebrate your forward movements in Love, Peace, and Joy.

Thank you so much dear St. Germain,

Much Love, Nancy Tate