Sabtu, 04 Oktober 2014

SaLuSa : Discernment / Flight MH-370 / Vortex of Light created by you / Accessing akashic records

SaLuSa : Discernment / Flight MH-370 / Vortex of Light created by you / Accessing akashic records
Chanelled by Gabriel - Translation by Pablo Moraes
September 12, 2014 

During the coming weeks, you´ll be always placed face to face with the unfinished situations that need to have their energies requalified and raised to the Realms of Light. So this is the same with those who belong to the darkness that has no control over your future. This power was taken from them, due to the performance of the workers of Light in the Earth, who gave us permission through their free will, to increasingly intervene.

We know, also, that it was not well explained to the people what happened to the MH-370 months ago. This is one of the things that little by little, will begin to surface about what actually happened. None soul faces some situation that is not on their pre-established plan, but before, they choose, in many cases, lovingly, to be instrument in the awakening of many others. The Light of all of them involved, as well as of those desiring the truth to appear, is cornering those who belong to darkness against the wall and the truth won't take to long to appear.

This is further proof that love can overcome everything and your future is assured, where your Mother Earth will, fully, be restored to its original form. The truth will be revealed every day. Even those who refuse to see the most concrete evidence will not be able to overlook more and will be dragged away by the higher Light that is bathing them.

What matters most at this time, my dears, is to keep the mind free of your fears and judgments, to you may anchor the greatest amount of Light that you can, in order to leverage the elevation of souls that are around you. When you do this, you create a powerful vortex of Light that drags everything and everyone that is around you. You create a powerful electromagnetic field that the effect is felt, both in the higher dimensions, as in the lower.  We know that for many of you, this may sound somewhat exaggerated, but when gradually you perceive who you really are and what you really came to do in this planet, will be pleased and thank the heavens for the gift that you have.

Many who read our messages through this channel and many others, ask themselves wondering if they are not being misled by beings of negative vibration, or even by the channel. It is known, my dears beings, that the energy that you feel in your hearts is proof that, indeed, we are communicating with you, and that in many eons, this process occurred with other channels. Many of the sacred writings that are shown to you by your religious institutions comes from a process of channeling. The best known among you is the bible that largely, was channeled of pure and true form. It is known, too, that it has been adulterated, so that the dark Ones could have a bigger control over you, but it is known even more, that you are able to discern what comes from Light and what not come from Light.

Understand, my dears, that our intention is to make you see your true potential as sovereign beings and thus, you joining us, we clean the Mother Earth, to restore it completely. For this, is need that you believe in your heart voice, is need that you  give room for your “I AM” inspire you completely and get to unite us in full form, no questions or taunts.

Our messages throughout the ages, and now more intensely, are given because of the right given for you to approach, so that we can work together. If you to want know if our messages are real, if this one which you read right now is real, immerse yourselves in your being, close your eyes and seek there in the innermost. Believe me, my dears, your heart will never deceive you and you can always follow what it tells you.

It is known that there are many other beings of negative intention that try to pass for us whenever they can and is allowed to them. This is allowed to then, so than you can also learn to discern the real sources of the fake ones. We are not superior to you, nor to any other being, because we are all One. However, consider that you are also on Earth to expand your consciousness levels and hone your skills of discernment, since you are studying the lower energies of the Universe, so you can understand and master them with your love. Thus, situations where you should put your discernment into action is need to improve yourselves and to know what vibrates Light and what does not vibrate, so you are not misled.

We invite everybody to create this space of acceptance and understanding, so than all that comes to you don´t be burden, but an opportunity to exercise more yours sublime faculties. We often hear from you "but one message says one thing and another says another. In which one to believe?". Dears, we tell you that you should follow your heart. The doubt is the primary sister of fear and don´t listen to it.  Search the sacred space of your heart and there you will find the answer. Have you not heard of the masters who walked among you "Know the truth and it will set you free"? - Leave, dears, that the truth set you free and there is no other form of you meet this truth, but through dipping inside of yourself. You will not find no answers in the external world, just within you.

Others people severely question why our messages seem to repeat constantly. Dears, you know that are not only you who are in this awakening process. There are many other souls who begin their path to return home right now. What you have heard a while ago they still have not heard, so in some cases, some repeated words are necessary. Consider also, that the universe is multidimensional and thus as a message serves to you in this reality, might not to serve to others in another reality. Just as might not meets yours, can meets others. So, keep your heart in harmony, so that the Light continues to anchor and the truth may be revealed to you.

Only in this space of acceptance and love is that you will be dragged into the truths that were hidden. Just like that you´ll get the access to the Akashic records; only then you will have your crystallized bodies; only then you will have all your pains diminished and consequently terminated. Only with love and acceptance, my dears.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and thank you very much to each one of you, my companions on Earth for giving me the opportunity to once again communicate with all of you. On behalf of the Galactic Confederation, I bless you and say that we are constantly listening to you. We have in our database all the information we need and we can find any one of you wherever you may be. Therefore, believe that you are not alone and we're always listening to you. Believe that your prayers are always heard, but understand that you need to create the space so that we can communicate with you.

Be in Peace,

Be in Light.


Thank you my beloved SaLuSa for waking me up with your Light and Love to give this message.